Remarks Geert Wilders during court session today

Mr President, Members of the Court,

For more than eleven years, I have been living under death threats. Every day, I am reminded of this. Even today. This morning, I was driven here in a convoy of armored cars, with sirens, flashing lights, and surrounded by bodyguards. And not only today, but every day.

I will be brought home in the same way. Home is a safe-house. My office is a shielded room. And when I have to stand in court, it is here, in a bunker at Schiphol.

For more than eleven years already, I have been paying a heavy price. And I think that you as well as I know why. I am paying that price for the same reason as why I am standing in the dock for the second time. Because I dare to criticize Islam and mention the Moroccan problem.

“Freedom is the power that we have over ourselves,” said the great Dutch jurist Hugo Grotius. His statue stands at the entrance of the Supreme Court in The Hague. Hugo Grotius is the symbol of Dutch law. But once he was on trial himself. He was sentenced to life because he had fought on the side of Johan van Oldenbarnevelt for Dutch freedoms. But Grotius escaped in a coffin and fled to Antwerp.

Sometimes I wish that I could escape myself. But I know that I cannot. I would have to pay a price which I do not want to pay. I would have to shut up. And I cannot. I do not want that. And I will not do it. Freedom of expression is the only freedom I still have. And, forgive me, I will never give it up.

So here I stand again.

And I honestly think it is a disgrace that I have to stand here.

Millions of people in this country and abroad think so, too.

I do not ask for your compassion. But now that I am forced to stand here, I ask of you that you give me what I am entitled to: a fair trial. I ask that Lady Justice be blindfolded.

And I fear this will not be the case.

As my lawyer explained, over half of the legal complaints lodged against me proved to be false when they were investigated. People thought they were voting in elections, instead of pressing charges. Or they did not know my name. Or they were illiterate or did not recognize their signature. Or they said they did not feel discriminated against, even though it said so in their complaint. I hope that you will never be accused of something that you did not do. Or they got assistance from mosques or Labor politicians. Or they were told by the police that the officers also felt uncomfortable with Wilders’ statements. Or they were told by the mosque administration that they had to fill out the forms the police was going to bring.

Mr President, Members of the Court, this is nothing but deception, manipulation, intimidation, ignorance, it is a scam. It is incredibly shocking.

And that the prosecutor just said that this nothing to worry about is a disgrace.

Because in front of you stands a politician.

And he is being prosecuted because he has voiced a political opinion.

Why did I speak about fewer Moroccans?

The honest answer is because I want fewer Moroccans in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands has a huge Moroccan problem. It is my job as a democratically elected representative of the people to honestly identify the problems in our country.

How and why do I want to get fewer Moroccans in our country has already been written down in the PVV election platform since 2006: We want to stop immigration from non-Western immigrants, and therefore also of Moroccans, to promote voluntary repatriation, and to denaturalize criminals with a dual nationality and expel them from the Netherlands. And before, during and after the contested election night, I have repeatedly explained this in front of many cameras and microphones.

I did not say “All Moroccans must leave the country” or “Moroccans are no good,” but I advocated “fewer Moroccans”. Because that is my opinion, that is what I want, and what many millions of Dutch want together with me.

The Public prosecutor is trying to catch me, but he is selectively shopping.

If I would have advocated fewer Syrians, then I would not be standing here today. Or I would not stand here alone, but together with Prime Minister Rutte and almost all the government leaders in Europe. Because today they all want to get fewer Syrians.

The Public Prosecution is also applying double standards. And there are many examples of this.

How quiet was it when, earlier, politicians from the Labor Party spoke about Moroccan cunts (Mr Oudkerk), about humiliating Moroccans (Mr Spekman) and about Moroccan boys who have an ethnic monopoly on nuisance (Mr. Samson). Why were they not being prosecuted?

And how quiet was it when a Turkish member of the Dutch Parliament (Mr Öztürk) compared me with a tumor and said “One has to fight him,” and likened me to Hitler. Where were the mayors then who spoke shame of it and led processions of people going to press charges?

Where was the Public Officer’s press spokesperson when a Labor Party chairman (Mr Den Hertog) said that he hopes that I die of a heart attack, but that if a bullot is needed then it would have to big enough to engrave from the grateful people on it?

