A few more battles for the West, media reports as ‘crime’ if at all.

First of all, the French government suddenly seems interested in dealing with ‘The Jungle’, a city made up entirely of illegals or invaders from North Africa and the Middle East for the most part, and nearly all muslims. One can’t help but wonder if the well over half million views, and rush of sympathy it caused, of the woman from Calais who spoke after the demonstration and arrest of the French Foreign Legion leader had anything to do with the sudden dismantling and relocating of many of these invaders.

Here is a look at one of the events they pulled against truck traffic as a form of protest

Imagine if ‘white right wing extremists’ where to burn stuff and throw rocks at a mosque. Do you think the media would refer to it as ‘clashes’?

Any action to actually deal with a serious problem of illegals who are wreaking havoc on the law abiding indigenous people of Calais is treated as tyranny by the media

Activists blamed for trouble in Calais.

(This is actually an accurate report!)

Far left wing groups most certainly are using illegal Muslim migrants as a battering ram against traditional Europe, figuratively and literally like we see in Greece at the Macedonian border today.

Slovenians chant against the Government assisted invasion of Europe and destruction of local cultures. The chants starting at 6:30 are heart warming, and even in a way, amusing.

It feels good to see a group of people clear headed enough to openly accuse leaders who orchestrate the destruction of their own culture as traitors.

More on Calais today

I think thats enough for this post.

Thank you all who contributed. As usual, M., Richard, Wrath of Khan, Maria J., many others who I have lost track of (its getting frantically busy as things get worse) and many new people who’s names I don’t remember yet.

More to come. Please check back later.



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