Ottawa sees Pro Soviet, anti-lifers, Coughlin on the RoE in Afghanistan and more: Links 1 on May 13 – 2015

1, Parliament hill pro life demo: around 10,000 attend while a few dozen far left wing violent extremists attempt to hijack the agenda,

I am not posting this to take a side on the question of abortion on demand but to show that nearly every issue these days as seen by the far left wing violent extremists is actually just another angle of attack with the battering ram against classical civilization. Why Soviet flags? Why the masks and anger? These are the people who won already as aborting your baby right up to the point of full birth is perfectly legal in this country. Clearly the bulk of these leftists are just using the issue as a vector of attack. More at the Rebel.

2. Another hard core Muslim antisemite thrown out of the British Labour party. 

(How many does that make now? 5? 10? And do they hire them back secretly as consultants?)

Musabbir Ali Musabbir Ali

Labour has suspended a party member who posted a link online claiming that “Jews control Britain and are committing genocide on us”. […]

Mr Ali tweeted a link to the blog post headed “Timeline Of The Jewish Genocide Of The British People” on Tuesday.

According to the article, British “jews swore their revenge” after being “finally expelled” from the country in 1290.

It then tells readers that “The jews financed Oliver Cromwell’s otherthrowing and beheading of Stuart King Charles I after he refused them control of England’s finances.”

“#Jews will pay 7times more for their #sins – #Islam will #unite the #religious world,” another tweet from November read.

Around 20 Labour Party members, activists, MPs and councillors have been suspended in recent months.

(Whoops no thats TWENTY)

3. US naval commander demoted after Iran’s capture of sailors

(Somewhere in the Obama garage, there is a bus with astonishingly good suspension)

4. Persian Gulf Sheikhs Gave Bill & Hillary $100 Million [VIDEO]

A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation reveals that Bill and Hillary Clinton received at least $100 million from autocratic Persian Gulf states and their leaders, potentially undermining Democratic presidential candidate Hillary’s claim she can carry out independent Middle East policies.

As a presidential candidate, the amount of foreign cash the Clintons have amassed from the Persian Gulf states is “simply unprecedented,” says national security analyst Patrick Poole.

5. U.S. establishes Libyan outposts with eye toward offensive against Islamic State

(Just imagine what they wouldn’t have to do if they hadn’t taken out Qwadaffy)


American Special Operations troops have been stationed at two outposts in eastern and western Libya since late 2015, tasked with lining up local partners in advance of a possible offensive against the Islamic State, U.S. officials said.

Two teams totaling fewer than 25 troops are operating from around the cities of Misurata and Benghazi to identify potential ­allies among local armed factions and gather intelligence on threats, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive mission overseas.

The insertion of a tiny group of U.S. personnel into a country rife with militant threats reflects the Obama administration’s worries about the Islamic State’s powerful Libyan branch and the widespread expectations of an expanded campaign against it. For months, the Pentagon has been developing plans for potential action against the group, which has at least several thousand fighters in the coastal city of Sirte and other areas. And the U.S. personnel, whose ongoing presence had not been previously reported, is a sign of the acceleration toward another military campaign in Libya.

6. German comedian under investigation for insulting Turkish leader vows not to insult Hitler

(Jan Böhmermann makes quite a powerful point. Laws like this are ripe for selective enforcement and never work out as people imagined they were meant to when conceived)

German comedian Jan Böhmermann has returned to television after a pause following a row over a poem insulting Turkey’s president. The German parliament is debating the law that has the satirist under investigation.

The German comedian at the center of a free-speech row over a crude poem about Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan returned to television late Thursday after a pause of several weeks. He said he would no longer make jokes about Adolf Hitler because it could be construed as disturbing the dead.

Jan Böhmermann, the front man of the comedy show “Neo Magazin Royale,” is under investigation for reading a poem on television in late March accusing Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of bestiality and pedophilia.

(With a little luck and some hard work by our translator, we may have quite an ironic bit of video up tomorrow from that parliamentary debate)

7. Stephen Coughlin on Jamie Glazov: Do not ignore Sun Tzu

Stephen on the costs of the sharia based, RoE in Afghanistan

8. The US now engaged in quite a few wars. Quite a few more than Bush was in. I thought he was the peace guy.

Thank you Dumbstruck, Wrath of Khan, M., Gates of Vienna, and all who sent in links and thoughts. 

Recent revelations about Facebook and Twitter should make it clear to everyone…


It is important that we absorb this truth. If we allow ourselves to think we have an unbiased voice accessible by all who may be interested, we will fall. There are few things more dangerous than a false sense of a level playing field. Find ways of making the truth known and use them. But most importantly, do not think that tweeting and Facebook gets the traction or makes the distance it would if they did not deliberately filter and bias against reality and reason based opinion.

