Turkey attempts to turn NATO against Kurds, Hijab day in Ottawa! Yeay! and more: Links 1 on Feb. 9 – 2016

1. Turkey demands that the US choses between Turkey or the Kurds.

2 Pathetic distortion of reality by Al Jazeera, who seem to be saying that the Paris attacks had nothing to do with Islam, and any attempt to protect European culture and values is ‘islamophobic’. This clip cannot be seen in the US but there may be a workaround for that. All people in the US should set VPNs to Canada for this one.

(Anyone thinking that this clip is from a channel with any integrity whatsoever is advised to watch yesterday’s Tommy Robinson clip where they tried to trick and trap him on live TV and then edited out all his answers to their trick questions that failed to make him and his views look bad. Once you have seen this, there should be no further doubt in your mind why Egypt’s Al Sisi shut them down as a Muslim Brotherhood propaganda arm)

3. Al Jazeera admits to its (highly deceptive) editing of the interview with Tommy Robinson, where he busted them for trying to trick him, and then censored his rebuttal to their very dishonest questions. 

4. PEGIDA Dublin, a little more kinetic than reported apparently.

5. Young Jewish man arrested for singing Ha Tikva on Jerusalem’s temple mount

(This should raise some issues of sovereignty etc. For those not familiar with this small piece of earth, it would be akin to arresting muslims for praying at the kabaa in Mecca)

6. Oz-Rita translated an article from an eye witness in Calais about what took place there.

(More will be posted on this today. Some, unusual might be the cautious way to phrase it, events took place after the arrest of the former leader of the French Foreign Legion)

After being arrested rather brutally on the 6th February in Calais, the Colonel spent one night in the cells and one night in hospital because of health problems. Following this ordeal he appeared on French State media (eg RTL) who basically promote the narrative of the socialist Hollande Government,  a very unreliable and hostile witness where the reality of “the French people” is concerned, (to put it mildly). In these strange interviews and editorials, the colonel basically seemed to give out a message fully contradicting what he said during the manifestation.
7. Various moslem and leftist groups have organized a headscarf solidarity day, using the most facile kind of intellectual slight of hand, equating wearing the uniform of political islam with having some form of mild birth defect or something. No doubt thousands of simple minded women, and I say women because conspicuously, no men have been invited to participate in this event otherwise thousands of simple minded men would also join in, and no doubt it will go towards the narrative of seeing muslims, who dress, eat and behave in a way designed to segregate their community from the rest of humanity, will be seen as the victims of the effects of their own policies of hostility and enmity towards all other demographics.
One photo that will not be shown in this testament to the end of reason is the one below:

Iranian women protesting the hijab in 1979

Then of course, we have Egypt’s Nassar mocking the head-cloth for 2 minutes on public TV:

8. Another example of Facebook’s insane bias against Israel and her interests while ignoring genocidal messages against the Jewish people or Israelis.

(There may be a counter-move to this soon. More on that when its closer to reality)

9. Prerecorded bomb threats sent to UK Jewish schools with arabic ‘music’ in background. 

10. Suspect in au pair death refuses extradition

American Lauren Mann, 25, was discovered half naked in her apartment, lying face down on a mattress. Firefighters went to her apartment after her employers became alarmed when she did not show up for work.

A later autopsy revealed that she had died from suffocation, and police found that she had been giving shelter to a 24-year-old Gambian illegal immigrant whose asylum application had been rejected by Austria, and who was due to be deported. He was named by prosecutors in Austria only as Abdou I., because of local privacy laws.

After her death, the man vanished but he was then caught in Bern in Switzerland in an asylum centre by police who had tracked his mobile phone.

However, hopes that it would be a speedy end to the case for the young woman’s family have been scotched by the fact that the man is refusing to be sent back to Austria, and lawyers are helping him fight the demand.

(Darwin seems to be especially harsh, and rapidly so, to white leftists stupid enough to act on their own propaganda)

11. Asylum seekers given priority for hospital visits

(When triage is done by identity politics, you will run out of taxpayers quite quickly)


The reason is that many asylum seekers need expensive translators to help communicate with doctors, and officials do not want to pay for the translators to sit around waiting.

The problem was highlighted last week when large numbers of people turned up at hospitals because of a flu epidemic, and had to wait to see doctors whilst asylum seekers were given priority treatment.

As part of the asylum process, refugees get a health check. With 90,000 asylum seekers registered last year, this has put a huge strain on health resources.

Austrian officials have confirmed that they have been ordered not to make asylum seekers wait and to give them fast track treatment.

“Priority is being given to asylum seekers because of the issue with translators,” said Ralph Luger, from the KAV (Krankenanstaltenverbundes) health board in Vienna which runs more than a dozen hospitals in the capital.

Martin Gantner from the charity Caritas said that it meant asylum seekers were given priority in the same way that prisoners or people with disabilities are also be prioritised.

12 Golden Dawn supporters protest another invasion comfort station in Greece

(What an awkward position Western governments have put nice people in, that many will feel forced to support fascist, far left national-socialst parties as the only option against total cultural destruction. The strong man solution is coming earlier to Greece perhaps than more northern European nations)

Thank you M., Wrath of Khan, Maria J., Gates of Vienna, Oz-Rita, RJ., Shabnam, ACT For Canada, Yucki, and many more. Its going to be a busy day as we look at why the French General turned 180 degrees after a night in jail and in hospital. Anyone else remember why Ross Perot dropped out of the US presidential race?)

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17 Replies to “Turkey attempts to turn NATO against Kurds, Hijab day in Ottawa! Yeay! and more: Links 1 on Feb. 9 – 2016”

  1. I hope that the US and Canada avoid the strong man trap but we won’t know that until we see what happens over the next 5 to 10 years.

