7 Replies to “2 days to go….”

  1. Yep. Brexit day.
    Could be the kickoff of Tet Take Two.
    That’s how the Muslim hive-mind communicates, sending pheromone signals under the Islamism-sanitized Western “intel” (sic) services.

    If the mosques have been preaching about Badr heavily in recent months, that’s all the coordination they would require.

    • My curiosity is peaked with the coincidence. How culturally enriched were those who chose the date/day of this referendum. It’s impossible to dismiss the BREXIT from the migrant factor…so it seems plausible the choice of this timing was no mere coincidence.

    • Remember in the original Tet offensive the Viet Cong were defeated on the battlefield and all of their crack combat units were destroyed. The leftist news media did what they normally do, they lied and reported it as a victory for Charlie. If/when the chaos starts expect the same type of reporting. The Europeans will always be the bad guys in the narrative and the barbaric Moslems will always be the good guys.

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