Now and again attempts are made to create alt. social media that does not bias but they usually fail for lack of interest. When these things appear, check them out. if legit, join. Any other ideas please post to comments.

Also any recent articles about Facebook and Twitter bias please post to comments as well.

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17 Replies to “Ottawa sees Pro Soviet, anti-lifers, Coughlin on the RoE in Afghanistan and more: Links 1 on May 13 – 2015”

  1. 3. US naval commander demoted after Iran’s capture of sailors

    As I read this article about the US boats that strayed into Iranian waters it hit me that things had fundamentally changed. I realized that I now take as a given that the Western media/government is exactly as honest as Pravda or Tass or some other totalitarian rag with a name like “The People’s Daily Worker”. Why do they even bother? One minute the boats had engine trouble, the next minute they didn’t. Why aren’t the Genevans up in arms about their convention being broken so blatantly by the Iranians? The only thing we do know is that someone is lying through their teeth about something and that the soldiers involved are under non-disclosure orders that could land them in Fort Leavenworth if they ever talk about it to anyone. We have entered the age of total lies. It doesn’t even occur to them to tell the truth any more. They go straight to “the dog ate my homework”, even when they don’t have to. Why don’t they just say what happened? What could be so bad that they have to lie about it?

    All we know for sure about this incident is that some US military personnel may or may not have had some kind of encounter with the Iranian Navy. Now, you can take that to the bank…

    Oh, and why didn’t the greatest most impressive most fantastic military ever seen by anyone in the entire universe over all eternity, blah, blah, blah, go and rescue the marines? Hmmm? Why not? Benghazi flu, perhaps…? Did they forget to put two-way radios on the new carriers? Rubber bullets on the fighters? A day of rest, perhaps…? They let their own guys fall into the hands of Muslim madmen without lifting a finger…How reassuring for the lads…

    • Things have indeed changed, we have a President who is actively trying to destroy the US, one of the tools he is using is purging the military of all competent personal and keep the politically reliable people who will allow him to destroy what use to be the best Army and Navy in the world. We can rebuild our military in a couple ofyears but it will take decades, possibly as long as the rest of this Century, to regain the trust of our friends, allies and partners that Obama has betrayed.

      The good things about this mess are that 1) the patriots are stepping up to take control of the US and protect what freedom we have left and 2) the left hasn’t managed to disarm the general population.

      • I wonder how that Pakistani doctor who set up bin Laden for the Americans is doing. Is he still rotting in his prison cell or is he dead yet? I wonder if his family is enjoying the stress.

        The message here is: If a guy from the CIA comes up to you and asks for your cooperation, run away as quickly as you can because you can’t trust the Americans to have your back. At the first ripple in the water they’ll throw you under the bus like nothing. How long is it going to take for that little stain to fade away?

        Unfortunately, Mr. Obama did a whole bunch of those, and worse. He rolled down his window and flipped the bird at Egypt just after doing the same thing to Israel. A real ambassador, our Barry…

        PS Oh yeah, I almost forgot. He flipped the notorious bird at us Canadians over the pipeline, didn’t he…? Thanks, friend…

        • I fully agree with you.


          He has bee so effective at damaging the reputation of the US with foreign nations I suspect he meant to.
          Its hard to be that good at something accidentally.

          • I keep saying that he has spend the last 7 and 1/2 years working hard to destroy the US. Way too many Americans refuse to see this.

            • When Obama sees a Norman Rockwell white American family sitting down to a beautiful church picnic, what he is seeing through his eyes are the red horns of the Devil Himself, not the typical American family. I think Obama actually believes that white people are a bunch of mean-spirited, uneducated racist cartoon hillbilly’s. He pretty much said it with his “clinging to their bibles and their guns” comment. Barack Obama hates Americans and wants to bring them down peg or two. It’s that simple…

              But cheer up. Imagine how sickened Barry must be by the spectre of the hated Donald Trump growing in the rear-view mirror. Why Trump? If there’s anybody that Obama hates more than anybody else it has to be The Donald. Imagine Barry leaning over the toilet as all his progressive improvements are repealed one-by-one by his most hated enemy. 🙂

              • Obama said he was going to fundamentally change the US, he has and this election is to decide what that change is going to be.

  2. 1 – Political violence is always started by the left, we are now being forced to live in a time when the left wing governments and media are covering for the leftist who are attacking the people who oppose them. This is setting the stage for strong men to step in and promise to stop the violence, after enough time people will give up their freedom in they are promised peace and semi safety.

