France: A resident of Calais describes how cultural enrichment actually works

Published 8. February on Riposte Laique
this was recorded on the 7 February 2016  during a day at Rungis
(10 km outside of Paris because Patriots did not get permission to demonstrate in Paris). There were 12 speakers, one of them was SIMONE HÉRICOURT, a native of Calais. This woman touched the room, describing what Calais was before the “Jungle”. Now violent Illegals make life hell for Salesians. They feel (and ARE) abandoned by the Government and live in fear. 
This, to me, seems a microcosm (albeit a rather big one with 18,000 illegals living in the Jungle) of what is now happening in Europe and will happen globally if we cannot stop it. 
The speech is relatively long at 1/4 of an hour, but it is so raw and authentic that’s probably why I became the most poignant moment of that day  for the people in the salle, despite 11 other speakers of high caliber. 



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  1. Canada is not far behind, and this is not exclusively islam, it’s simply multiculturalism. I got attacked many times and the cops didn’t do anything.

  2. Eeyore, you should start looking at the big picture, islam is only part of the problem. I fully agree that islam is evil, but it’s let loose by western authorities on purpose. Try talking about the New World Order from time to time. I remember reading one of your comments a while back and you consider Alex Jones some conspiracy theory redneck. If you don’t add the 2 together it just doesn’t make any sense. Nato could eliminate the muslim world in less then 24h, if islam was the true enemy.
    Try to go to the root of the problem, not just the symptoms.

  3. “I ask myself where their cultural riches are Because if it is to sack, to destroy, to steal, to rape and so on the French were fully capable of doing it themselves, one had only to ask”

    This bitterly humorous observation comes to the heart of the matter: This so-called “cultural diversity” is mere criminality, aided and abetted by enemies of the people elected into government. We are in for a very hard time indeed. The long march through the institutions has been completed and we the people must retake them all, one by one. It will be very difficult and people will likely be hurt. But the alternative is extinction

  4. She speaks in such a delightful “argot” – old fashion and pudic popular language, the soul of which gets lost in translation. As did her, unfortunately her humour, proof of acute intelligence. Sometimes a slight vulgarity slipped out…but a cute vulgarity of another time. She also has still that “pudeur” (modesty?) of the true femme du peuple – who’d rather not pronounce the word “brothel” which she was referring to when talking about that “….you know for the convenience of the gentlemen…..”.

    And like DaffersD and yucki, I too cried.

  5. Correction/Completion:

    Someone very generous identifying her/him self as “Anonymous” has left the following clarification regarding the sub-titles on my blog. And I thank her/him for it:

    “hello, about the video “resident of Calais speaking” that it is my understanding you subtitled, may i offer some ideas (about the unclear) ?
    At 5 minutes 50 seconds, “ils ont décidé de faire, de… de condamner Calais…” (meaning to abandon or give up on Calais).
    At 7 minutes 27 seconds, “parce que mon mari qui a été assez malin, nous a fait passer…” (because my husband who was smart enough…).
    At 10 minutes, “c’est pas difficile, moi elle m’a banni de sa page…” (meaning she has blocked me from her page or account (facebook, twitter ?)). “

    I am especially grateful for the “facebook, twitter page” hint, it makes sense and makes her wit/intelligence come forth once more 🙂

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