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10 Replies to “Victor Orban, Hungarian PM, gives historic speech on March 15 2016”

  1. What a wonderful speech, he has the mark of Winston Churchill, if not better, the main is brilliant, I wish I was a Hungarian.

  2. I think we will look back in retrospect at this speech and understand that it was intended to brace the people for a greater turmoil than they saw last summer, and for stronger government action. Orban uses metaphor, perhaps, to civilize and soften some harsh and looming realities.

    The man swings a heavy bat.

    • The Hungarian people understand completely and intimately all metaphorical references. Steel in the spine is steel in the sword.

    • You got that right, he is preparing the Hungarians and anyone else who is listening for a summer that will make last years look tame.

      I want all of you who have been asking how we could fight are taking a good hard look, the need for a strong national leader in the European nations has arrived and they are coming out to meet the demand. The same demand is on North America and Trump and Cruz have come to the front. World events are proving the old saying, “Comes the time Comes the man”, The time has come for the children to step back and let the adults run the nation, the adults are stepping up and the children are throwing temper tantrums.

      Expect this summer to be violent in all western nations although those in South America will probably be more peaceful then in the North for a couple of years. And expect the violence to increase to the point that there is really no time of year when attacks against our culture and civilization aren’t occurring in our homelands.

      It wasn’t that long ago when some leftist lurker told all of us to get a life and that I need chill pills, well world events are proving me right in my predictions.

    • The entire West is lucky to have him, I think. And if the traditional Western European leaders – Germany, the UK and France – won’t step forward and lead, then perhaps it is the turn of countries like Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic to emerge from the shadows, to finally shake off their long winter under the USSR, and to light the way of freedom for the rest of us.

      • I agree.
        The sagacious Hungarian electorate deserves such a man to stand up for them. They haven’t had the good fortune the West takes for granted.

        But Mr. Orban was speaking to a larger audience – all those muzzled, disenfranchised ethnic Europeans.

        Most crucially, he’ll be their champion behind those closed doors in Brussels. There’ll be no “United States of Europe” on his watch.

    • I had to listen twice.
      The first time I was just jealous: I want one like that! And consumed with worry: he’s getting cold and wet, he’ll get sick, then what? What big-shot stands in the rain like any ordinary human?

      Second time swept me off my feet.
      I was just reading somewhere that Trump had modeled himself after Victor Orban. That’s outrageous, of course, but he could do worse.

      One can only hope that Mr. Orban inspires many brave and wise leaders, right there in the heart of Europe. And let this wisdom reach even the bovine Scandinavians, that a muzzle – even made of silk – is still a muzzle.

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