Portuguese Authorities identify Islamic State man who threatened Europe in recent video

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From this French news site:

TERRORISM – The Portuguese authorities believe they have identified the author of the threats made in French in the Video of the Islamic State. He is reported to be of Portuguese origin and to hold the Luxembourg nationality; he left for Syria in 2014.

This is the French voice that has recently threatened opponents of IS with attacks of greater magnitude than those of 11 September and 13 November.

Steve Duarte, 27, has been identified by the Portuguese authorities. This Luxembourger of Portuguese origin is the blond haired jihadist who makes the threats against Western countries in the latest Daech [Islamic State] video.

“Steve Duarte, 27, has been in Syria since the end of 2014. The Portuguese authorities have strong suspicions that he is the executioner in the latest video of IS, put online last week, according to the Weekly “Expresso” .

The Jihadist “…has also the Portuguese nationality and came home frequently to Figueira da Foz (central Portugal), where he still has family.”

In short, Steve Duarte is said to be among the rare Portuguese who left to do jihad in Syria and he is (only) the sixth Luxembourger to have taken the plunge according to the “Luxembourger Wort”. In an article published in November 2014, that newspaper described him as “a young man from Meispelt”, now going under the name of “Abu Al Muhadjir Andalousi”.

Steve Duarte, a jihadist “with a truly free mind”

Duarte is reported to have gone to Syria to work on the propaganda for Daech, especially via social networks. Cyber-activist for Daech from the first hour, the Luxembourger denied having been indoctrinated by the terrorist group on his Facebook page, deleted today. “Journalists talk about what they do not know (about me) and the comments by Luxembourgers and others are made without knowledge.

Brainwashing, mental weakness, recruitment etc. None of this is true. Saying this would be the same thing as saying that IS executes innocent people.

We do not kill innocent people, these people are indeed guilty of crimes against innocents” he had declared, asserting to have gone to wage jihad with a truly free mind. Steve Duarte confirmed that “the decision was made by (him) self, no guru, no brainwashing and zero indoctrination”.

2014 video on same man from Portuguese news site:


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