Where was the outrage of the Prime Minister when a D66 member (Mr Mohammed) said he would put a bullet through my head and cut me open and feed me to the pigs?

And why was there no prosecution of the former police commissioner of Amsterdam, Mr Van Riessen, who said about me, and I quote: “Basically one would feel inclined to say: let’s kill him, just get rid of him now and he will never surface again.” End of quote.

Where were the preprinted declaration forms then?

What a duplicity. What a selective indignation.

And when someone is taken to court, such as the Moroccan rapper who said that he, and I quote, “hates these fucking Jews even more than the Nazis”, end of quote, then he is acquitted, because then suddenly his words are covered by freedom of speech.

These double standards and this hypocrisy by both politicians and the Public Prosecutor turn this trial into a political trial. The leader of the largest opposition party, who proves too strong to defeat in Parliament, must be neutralized. That is a disgrace and I hope you will not allow yourselves to be taken advantage of.

Because the problems of which I speak will not go away by keeping silent about them.

Silence is not an option.

Silence is cowardly.

Silence is betrayal.

If I, as the political leader of my party, during an election gathering of my party, am not allowed to say what has been written down in my party platform for a decade, then this is absolute madness and then one has to convict me.

My opinions will not change. And one will not be able to silence me.

I have been deprived of my freedom for over eleven years and the only freedom I still have is my freedom of speech. Nobody will be able to rob me of it.

But obviously, I hope that you will leave the political and public debate to the political and public debate, that you will not turn this courtroom into a political forum, and that you acquit me.

On August 24 last year, in the television program ‘Looking into the Soul’, I heard one of your fellow penal judges, Mr Hermans, say that voting for the PVV is – I quote – a “huge contra-indication to the profession of judge.” Excuse me that this worries me.

And I am even more worried because, of all people, it happened to be one of you three, Mrs Van Rens, who on August 17 last year in the television program ‘Looking into the Soul’ criticized political views of my party, which is allowed of course. She said that she opposes minimum sentences and expelling illegal immigrants. But she said even more. Mrs Van Rens also criticized the judicial decision during my previous trial to approve our objection to the court. She said she did not understand that the objection was assigned by fellow judges because, and I quote: “there was no proper basis in penal law to allocate the objection.”

Mr President, Members of the Court, there has been only one single judge in the Netherlands who has openly criticized the judicial decision in favor of me. Only one. And she is exactly the judge opposite me in court today.

Madam Judge, I hope you understand that I am saying this and that I do not find this very reassuring. It would do you credit if you would withdraw from this case and I strongly call on you to do so.

Mr President, Members of the Court.

I conclude.

I meant what I have said, I spoke on behalf of millions of Dutch, I retract nothing and have no regrets. I have said what I think and I will continue to do so. Always.

But I hate no one, I do not incite any hatred and I abhor everything that has to do with discrimination.

That is the truth. Only in a dictatorship, speaking the truth is a crime.

And only in a dictatorship, the opinion of millions of people is criminalized.

I stand here before three judges, but actually it should be the 17 million Dutch who should judge my political expressions.

So I ask you: Let freedom of expression prevail.

Let the Netherlands remain a free country.

Acquit me.

Thank you very much.

The Rt. Hon. Netherlands MP Geert Wilders

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24 Replies to “Remarks Geert Wilders during court session today”

  1. If I worshipped heroes, Mr Wilders would be my hero. If I had a tenth of the bravery he has I’d consider myself blessed. I hope the Dutch people recognise this man’s goodness before he is lost to you because then you will all be guilty of his murder.

      • The only people that should be standing in front of a panel of judges at this court are the imans that called for Mr.Wilders to be killed, but this would not suit the left attitude of the current Dutch government which is also why Mr.Wilders is one of the most popular politicians in Holland

    • You are so right Geert, I cannot fathom the stupidity of most people. why stop free speech? What are they afraid of? And this political correctness crap was thought up by whom? Nobody should want “Invaders” the dirty so called “refugees” to ruin their clean country as is the dirty self made hovells that they are supposedly fleeing from? The world has gone soft, mad and I don’t wish my grandchildren or great grandchildren to live like that………Geert good luck and keep at it, you are a wonderful man.

