“With this tweet it all began”

A highly significant event happened in the short term aftermath of the attack of the 22nd in Brussels.

A Yoga teacher saw his students cheering the attack in Brussels. These are Muslims actually living in that city. He tweeted out that he saw this and three policemen came to his door and advised him to stop tweeting.

To his great credit, he not only did not stop tweeting, as this Yoga teacher may be one of the few people left that understands the value of freedom of speech and the dissemination of true information in a democracy, but he did a radio interview, in Dutch, for all to hear.

Diana West has this article on this story as well

Below is a translation of that interview thanks to H Numan:

With this tweet it all began: ‘How can you teach if Muslim children applaud?’ Ivar Mol, you tweeted this at what time?

About nine o’clock this morning. I teach at home. It hasn’t got anything to do with this school. I teach a.o. yoga. I was sitting behind my computer, saw the first messages after the attacks. A number of those messages came from teachers in Brussels. They said their pupils were cheering in the schoolyard. The school hadn’t opened yet, but they were cheering on the schoolyard already.

I read the same on several Belgian forums. That people in the quarters [immigrant neighborhoods, ghettos] saw the same thing in their areas: children cheering with joy.

That surprised you?

Yes, it did. Nobody reacted to it. Normally Twitter starts spewing on such a topic. Then another teacher tweeted that he opened his class and the children came in, celebrating. That’s when I wrote that tweet: how can you teach when children, Muslim children, sit cheering with joy in their classes? That is a question.

Which was picked up immediately and retweeted many times. And resulted in three police officers knocking on your door.

Yes, at a quarter past nine. I’d begin my own lessons here. I had two people for a yoga class. I had no idea what was going on on the Internet. About one in the afternoon the doorbell rang. Three uniformed police officers were at my door. They said: ‘We are here on the orders of the mayor of Breda personally. We want to ask you not to tweet this kind of topic. That’s very awkward for us, and we have better things to do.’

It wasn’t quite intimidating, but… well, actually, it was.

Three officers on your door, when did that happen before?

<laughing> Never.

So it was really intimidating?

Yes, it was somewhat intimidating. Those two yoga students were scared as well.

They immediately knew what it was about?

No, because I was busy. No time for Twitter. I was teaching. They officers said, looking at my surprised face when I said ‘What was that all about?’, ‘You have to check the Internet.’ Then I saw my twitter account was almost filled. I read a few items

Then I said, ‘Yes, I don’t understand why you are here, but something is happening’ … I don’t recall exactly what I said.

They said: ‘You have to understand, if we can find you, anyone can find you. Do you want everybody at your door? There are people who don’t agree with you. You want to see them too? A weak argument, I think. For my tweet wasn’t that offensive. Just a rhetorical question.

Anyway, they took my statement, made a copy of my ID card. I had to sign, then they left.

Leaving you with a strange feeling? You didn’t remove your tweet.


You said it, and you got the police at home?

I stand firmly behind my tweet. I posted a new one, with what had just happened: three officers are knocking on my door. On the one hand I find it ridiculous children cheer about Brussels, and strange that nobody reacted to that. I found my tweet completely logical. It’s outrageous that the police find this important enough to visit me. I continued the day teaching. At four o’clock I finished. By then it was really busy on Twitter.

Not ten minutes ago the mayor of Breda called and offered his apologies. And he said he was not the person who ordered this.

Yes, you hear that too, right? The police said twice that they acted on direct orders of the mayor. They mayor just called. He said, and I believe him, ‘The order wasn’t mine, I don’t know anything about it. I only found out when this became a scandal.’ And he apologized. He said he took full responsibility, of course, but he had no knowledge of this case at all. I really believe him.

Apparently, a group of municipal civil servants reading tweets at work.

I think somebody noticed my tweet. Whether that is via digital scanning or by hand, I don’t know. Somebody read it and reported it.

And called the police.

A high ranking civil servant must have ordered three police officers to take charge of this. For we don’t want any awkward situations.

How do you feel about that?

Well, from the mayor’s response, not much is going to happen there. I find it weird. I don’t know how they work, and care even less about it. Whether the order came from the mayor, a high-ranking civil servant, or for all I care, a cleaner: you do not sent three uniformed officers for something trivial as this. We have freedom of speech, this isn’t a really shocking tweet. I simply asked what a teacher is supposed to do when some of his pupils, Muslim pupils, are celebrating after an attack as today in Brussels. A completely normal question.

Would you tweet that again tomorrow?

Definitely! That’s how I feel about it. How can you be so daft as to cheer? That’s weird.

How must a teacher respond to that? For you have to teach the next fifty minutes. How do you handle those chaps? That’s a question I still want to see answered. That’s what I tweeted. A completely normal tweet. I find it absurd the police request me not to do that in the future.