  3. German teen today dies of injuries, after being savagely beaten:

    Die Welt
    17-year old dies, six days after beating-attack
    Terrible deed: Without visible reason, a 17 year old is being beaten up by unknowns in Bonn. Six days after, he dies. The homicide division is investigating under high pressure, now there are first hints.

    Note by me, E.N. :
    The police wanted-sheet, as pictured int the article by Die Welt, says two of the attackers spoke German with no accent but all were of “dark skin type” and had black hair.
    As to “without visible reason”, one is reminded of Akif Pirinccis essay “The Slaughter has Begun” from 2014 (featured back then in Gates of Vienna).
    Tomorrow, Saturday, at 12 CET the churches of Bonn-Bad Godesberg will ring church bells for the teen for 30 minutes. Needless to say, a demonstration AGAINST RIGHT EXTREMISM has been announced for the occasion.

    The original article from last weekend when the teen was battling for life:
    17 year old in mortal danger after assault – here the perpetrators attacked him
    An idyllic street in Bad Godesberg: at this roundabout, there was a grave attack on Friday night.
    A group of young men beat a 17 year old so brutally that he is in danger of death.
    When witnesses intervened, the cowardly abusers fled.
    The 17 year old’s condition did not change over the course of Saturday.
    This is how the terrible deed took place:
    Around 2 in the morning, the boy was together with other teens on his way to the train station Bad Godesberg.
    At the heigth of the bus stop “Rheinallee” they encountered another group of young men. Those briefly adressed the 17 year old and his 18 year old friend and physically attacked them.
    According to witnesses, one of the unknown men beat the 17 year odl so brutally that he fell to the ground. His 18 year old friend and their female friend of same age, who wanted to help, were beaten too.
    When witnesses hurried to help the teens, the unknown men let go of their victims and fled ion the direction Rheinallee.
    The 17 year old had to be reanimated on the spot by an emergency doctor. Then he was taken to a hospital by ambulance.
    According to the doctors, he is in acute danger of life. His friends were more lightly wounded. There is emergency pastoral care for them and the families.
    The prosecution Bonn and the homicide department have started investigations.—hier-griffen-die-taeter-ihn-an-24018260

    • I think, when people think of the coming war, they see pictures of men in uniform with rifles climbing out of trenches with bombs and machine guns going off in the background, but I don’t think that’s how it’s going to be. What it will be will be tough-guy street stuff as described in this story. Groups of young males will start by ruling the streets at night, then they will tighten their grip from there as Infidel women begin to adjust their dress and their behavior and people start being more careful at night. And of course, the minute anybody fights back in any way they will scream, “Racism! Prejudice! Islamophobia!”. You can count on that. Then the police will rush in and protect the street thugs from the “right-wing extremist”.

      We’re not waiting for the Battle of Hastings here. We’re waiting for tough guys battling it out in the dark as their young demographic grows at the same rate that our old demographic ages. Then, wham, they elect a Muslim Prime Minister or President, and the fat lady is pretty much singing in full voice. Then the immigration door swings wide, wide open and the takeover is brought to its conclusion.

      • Chris I’m afraid what you depict as a vision of the future is already reality in many places. It starts with little things, like, native kids don’t play in the streets in the evenings anymore.

        • Especially when they know the other guys tend to travel in packs and tend to go for permanent injuries. They seem to have a real thing about head stomping and iron pipes…

          Concealed-carry permits and free guns for all Christians, Jews, Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Yazidis, Ahmadis, Baha’is, and atheists? It’s just a thought…

      • This return to tribalism with tribal conflict is how the war will be fought, what is ignored is that eventually there will be (for lack of a better expression) search and destroy raids by both sides. The you and old males will arm themselves and raid (riot) through the enemy neighborhood doing as much damage as they can while trying to ensure they will be long gone by the time the police arrive.

  4. 1/ Parliament Hill is spectacular on this spring day.
    The left is doing its intersectionality-thing. Probably find ‘Black Lives Matter’ and ‘BDS-Zionist entity’ banners together with communist and anarchist paraphernalia.

    6/ There IS something Hitler-ish about Erdowahn. Not just the mustache. His goons wear dark suits instead of brown shirts, that’s all.

    7/ The Israeli ROE are completely ridiculous. Most definitely kill soldiers, muddle the objective, and fail to diminish hostile media coverage anyway. Since military service is almost universal and conflict is continuous, this is a highly charged issue.

    The senior military command is to the left of the people and the distance is growing all the time. Outrageously outspoken even in the midst of war, you wonder if they’re running for political office in opposition to the security cabinet. That is a typical career path.

    If Bibi doesn’t make some changes before Gaza flares again, he’s likely to sink on this.

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