How meaningful is the cry to exit across Europe?

Before we launch in to a country by country analysis, it might be worth trying to decide how meaningful the BREXIT actually was.

And after lots of discussion, thought and analysis, the answer is yet to be determined as its up to the British.

For one thing, the referendum is not binding. For another, as Black Pigeon points out, invoking article 50 of the EU rules basically just keeps the nation under the yolk of the EU with the same obligations but fewer rights.

It was obviously designed to make leaving unthinkable.

The video also points out that the EU fixes the game in a number of ways, not just article 50, but also that they will allow a vote on critical things like the EU constitution, make it unintelligible legalese nonsense that cedes them all the legislative and monetary power in Europe, then spend Europe’s money advertising it as a good thing while opposing sides have to use private money and can’t possibly have the same reach, and then when the vote goes against the EU anyway, they just hold another referendum till it goes the way the people are told to vote.

The EU is not a government of and for the people.

So what can make this BREXIT event meaningful?

The shift in the culture.

When Obama was elected in the US, things had changed rapidly before he really did much of anything, because his mere election as president sent a shock wave throughout the culture.

It was a permission slip to a large number of people to behave in a way they never would have thought possible before. It was clearly an open invitation to some, and a stark warning to others.

The people of Great Britain only gave themselves a chance in yesterday’s non-binding plebiscite. But if they want it to be meaningful, they need to act on it.

And what would that mean?

British fishermen making ready for sea and taking fish from her own waters for sale inher own markets and anywhere else who wants to buy.

Small businesses starting up and operating in defiance of EU rules.

Farmers growing what they want and feel they can sell to local and foreign markets.


And most of all, to the EU, defiance. And not paying into a fund used to bribe them with their own money, to keep them in submission.

Decide on their own immigration policies and begin to enforce them at every level. And this also perhaps may have to be done by the British people themselves to let the government know what the people will and will not accept.

After all, the government is supposed to be the representative of the people and the people’s will, and the preserver of the culture, laws, customs and interests of those people.

From time to time the people seem to need to remind the leaders of that.

As for other nations, the ones who count are the ones who’s actual leaders are calling for a national referendum on an EU exit and so far there are none I am aware of as yet.

The rest are opposition leaders. And however popular they are, its unlikely they can force this to a vote without a national election first where they win.

The closest so far is Hungary, who initially wanted GB to stay in as a needed ally to try and help whip the EU into a rational institution which would reflect the interests of the European people.

Having paid close attention to a number of Orban’s speeches in order to subtitle them, it is hard to believe that he would think this was a possibility. The EU is fundamentally not interested in preserving Europe or defending Europeans. It is interested in creating a super-state and using mass Muslim immigration to destroy the traditional ethnic nationalism, history, culture and customs of the European people, allegedly in the name of diversity, in order to create a monotonous, totalitarian monoculture of socialism with Islam, and, in their minds, with Brussels in tight control and rolling in money.

However now he is moving towards meetings with leaders of central European states to discuss the next steps for themselves. This is meaningful. I would short sell the Euro on this bit of news.

If Great Britain manages to break free of this at a cultural level, an official exit vote in other nations may not even be necessary. the EU will simply cease to be.

One thing the left has taught us in the past fifty years…

The power lies in the culture.


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7 Replies to “How meaningful is the cry to exit across Europe?”

  1. This is the most outstanding commentary I have read on Brexit yet – ANYWHERE. Thank you Eeyore!

    You say: “…So what can make this BREXIT event meaningful?…

    All of what you said, Eeyore, of course.

    From my present postion of high, wanting to dance and sing optimism I hang on to that truism:

    “Perception becomes Reality”…. we have seen this confirmed in so many ways, negatively over the last 30 years – but it can also apply positively!

    Enslavement cannot be forced on people any longer who have come down from the trees (metaphorically) longer than one generation ago, and although all the people who have the heart and the spine on the right place may not be given to deep reflection of all the implications, they will recognise good leaders when they see them. (Yes I’m “right-wing-populist” enough to still believe that leaders are needed.)

    Brits have started the snowball rolling, lets hope the avalanche will swallow this nasty, huge barnacle “The EU” and lets actually thank Merkel, Obama et al for their actions that caused these consequences surely “unintended” by them.

    • PS: Just to labor my case: what I meant to say was:

      The perception, created by Brexit, I hope to become reality is this:

      Enslavement cannot be forced on people any longer, we can free ourselves or words to that effect.

  2. What does the Brixet vote mean? Good question, It means a lot but it is up to he Brits to decide the true meaning. They have started the ball rolling now they have to keep it rolling to independence, this will be difficult since the left will not give up their best hope of achieving their one world socialist government of unelected bureaucrats.

    One factor that has to be considered is 1) when will the socialist economic policies of the EU and Obama cause the worlds economy to crash? This coming crash (printing press money can’t stop the crash on a long term basis and when it does a lot of the results are going to depend on how much the left wing media can spin the crash as being caused by the free market.

    Another factor is how long before the Islamic invaders take off their masks and openly become the army of occupation that many know they are? If this comes this year as so many people expect the EU will be a failed state with every member state fighting for its own survival with inadequate forces and for many with a dis armed populace trying to save their families and their nation and culture with no weapons to fight witn.

    For the two year divorce period to mean anything both of the above must hold off for over two years and I doubt they will.

    Then we have to ask how many other members of the EU are going to end up holding referendums on leaving the EU? If the first two problems hold off for two years the calls in other nations for referendums is going to pose problems for Brussels.

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