Perhaps a good question for the police: How do you work with Twitter and the people from Breda?

Those officers were only doing their job. They were under orders, and perhaps found it ridiculous themselves. I think that the high-ranking civil servant should be questioned why he ordered this. Why do you order the police to check tweets?

That guy, I want to talk with. The mayor I believe was innocent in this, the police perhaps too, but this man? No.



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  1. I’m just catching up on Vlad after a busy work day.

    Today we had a snowstorm. At first there were just a few flakes. It was early in the morning and the wind just blew them around. No big deal. The roads remained dry and safe. Before long, however, it became a blizzard with high winds and treacherous conditions. Most people were not paying attention and were caught by surprise. They wondered where it all came from…

  2. Now we will see if the Mayor has any guts, he knows who among the high ranking people ordered the police to the teachers house. Will he have guts enough to confront and discipline the high ranking official that over stepped his authority or will he look at what is going on in Europe and decide to remain quiet?

    • He’s probably as bad as the rest; he just apologized because he was named and shamed. But probably not all that shamed. They’re all rotten till proven otherwise, like this yoga teacher and his handful of supporters.

      Three policemen have time to lean on a tweeter, try to silence him. Those are their priorities, the community values. They’ve been okay with those odious, infested neighborhoods up till now. The florid Jew-hate almost universal in the capital city of the EU.

      They watch the Muslima destroy the Israeli flag at the post-slaughter shrine. That’s where ‘everyone comes together for hugs’. Maybe not everybody.

      The smug reaction to the murders at the Jewish museum on May 24, 2014. ‘Oh, you see the murderer was from France, tant pis’.

      Instead of having babies, white Belgians pay to have themselves euthanized. Maybe they should just accelerate that process; as it is they’re a septic pocket, incubating plague. This will cost as many lives as did the Black Death in the Middle Ages.

      • Brussels May Be Lying About Museum Shootings, Professor Claims

        A Swiss professor wrote on Facebook that Belgian officials may be part of a conspiracy to falsely present the Brussels Jewish museum shootings as anti-Semitic.

        Tariq Ramadan, a Geneva-based lecturer on Contemporary Islamic issues at Oxford University in Britain, speculated on Tuesday that the slaying of four people last week at the Jewish Museum of Belgium was a deliberate attack on Israeli secret agents.

        Ramadan was for a time been banned from entering the United States for financial contributions he made to Hamas fronts. Ramadan denied knowing that the charities were Hamas fronts and the ban has been removed.

        “The two tourists targeted in Brussels worked for the Israeli secret services,” Ramadan wrote, citing media reports.

        “The [Belgian] government does not comment,” Ramadan wrote. “Coincidence. Is this a case of anti-Semitism or a maneuver to divert attention from the real motives of the executioners? We oppose all slaying of innocents and racism but at the same time, it’s time they stopped taking us for fools.”


        • @yucki
          Tariq Ramadan (alledged son of the founder of Muslim Brotherhood) accusing someone of “lying”? How do you know when this poisonous snake does not lie? When his lips are not moving. The brave youngsters (*) of the French Jewish Defence League just published an article , entitled “Tariq Ramadan finally comes out of the closet” (his ‘closet’ was always very transparent to me). Anyway, I quickly translated the first paragraph which gives you an insight to his latest “honours”:

          “Tariq Ramadan has officially joined the World Union of Muslim Scholars (UMSM). A body headed by the sulphurous theologian of the Muslim Brotherhood: Yusuf al-Qaradawi. The man, wanted by Interpol, is an anti-semitic, homophobic “scholar”, author of a fatwa permitting to carry out suicide attacks. A fatwa that can be found on several websites of Hamas. Yusuf al-Qaradawi also called for the destruction of Shiite shrines and justified the killing of personalities such as Muammar Gaddafi and Said Ramadan Al Boutih.”
          Here is the link to the whole article..

          (*) Although they are, of course, defamed by assorted Jew Haters as “fascist” and extreeeeeeeeeeeeeeme rrrrrrrrriight, they are the brave youngsters who rushed to the help of a frightened Jewish congregation, sitting ducks when, during their prayers a year or two ago, the violent tards stormed several synagogues in Paris, intending to do some “Jew-Killing”. The police took their time, so these youngsters, outnumbered 1 to 10 by the muslim/arabo/sub-saharan thugs went on the defence, they (unlike the thugs) had not come armed so they took whatever was available: cafe tables and chairs, dustbins – and held the tards off until the police arrived.
          They also went, on the anniversary of the murder of that young Parisian Jew, Hilami, (who was tortured something like 20 or 30 days) into the NO-GO ZONE where not even the police dares going, (the place where the Muslim/Arabo/Sub-Saharan torturers & murderers lived) and posted big posters all over the place saying “Ilan we will never forget you”. Here is the vanilla version aka Wiki, but there is more on google etc.

