FPO leader, Norbert Hofer, responds to the news of the election do-over in Austria

For the background on what happened in the Austrian election, please read this post at Gates of Vienna.

It was about phony postal votes and a demented Green Party leader who they knew was not competent to lead.

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2 Replies to “FPO leader, Norbert Hofer, responds to the news of the election do-over in Austria”

  1. He may be confident that people can learn but the bureaucrats that are running the EU will not give up power willingly,. Look at how Merkel is insisting that even if Briain leaves the EU they have to live under the thumb of the EU bureaucrats and follow all EU rules and regulations.

    The left ( and most if not all of the EUs bureaucrats are leftists) are motivated by power over people, they desire power and will not give up power willingly. Power is their drug of choice. They enjoy exercise power over others and hate the idea that anyone anywhere isn’t under their control.

    We fought WWII and the Cold War to prevent this type of control of the people and now the voters in Europe are waking up and resisting this type of control. The 2016 Presidential election in the US is to decide if people who are addicted to power are going to control the citizens of the US.

    Never forget that freedom requires eternal vigilance to prevent the power addicts from taking freedom away from us in their goal of feeding their addiction.

    • I think his professed optimism there is just to wrap his message a bit more politely. Especially in the light that the EU has just taken up negotiations with Turkey again. His bottom line seems to me, if you guys really do this, then I’ll campaign for an Auxit. But then I am no politician or diplomat so I could be mistaken.

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