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4 Replies to “Brexit The Movie”

  1. Un fortunately this is the future we in the U.S. will be looking at soon. America & Canada are being fundamentally changed by the overwhelming influx of so called refugees/invaders who will soon become citizens. Most are being paid one way or the other by the govt to be here. In the U.S. as refugees they are almost immediately allowed to bring in “family members” who will also be sucking at the govt tit. I have heard estimates that for EACH refugee admitted at the vary least they will bring in 10 “family members”. The math on that is like compound interest, the population of refugees grows exponentially on almost a daily basis. I know you can all do the math, but imagine 10 refugees each bring in 10 family members, now we have 100 who in turn bring in their 10 and we have 1000. The math is shocking when you think about Canada bringing in 25,000 & U.S. govt vowing (0bama) to bring in more than 100,000 Syrians and who knows how many other groups.

    • We have to blame the Start Trek Next Generation Multicultural fantasy: The sheep will lie down with the Klingons.

      The Original Series however, was plain and simple American civilization and culture, with any women of any race acknowledged to induce a soft haze within men’s eyes.

    • The end result of all socialism, the rich get richer and move and the poor are stuck starving with the leftist screaming that the people who simply want to live and raise a family are at fault for being greedy.

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