Pierre Cassen in Paris: Police hobbled in France, leaders genuflect at mosques after jihad

Thank you Oz-Rita for the work on these videos. These are important documents.

For some of the other videos from this event please click here and here and for more information click to Little Notes from Paris.

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13 Replies to “Pierre Cassen in Paris: Police hobbled in France, leaders genuflect at mosques after jihad”

  1. The French are showing how to resist the Islamic Conquest, we in North America aren’t in as bad a shape as the European nations and if we will learn the lessons that Europe are teaching we will not have to get in that bad a shape before we fight back.

    • Have you seen the little thing at the bottom of the Fox News site that keeps track of Obama’s approval rating? Fully fifty-one percent of the American public think that Obama is doing a great job, especially in foreign affairs. The guy has completely destroyed America’s credibility for the next twenty years and most Americans actually think he’s doing a great job.

      No matter what happens, the mainstream media has control over what people think and the mainstream media is firmly on the side of the bad guys…

        • They’re a mystery to me.
          Sometimes I try the mass-market cultural stew, but that’s an acquired taste. I don’t understand the references and when I do – maybe I look them up or get enough context – I’m sorry I bothered.

          There are delightful surprises.
          Buck, a clever limey who posts regularly here, introduced me to Sargon and Milo and Stephen Molyneux and more. It took a while, play and replay, but exercise richly rewarded.

          Social justice warriors, multi-gendered eunuchs – such rococo decadence I dissolve in laughter. Sparkling wit that stands up to Swift or Trollope or G.B. Shaw or Oscar Wilde.

          So what little I know about the mainstream-consuming public is through its most talented critics. I almost understand how this pathetic lumpen could be so deceived by the villains they vote into office.


      • They are the people who get their news from the big 3, I have a friend who blames us for not getting our side out better, then refuses to watch FOX saying he trusts ABC and NBC.

    • @ Richard the optimist: a little Emily Dickson poem 😉

      “Hope” is the thing with feathers—

      Hope is the thing with feathers
      That perches in the soul,
      And sings the tune without the words,
      And never stops at all,

      And sweetest in the gale is heard;
      And sore must be the storm
      That could abash the little bird
      That kept so many warm.

      I’ve heard it in the chillest land,
      And on the strangest sea;
      Yet, never, in extremity,
      It asked a crumb of me.

  2. Who is that guy? What a perfect speech.

    And the left keeps doubling down and doubling down and always refusing to budge even an inch. Islam is a religion of peace and the Second Amendment is at fault for the Orlando shootings. Loretta Lynch redacts the transcripts to avoid “re-victimizing” the families of the dead and injured – like that means anything at f-ing all. It never gets better. The leftists just keep denying it and saying it’s all in our racist imaginations – a manifestation of our ignorance and hatred…

    For the first time I think that a real worldwide civil war is on the way. The conservatives allies on one side and the leftist/Muslim axis on the other… I’ll stand with Pierre Cassen, once I find out who he is…

      • Hi yucki and Christ Jones:

        I just wrote a rather verbose answer to Chris’s question…yet it got lost !!!! I have such internet connection problems arrrrrghhh

        It went something like this:

        My hubris does not extend to thinking that a personal recommendation from me will pack a positive punch for the one I recommend: but I fully admire Pierre Cassen, ( and Christine Tasin and Pascal Hilout etc.). In his youth Pierre used to be a “Trotzkist” … but, as another friend of mine told me recently: “I was of the Left, I have not changed, but the Left has changed”.

        He is, as yucki said, the “founder” of http://ripostelaique.com, the biggest thorn in the eye of this corrupt Qatar&Emirates-financed Hollande government, I have lost count of the many and incessant court-cases (facing a fully politisised and hostile magistrature) they have brought against him, the Interior Minister, Cazeneuve (an islamist-bum-kissing coward), the Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo (who whores for the islamisation of France), and several government financed “anti-Raaaacist” groups (because Islam is of course a Raaaaaaace), they have driven his lawyer to suicide, he would give Salman Rushdie a run for his fatwas – and yet: he got up again and again and again and is still standing tall.
        Recently on direct orders from the Interior Minister, a whole police commando stormed his house and took all his means of communications away: mobile, computer, files etc. under the flimsy “accusation” that they “suspected” him to still be the true force behind “Riposte Laique”. (no 1st amendement in France)

        What you see in his public speeches is Pierre Cassen – yet, out of the lamp light, he also has this French ability to enjoy good company, good wine, good food and, at the risk of sounding like a name dropper: I am proud to call him a friend, and Chris, you could do much worse than “stand with Pierre Cassen”

        • Every word could be etched in granite.
          [He’s cute, isn’t he? I wish he could carry-concealed. A little practice, his fans could rest a little easier…]

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