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One Reply to “Colonel (Ret) Richard Kemp on Israel and Palestine”

  1. It’s refreshing to listen to Col Kemp, as someone who understands, but, this intelligence from above, comes late, very late, yet as *breaking (Rebel) news* and that is distressing … because … I’m a lunchbucket nobody yet years ago, read the PLO Charters (1964, 1968), the Arab Muslim testimony in 1948 UN debate and other primary documents, associations, allies, basic history, geography, published interviews with PLO leaders … through that, all Arab Muslim intrasigence became instantly crystal clear; that the so-called “Palestinians,” themselves a propaganda tool (a lie to use against Israel), have never intended anything other than “finishing the work of Hitler” and “driving the Jews into the sea.”

    Measure it out: If the ME is the size of a football field, and Arab Muslims control 99.96% of it, Israel is occupying the space of about the size of a matchbook (0.04%). Israel has no land to give and Muslims have never, ever had any peace to share, even amongst themselves.

    And yet, the above could be considered (for lack of a better word) “secular” considerations or in the secular playing field by which to negotiate settlement. There is no secular solution to a “holy war” waged by Muslims when we *can* know, by merely paying attention, then not backsliding on what is learned, that negotiations between Israel and “Palestinians” are part of the PLO’s “peace operations”

    The third point Col. Kemp needs to add is on the underlying role of Islam’s 1400 year rage. Once a land is conquered for Allah, it is in perpetuity part of the Ummah. Should that land ever be relieved of Islamic domination, *that* is a “humiliation,” an affront to Muslim hegemony as the “best of people” and they will aggitate to have said land’s regained freedom from Islam overturned. Official Islam is still sore about the Spaniards regaining Spain from them, still referring to Spain as al Andalus.

    Islam is a zero-sum ideology that wants free people murdered or feeling themselves knowingly subdued and our leaders (elected and otherwise) are willing to meet them halfway down Slaughterhouse Road.

    “Don’t worry,” they say, “It’s halal.”

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