Fires set in Refugee Accommodation

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From this Der SPeigel news site

(1) In the Lower Saxony township of Winsen a refugee camp caught fire, police arrested a 17-year resident.

(2) In Rhineland-Palatinate an incarcerated man has since confessed to having set fire to a refugee accommodation.

A former gym in Winsen, used as a refugee shelter, was burned down on Sunday. A 17 year old resident is alleged to have started the fire in the bedroom of the building, according to the police from Lower Saxony. The officers have arrested the youth.

The caretaker noticed the fire, shortly after it broke out. The man tried to extinguish the
fire, however, the flames spread quickly to the whole house. The 25 resident adolescents were unharmed.

The fire fighters were still at work in the early afternoon, there was a lot of smoke.
An arsonists from Rheinland-Pfalz admits the deed.

An incarcerated man from Syria has now confessed to the arson of a house in the Rhineland-Palatinate town of Bingen, which had also been used as a refugee
accommodation. During the fire in the early hours of Thursday four residents and two fire fighters were injured. The multi-family house also accommodated refugees
next to Germans and seasonal workers.

Because of swastika graffiti, the investigators had initially suspected a right-wing background. After his arrest on Saturday evening the Syrian Refugee at first denied the deed but eventually confessed.

He claimed to have set the fire alone in the basement. The swastikas too were from him. He used them as distraction from his deed. According to police, the Syrian had lived for about half a year in the house

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  1. No his action was very deliberate, they want to cause civil war in Europe, it was designed to make the German authorities go after what they define as the extreme right and cause a rebellion, they understand that there are three different groups in Europe, Islamics, one world socialist corporates and the nationalist right that want their countries back.

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