Wilders: Labour has blood on their hands if someone shoots me

(This is an unprecedented second press release by Geert Wilders, Dutch MP, in one day)

image002If someone assassinates Geert Wilders, all of the Netherlands will know that the blood is on the PvdA’s hands, the furious PVV leader said in response to PvdA chair Hans Spekman calling him a danger to democracy and society.

Wilders told BNR that the PvdA is trying to demonize him, like they did with Pim Fortuyn, who was killed in 2002. “The suggestion that I am a threat to democracy is not only very inaccurate, it also shows that the PvdA learnt nothing from history. We saw with Melktert and Pim Fortuyn where demonizing leads”, Wilders said to the broadcaster.

“What do you do with someone who is a danger to democracy? We saw what Volkert van der G. thought should be done with Pim Fortuyn. Again, I hope that the bullet does not come, but if that bullet comes from the left, then the Netherlands will know that the PvdA letters are written on its side.”

Click here to view a video of  an interview today with Geert Wilders, and here to view this article on the website of NL Times.

(We are a couple of hours away from having a titled version of the Geert videos)


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