    • I’m hoping the Muslims will wake up and notice the speeding freight train that’s headed straight at them. Like the Axis Powers before them, they are overly impressed with their own strength, while at the same time making the mistake of underestimating the strength of the enemy they are planning to sneak up on and kill. The West doesn’t mean them any harm and there’s no such thing as “Islamophobia”, but if the Western people ever get truly, personally angry and decide they are in an existential fight, the Muslims are going to be eradicated, and a lot of them know that…

      And it’s all unnecessary. The Ummah Itself needs to get a grip and tell these militant Islamists to stop pushing in the direction of a war they should not fight and cannot win, and if they don’t want to cooperate, put them in jail – in large numbers if necessary. No more teaching children about hating Infidels and cutting off heads and taking over the world. I’ve heard reasonable Imams who talk about this very thing. They exist. Support them!

      • They won’t wake up because to an extent they want the freight train, part of what the Shia believe about the return of the Mahdi is that thre has to be hell on earth. This hell is to be caused by Iran and according to some of the things I have read Iran is to be destroyed before the Mahdi returns.

        This is the reason that so many of them are doing everything they can to ensure that the majority of the westerners become so enraged they are willing to tolerate a genocide (theocide?) against the Moslems. It could be done, the Romans wiped out several religions that believed in human sacrifice. The reason they persecuted the Christians so much was partially because they believed that during communion the Christians used the flesh and blood of murdered children.

      • I recently saw a cartoon that I can’t find right now, it had two Moslems on labeled radical and one labeled moderate.

        The radical was saying believe in Allah or I will kill you, the moderate was saying believe in Allah or he will kill you.

        This attitude keeps them from living in the real world.

  2. #1 Erdogan and the Kurds

    This guy… I love this guy. First he flips the bird to the Prime Minister of Russia, now he’s flipping the bird to the President of the United States. You’d think he was Caliph of the Ottoman Empire or something…

    Have you ever wondered why it’s so absolutely out of the question to even consider the possibility of a Kurdish homeland in those mountainous regions of the Middle East? Why do they always not rate? Aren’t the Kurds a real people?

    The only negotiations these Muslim governments will consider is total glorious victory for themselves and utter humiliation and crushing defeat for the other guy. The idea of a “win-win” solution is unappealing to the Muslim mind. That’s why they are always at war. That’s why there are millions of refugees in the world today. They are, simply put, unreasonable.

    And as for Erdogan’s question about which side the Americans are on, he’ll just have to wait until they elect a real guy and then they’ll have to wait until the real guy figures out what to do. Unfortunately, for Mr. Erdogan, I suspect that the real guy is going to side with the Assad regime and the Kurds. Too bad. The Obama party is going to be over soon…

    Oh, and any government that trusts the word of the US Government, for at least the next twenty years, has got to be out of their flipping minds. The new paradigm is that the US turns into a completely different country every eight years, and any deal you make with them now will be toast when the next guy gets in. They’re the “Many faces of Eve”, I’m afraid. Same with Canada…

    • You are right about all that you say, the only exception I will make is that once the civil wars/counter revolutions start I am not sure the left can get elected for much longer then 8 years. If the next President chooses a good solid conservative to be VP and then governs in such a way as to ensure the people wanting 8 more years of his governance then we will have a chance to see most of the activist Judges retire or die in office and be replaced by people who believe in the Constitution and the rule of law.

  3. Actually, the coming “strong man” of so called western democracies will be Bankruptcy. Everyone is bankrupt. The end of the U.S. dollar reserve currency status is nigh. The accumulated debt of the world has no historical comparison. The socialists running the show now will be history. They are not affordable, nor is anything they propose. So is this whole “migrant crisis”. And overpaid cops and teachers and unionized illiterate construction workers and firemen. Institutionalized feminism and gay rights are luxuries of “prosperous” (or money printing) societies. All kinds of things will disappear that we cannot yet realize until they are proven unaffordable by a free market. Pensions both funded and unfunded are unaffordable. And on and on. The cost of money must be normalized. The Keynesian experiment is over. I feel badly for all of the good people who will suffer the reset, but hope is not a strategy.

    • You are right although this isn’t going to happen quickly, the realization of the bankruptcy will occur slowly because people don’t want to accept the idea that the leaders of the left that they so adored have been lying to them and that the Press has been aiding and abetting the liars.

      The MIgrant crisis will continue although in a more violent and bloodier form with the migrants finally being removed from the West.

      Yes the US Dollar and the Petro Dollar are finished and in all probability the world will return to the precious metal standard. Here there will be advantages for the west and problems for the west, one of the big advantages is the number of people who have been buying and storing physical gold and silver since the 170s and 80s. The problems are the amount of debt that the left has run up, but China and Russia are facing the same problem and given their command driven economies they are in for a much rougher time. Things are going to get real interesting and scary and it is hard to predict who will eventually end up as the major power.

          • Always remember that no matter what we will always be a food super power, if you want to eat you have to buy food and when you get hungry enough you will pay our price.

            • Very, very right, Richard. Also know that bankruptcy is not a bad thing. Just the opposite. It is a necessary cleansing of our system. Central banks have not permitted the free market cleansing of dead weights and inefficiencies. We will be stronger in the end. I hope.

      • Which book was it?…A Farewell To Arms?…”How did you go bankrupt?…”Slowly at first…then all of a sudden. ..” or something close to this.

      • Bankruptcy occurs regardless of what one accepts. Two plus two equalling four is not a topic for debate regardless of one’s politics. We can beg and plead for three, but it still equals four. The timeline for it is unknown. Maybe the U.S. is waiting for China to hoard enough gold to be proportionate to their market share of the world economy before they pull the plug on the USD. Just remember it will happen on a weekend when the banks aren’t open for business!

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