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8 Replies to “Another Ambassador to the obvious.”

  1. I use the same strategy also: Mohamed.
    Too much time wasted with Qur’an – all the back and forth… very tedious and time-consuming.
    Mohamed is a real fast win.

  2. It’s all about Muhammad. Where did the Koran come from? Muhammad composed it. Where did Sharia law come from? Muhammad created it. Where did the idea and practice of jihad come from? Muhammad.

    The sordid truth about what he did to people who rejected him as “God’s messenger” is the best weapon that can be used against Islam. One of these days, someone with money, brains and huevos will make a real movie to expose the truth about him. A true crime/horror film combo. It would be more devastating to Islam than a zillion bombs.

    • Yes. The essential thing is to actually look at an instance out of Muhammad’s life, to understand it, and then to ask yourself how you honestly feel about a man who would do what Muhammad did. To say to yourself, “Do I admire a man who would behead 800 people for refusing to join his religion and fight for him? Do I look up to a guy who married a six-year-old girl and had sexual intercourse with her when she turned nine? Do I want to be like a man who robbed a caravan and murdered the guards during the holy months when raiding was forbidden? Do I believe in a god who says it’s OK to murder children while launching an unprovoked surprise attack and subsequent massacre on some unsuspecting town?

      If I had been alive in Mecca during Muhammad’s time I would have eagerly turned him in to the Meccan authorities, testified at his trial, and watched happily as he was hanged by the neck until dead before the cheering mob…

  3. This girl has it down; she’s a good scholar. She understands Islam perfectly. If she were alive in Muhammad’s time, he would have had a couple of his boys pay her a visit and shut her down permanent like (Did Jesus put contracts out on his critics? Just wondering…). I can only hope that a few left wing Western girls can stop screaming “racist!” for long enough to listen to some of what she is saying and stop playing the useful idiot. Everything she is saying will stand up to scrutiny because she is one hundred percent right in everything she says…

  4. PS
    What a truly beautiful Jewish girl… Oh, how Muhammad hated those clever, witty, beautiful Jewish girls…

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