          PS: Steps down from soapbox, but, even the name of Taric Ramadan makes my blood boil, he “seems” so suave and sophisticated and is the Media darling, but he is every bit as slimey and low-life as the ugliest of Allah-u-Akbarists, only even more dangerous.

          • Thank-you for the article, Rita. In any sane world Tariq would be a drone-splat. Instead he’s likely to be on friendly terms with POTUS and Janissary T.

            The JDL used to help the ultra-Orthodox in New York before the communities got Israeli professionals. [Though not enough of them, IMHO.] They also helped train some Chabad in Crown Heights.

            • It is tempting to kill all like this piece of slime but at times it is better to let them run and see who they associate with. There is a fine line between letting them run to find info and letting them do great harm. Given the current situation in Europe that fine line was crossed a long time ago.

      • @ yucki
        ‘”They watch the Muslima destroy the Israeli flag at the post-slaughter shrine. That’s where ‘everyone comes together for hugs’. Maybe not everybody.”
        I saw this. Absolutely disgusting and the muslima was as UGLY as they all are. I’m no “oil-painting” myself, but the ugliness of these people comes from a place where nothing nice is dwellig… Incidentally, I tried to listen to the french which was spoken in the back ground, it was just unrelated small talk (perhaps from a radio) talking about “manifestations” in general.

        As to “Belgium”: remember we two swore that there would be no more belgian chocolates in our houses, even as far back as February 2014:

        • I remember very well. Before Thanksgiving I picked up cute chocolate pumpkins. As soon as I saw where they were from, I dropped them like a burning brand.

          Too much anger in my heart right now. Though I avoid gruesome details, I might need to go back to post-trauma meds. It’s the same fools talking nonsense, the cheap ‘experts’ and ‘expressions of condolence’.

          And especially those obscene shrines.

          No small insight: Clinical cases of PTSD – the T is for Tard – are rising exponentially. These godless, grotesque rituals are an extension of the violation of our civic spaces. Every ’healing circle’ will send the walking wounded right back to the original shock.

          They’re promoted by the criminal, liar-enablers who are ultimately responsible. Maybe they think they’ll distract us from lining them up against the wall and shooting them. I would prefer they be at ground-zero of the next atrocity.

          But I’m okay with a wall.

        • Rita I have never seen you or Yucki and probably never will but to me the truly attractive and sexy women ate the ones w ith brains, the more brains the more attractive. Both of you have very big brains.

  3. OT but did anyone notice how the Beeb and like-minded media outlets all of a sudden remembered that Israel exists today when the footage emerged of the failed terrorist being executed in Hebron? If only they paid that much attention when a grandmother was stabbed in Tel Aviv or a mortar shell fell in Sderot.

  4. I don’t exactly understand how municipalities work in the Belgium or the EU for that matter.

    Over here the police answer to the Police Commissioner who answers to the Minister for Police (a cabinet position held by an elected state representative).

    If the Mayor (a local official rather than a state official) of any town or city ordered the police to do something (particularly if the police had “better things to do”) then they would be politely told to take a long walk off a short pier.

    What gives?

  5. I’m not clear on the details of the yoga teacher story. From what I understand, he teaches yoga at home? So he has Muslims studying yoga in his home? Even if he has a professional loft, I still can’t visualize Muslims studying yoga in a non-Muslim’s yoga studio. These yoga Muslims must be very assimilated, and yet they cheer terrorism. I’m sorry, but something’s wrong with this story. I don’t doubt that many Muslims cheered the events, but I’d like to know more about this yoga teacher and his Muslim students.

    • My understanding – and perhaps someone will correct me if I’m wrong on this – is that he was waiting for his students to arrive and was just perusing his twitter feed and came across stories from other (“regular”) teachers about *their* students cheering the slaughter of infidels. So he reacted on twitter and received a warning from the police acting on behalf of Big Brother, in thanks.

      I too doubt that he has Muslim yoga students. If Muslims practice yoga at all (something I find unlikely – martial arts? yes; a peaceful, soothing activity like yoga? no) they would never enter an infidel’s house to do it.

        • Some girls from an Orthodox day camp watched me doing Tai Chi in a fairly secluded park near my apartment. When I’d finished, I chatted with them for a while. A couple of days later my rabbi called, wondering what kind of foolishness I was up to.

          Must’ve concluded I had too much spare time, because he had already set me up with a study partner.

          • Ha! Trust a Jew to be thrifty with the most precious commodity of all. Time! 🙂

            (No hate implied. I respect anyone able to save.)

            • It’s true, wasting time or idle hands is a sin, sort of.

              Time best spent studing Bible. Idle hands? There’s always someone who could use some help.

              Budget every minute, no time for foolishness. Maybe they mean it works like cold showers.

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