  2. That man is good, he has made a fool out of all who are charging him with crimes, the only way they can find him guilty is to openly twist the law and prove they are totalitarians.

    • When a leftist hears a person with white skin say anything whatsoever on the subject of Immigration, all they can see is Nuremberg rallies, burning crosses, and concentration camps. At that point the discussion ends and they go into killing-Hitler-before-he-comes-to-power mode. That’s how they see it, and, of course, there is no need to be fair or legal or anything when it comes to killing Adolf Hitler and saving the planet. I think that is how they see it. It explains why they are so pig-headed, violent, and unreasonable. They honestly believe that conservative people are simply too evil to deserve human rights – just like Adolf Hitler…

      • Chris-
        You’re thinking like one of my favorite columnists, Daniel Greenfield:

        Every Republican Presidential Candidate is Hitler

        […] Accusing Republicans of being Hitler for assorted petty reasons dates back to the time when Hitler was still around. FDR accused Republican candidate Wendell Willkie of using “Hitler tactics” by repeating his slogans frequently. But it was the frequent associations of Republicans and Hitler by Democrats that was the true Big Lie. Its only purpose was a senseless association through the repetition of ridiculous and baseless accusations that every single Republican was just Hitler in a better suit.
        To most people, Nazi analogies summon up images of the Holocaust and a ruthless dictatorship. To the left however, any populist reaction against their rule is Nazism. In their world, there is a battle between progressive and reactionary forces. Any movement that dares to run for office by challenging progressive policies is reactionary, fascist and the second coming of the Third Reich. Republican victories are lazily attributed by liberal hacks to mindless public anger being exploited by right-wing demagogues.

        And so the only thing we can truly be certain of is that any Republican nominee will be Hitler. It doesn’t matter what he believes. It doesn’t matter if Democrats considered him a moderate 5 minutes ago. Accusations of Nazism remain the default argument for a Democratic Party turned far to the left.

        Republicans aren’t progressive. Therefore they’re Hitler. It’s really that simple.[…]

        • Daniel Greenfield is my #1-favorite journalist by far (next to Eeyore, of course…). I’m afraid I lack his education or experience, but I am very flattered by the comparison…:)

  3. My Wilders should not be in the dock, those who have laid charges against him should be prosecuted and when found guilty punished with the full force of Dutch law. If it was my decision, I’d pronounce the death sentence on them all.

  4. Before reading this I was an admirer of Geert Wilders for his opinions and his bravery.
    After reading this I am even more impressed by him. If he but could run for President of the U S
    because this is the exact kind of man we need now. SHAME on a political system that would charge him for the crime of speaking the truth.

    • Please pray for Holland;and specifically for such a brave man as Geert Wilders; as he speaks truth. Wake up Christians everywhere…”for our battle is not against flesh and blood; but is against principalities and powers; the rulers of the darkness of this world”.(bible)

  5. I will be praying for this man. What in God’s name is happening when we can do this to someone who speaks for millions of people. The people should be the judge at election time.

  6. I have had the honour of meeting Mr Wilders on two occasions in Australia. He is a truly great man; a man of intellect, principle, commitment and charm.

  7. Who really controls the Netherlands? Geert Wilders is admired the world over, by people who see the truth. Those who wield such power as the dictators in Den Haag should be in the dock in the Court of Justice charged as traitors to their country. God Bless you Geert, and protect you from the evil that is permeating the Free World, this beautiful world God entrusted to us…

  8. What a travesty of justice. What is wrong with the judicial system that puts Geert on the stand? He is a brave man, doing a thankless job. He is the mouth piece for all those who voted for him and all those who would vote for him from other countries if it were possible. I wish we could Clone him here in Australia. Stay strong and brave and honest! In this time of careless violence by the religion of piece we need string fearless warriors like him.

  9. Hero’s come in many forms. Some with a gun, some with the power of the truth. Geert is the latter.

    One can only hope he and many patriot’s around the world can defeat the evil cult of islam.

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