“Feelings of exclusion and resentment” by the muslim community results in Canada day in one town, taking place in a mosque parking lot

A mosque parking lot. This is the concession we make because some people claim that they are made to feel unwelcome when they wear the uniform of the people who are killing us all over the world. Including Canada when they can.

So because of the resentment shown by the people who have enough courage to actually express themselves in the face of the most repugnant ideology and doctrine the world may have ever seen, one mayor has decided to hold the Canada day festivities in a mosque parking lot with a bouncy castle instead of a public park.

I can see that working out well.

I hope those non-Muslims, or should I be multicultural and say, “Najis” or “Kufaar“, bring pork products if they normally would, and alcohol if they normally drink on Canada day (Dominion Day) and ask open unafraid questions about Islamic history, slavery then and now, rules and punishments about apostasy and so on and find out what this is really about. Lets see if this tolerance in the parking lot extends to full throated Canadian culture or just a temporary parking lot detente.

CTV Story here:

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One Reply to ““Feelings of exclusion and resentment” by the muslim community results in Canada day in one town, taking place in a mosque parking lot”

  1. God! Just once I’d like to hear the Muslim spokesperson respond with anything other than complaints about racism and Islamophobia and the dreaded backlash, and always from the perspective that neither he nor his religion have any relation to the guys committing all the horrible acts of terrorism that are happening now on a daily basis.

    A Muslim goes into a gay bar and shoots a hundred people because his religion hates homosexuals and directly commands him to murder them in cold blood, so he does. And we’re supposed to ignore the fact that all the “moderate Muslims” are reading the same passages from the same books as the murderer in the gay bar. Hello.

    What I don’t get is why more people don’t just read the damn Quran for themselves and find out what’s going on. Everything from the PLO to the phony “Palestinian situation”, to the Islamic State and the Caliphate and Jihad and Paradise and the 72 virgins, all make perfect sense once you’ve read the Quran.

    They have a completely different way of looking at the world than we do. There is no possibility of living in close proximity to Islam without breaking one of their many laws and coming into conflict with them. And once that happens, there is no possibility of negotiating a sensible solution. They will always hold out for total victory, even if it takes a thousand years. That’s what’s happening in “Palestine” right now.

    Donald Trump is right, right, right to pause Muslim immigration until we really find out what’s going on with each country etc. The whole world should have done that on September 12 2001.

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