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2 Replies to “Milo on BREXIT”

    • A Christian life fighting Jinns and believing in his lifetime he will see the Mardi return.

      What a waste of an intelligent mind that skips when any analysis of common sense is applied.

      Once a Jewish disciple of John the Baptist took 40 days and nights fasting to separate from his childhood traumas of ‘fear is the beginning of wisdom’ to observe the truth of his fear-attachment was only an imprinted – by his willinness to face death in pursuit of what was controlling his moods, to repent, apologise and hold no judgement to let it pass out of him. A Reset. Born Again.

      This journey, is the hardest thing anyone can do. And Jesus sent his disciples to heal the sick taking nothing with them for the ego to reattach to.

      The opposite to all the things our Diverse Communities proclaim to fix the world by recruiting the sick… if only they had more recognition and validation. The Holy Prophet will sort it out on Judgement Day. Even their God is made the Giant Ego to rule over little egos demanding a blessing.

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