Open-Air Museum Hessenpark – Free admission for “refugees”, everyone else pays, even dogs.

An Original Translation by Nash Montana With much thanks

From this German language Website:

A lively debate is taking place right now about the pricing politics of the open air museum, Hessenpark. Hartz IV recipients (unemployment benefits), people with handicaps, yes even dogs have to pay admission, among everybody else, except of course “asylumseekers” and “refugees” and their companions who get completely free admission. And that is exactly what drives citizens up the wall, they feel that this type of preferential treatment is nothing but discrimination and they feel as though they were second class citizens. And now the Open air museum complains on their Facebook homepage about the incredible amount of hate mail and ugly comments made in regards to their pricing politics.

But this has nothing to do with hate. People are rightfully complaining about an injustice, The guests receive free Wifi, clothing, housing incl, washing machine and dryer, heating, food, cleaing, bus and train tickets, recreational activities and much more, add to that welfare benefits and extra pocket money of 143,00 Euro. And from this pocket money a “guest” could easily spend 2,50 Euro for an admission to the Museum.

Of course all train-station-clappers and refugee fetishists immediately conglomerate and babble out their usual moralistic drivel in commentaries: Super campaign for “refugees”, great for the integration and a chance for a peaceful togetherness, shortly put, all the usual general empty phrases of ‘Gutmenschen’.

We will see how the Hessenpark will act in the near future when paying clientele will cease to visit, because they won’t be able to come up with the admission fee. Either everybody pays or everybody gets free admission.

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4 Replies to “Open-Air Museum Hessenpark – Free admission for “refugees”, everyone else pays, even dogs.”

  1. This is what will happen: refugees will get free entrance, will flood the museum and cause chaos, the Germans will stop coming there and the museum will be left with non paying guests who act in a way that more guards will be necessary.

    We have seen it happening at every public place where refugees can come without paying: public libraries, council youth centres, malls, swimming pools and now museums are next.

    Six months from now: “museum staff hospitalized after being punched in the face”.

  2. This will KILL tourism in 2016…but that was the overall plan was it not? Population replacement….I personally have visited Hessen Park a number of times with my students on holiday…it was always very expensive for us, but I loved the historic old buildings…do you think the Muslim refugees care about the cultural history of the countries they are invading? NO! This park will become a public toilet…like every other place given to refugees.

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