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14 Replies to “Irony, thy name is Detlef Seif.”

  1. “Imagine if you were Erdogan and how you would take it…”

    Sounds to me like he’ll take it any way he can get it. This clever speaker knows, perhaps, that his parliamentary immunity protects him from lawsuit only while addressing the House?

  2. What surprised me is that there was not a titter in the German parliament. Whats wrong with German MPs?

    If this had been in the Westminster parliament, they would be rolling on the floor.

  3. All fa-klempt myself.
    Here’s the original German, from janboehm’s channel
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAwQlmq68QU (Bewusst verletzend: Detlef Seif (CDU) beleidigt im Deutschen Bundestag den türkischen Präsidenten) in the description (using google translate): I hereby request the lifting of immunity of the Christian Democrat Detlef Seif gg for infringement.
    cited in http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/detlef-seil-politician-recites-bestiality-poem-about-turkish-president-recep-tayyip-erdogan-in-a7027026.html

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