Pakistan demonstrates its retrograde motion from liberalism, Quebec leftists boast of killing PEGIDA and more: Links 2 on Feb. 29 – 2016

1. New Facebook group calling to kill members of PEGIDA Quebec

Kill Pegida Quebec”, this is the name of a new Facebook group launched on Monday, February 29, 2016 with a clear mission statement “to track down and eliminate one by one the directors of the hateful and racist [Facebook] page Pegida Quebec.”

Self-identified as a “political organization”, the new group accuses Pegida Quebec of spreading hate under the “false” disguise of freedom of speech and warns that its members will “destroy them and pursue them one by one.”

(The logical consequence of branding the truth about Islam as ‘hate speech’ and giving a monopoly on freedom of speech to the extreme left wing)

2. Daphne Anson has a post about the politicization of Facebook. I haven’t personally checked all the links and references but she is generally very good.

3. ’60 Minutes’ TV crew attacked and beaten in Sweden

(This is interesting at a few levels. For one thing, I had a call from Denmark this morning EST, about this event. We elected not to post anything about it at the time as it was a 60 Minutes (Australia) story and we should let them tell it as it happened to them. Not 3 hours later this came out. The thing to check will be if 60 Minutes represents the facts as they were reported to us by one of the locals who was there. If not, we will post that point of view as well. Suffice it to say, it won’t be flattering to the Muslims living in Sweden)

'60 Minutes' TV crew attacked and beaten in Sweden

This afternoon a TV crew from the Australian 60 Minutes TV program, had found the way to the immigrant-dense suburb of Rinkeby in Stockholm.

After the visit the journalists said that they have been to Somalia, Syria and Iraq, but they have never experienced conditions similar to those in Sweden.

The TV crew got an insight into the Swedish multicultural society that they are never going to forget.

The TV crew was in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby to depict the mass immigration to Sweden, and do interviews with local residents. The team barely got into Rinkeby before it was attacked for the first time, writes Avpixlat.

4. There was quite an interesting demonstration in Slovenia today.
Lots of things about it were noteworthy and Gates of Vienna wrote up the notes. 
A couple of the chants though were quite good at around 6:30

5. Italian leadership, not satisfied with the illegal migrants that make it to Italy, have arranged an air corridor to bring in more as Trudeau did in Canada.

6. Another really significant story took place today in Pakistan.

A few years back, in 2011, a decent and extremely courageous Pakistani governor, proposed changing laws that would see death for apostasy from Islam. In the 21st century it doesn’t just seem obvious to do this in a parliamentary democracy but several hundred years overdue. But still, he was pretty much the only one with the courage to propose actual legislation making it not a death penalty offense to just stop being Muslim.

His reward?

His own body guard killed him.

within the last 48 hours, the state of Pakistan executed the man who murdered his employer and a governor and thousands, if not tens of thousands of people showed up to view the body. To celebrate him, and his action.

And this, readers, is how sharia works.

Thousands protest the execution

Thank you Shabnam A., M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, and a great group of others who sent in materials.

Gonna be a busy week starting near the end of this week. Will try to do as much as usual, but I recommend reading the daily links posts more than even usual as thats where the lion’s share of news links will be.



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  1. Pakistan and Pakistani people have targeted minority Hindus ever since that country was created. But of course, how can the hundreds of thousands of Hindu deaths in that country catch the imagination of this Slate contributor who seems to live in his Abraham-centric world. Not a single mention of the Hindu minority while he goes on and on about the so-imagined persecution of Christian and Ahmadiyas in that country. Great job, Mr. Chotiner.

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