French police arrest retired general for marching with PEGIDA

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Translation by Oz-Rita with much thanks! and thanks to Resistance Republicaine, one of hte most important sites on the facts of the deconstruction of civilization anywhere, along with fellow French site, Riposte Laique

I was at his side when General Piquemal was brutally arrested

As agreed on the phone with your editor in chief, I herewith testify to what  I saw at the event this February 6, 2016 in Calais. 
I live  this city, today  devastated forever. I want to note that this is the first time that such police personnel and such repressive means have been  deployed to a demonstration which was entirely peaceful. 
At the last demonstration by migrants, No Borders and antifa, these means were not used, while the statue of General (De Gaulle) was tagged, vehicles were damaged, and the port invaded, with hundreds of illegal intrusions into a ferry. 
This time we had two water cannon trucks on site as well as many police personnel. Despite the absence of provocation on our part, CRS (Riot Police)  gave out the tear gas on us, and we were charged with it three times.
General Piquemal, who was about to leave the demonstration after a call to the protesters  to disperse, was arrested with incredible violence. I was with him, I was pushed brutally against the barriers, a man in his fifties, who was standing next to me, was knocked to the ground, falling and hitting his head forcefully on the  pavement.
About twenty people were arrested and taken away by bus.
I myself was taken to the side and arrested for a short while.  A CRS (riot police)  took my name and date of birth. After 15 minutes, I was released.
We then went in a small group (about thirty people) towards the police station to demand the release of General Piquemal. 
But when we arrived a large number of police were waiting for us. Two water cannons had been brought there, the police barricaded their entrance doors and CRS (Riot Police) were positioned  outside the door.
After about 45 minutes of waiting, we left after the CRS had threatened us with arrest.
I note that the  Cazeneuve (Minister of Interior) police, are allowing  migrants attack with impunity Lorry drivers, police and Calaisiens with impunity,  while uncompromisingly rebuking  a hero of the  nation, General Piquemal, and the nation’s  patriots. 
This is further evidence that the country is run by traitors.
Mickael Paepe



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5 Replies to “French police arrest retired general for marching with PEGIDA”

  1. To avoid EU censorship, my essay “Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive” has been translated into French. (German is coming soon.) For now, it is still legal for us to post links in European websites leading to external websites.

    L’offensive islamique en Europe: un Têt numéro 2?

    Alors que le nouvel an approche à grands pas, nous assistons aux préludes du dernier round d’une lutte titanesque entre trois grands acteurs. Trois grandes forces à l’œuvre dans nos sociétés vont droit à l’affrontement en 2016 et leur confrontation sera comparable, en termes historiques, aux Première et Seconde Guerres Mondiales.

    Deux de ces grandes forces qui travaillent nos sociétés ont formé une coalition de fait contre la troisième. Elles ont forgé une entente tacite dont le but est l’annihilation totale de la force la plus faible tant que leurs puissances combinées sont assez puissantes pour le faire. Une de ces forces agissantes est prête à partager le contrôle d’une grande partie du monde avec l’autre force à l’œuvre au sein de nos sociétés. Une de ces forces n’a qu’un seul but : la domination totale de la planète entière. Quelles sont donc ces trois forces que nous venons de décrire ? Ce sont l’islam, le socialisme internationaliste et le nationalisme.

    Permettez-moi d’expliquer les aspects les plus significatifs de chacun de ces acteurs, ainsi que la façon dont ils participent du cataclysme à venir en 2016.

    L’offensive islamique en Europe: un Têt numéro 2?

  2. Very, very scary. The elite and empowered in France (and Europe in general) aren’t leaving the average citizen many options to peacefully express their feelings on mass muslim immigration … other than force. And the police, betraying their commitment to uphold the law and protect all citizens: I truly hope a reckoning is coming for such traitors.

    • I agree, peaceful demonstrations won’t do it any more, it’s like turning the other cheek. Won’t work with real enemies. Looks like the PEGIDA days are counted and we have to look at other options.

  3. Yes the peaceful days are about over, not just in France but in all Western nations. The situation is much like that during the 1830s through the 1870s when there were revolutions and rumors of revolutions all over Europe. This time we have the invasion of the fighters of the second Islamic conquest to contend with along with our own self proclaimed elite who have decided that we have no rights except when it doesn’t interfere with what the elite wants.

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