President of Finland joins many world leaders in a factual and honest world view

Perhaps it has always been a brave thing to speak truth in politics. But if not, it is now.

The President of Finland addresses Parliament this past week and among other things, covers culture and immigration.

Thank you Tundra Tabloids for the Translation.

Below, a list of videos of other world leaders, past and present on the same subject and all within roughly the last 30 days.

Hungarian leader, Orban

Austrian senior military staff 

Former Czech leader, Vaclav Klaus

Current Czech leader on the facts of Islamic immigration in Europe

Slovakian Prime Minister

Czech president on Muslim Brotherhood as prime mover on European invasion by muslims

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5 Replies to “President of Finland joins many world leaders in a factual and honest world view”

  1. European values. How many times does he refer to them? If I were Finnish I’d be wondering if my President is a traitor. He tells the people that he cannot act because EU laws are more important than Finnish laws. This makes him an enabler of the EU superstate. True European values are not preserved by paying them lip service. Telling the people they are under attack by jihad would be the true act of courage and leadership. Translating Stephen Coughlin’s writings into Finnish, broadcasting them on state radio and TV, then having the populace decide the country’s direction by a referendum would be truly supportive of European values. And note the disparaging reference to central European countries who act in their own “narrow interests”. How narrow is self-preservation at the expense of a few privileged elites who want to bulldoze every nation state with raping Arabs?

    Over one million marauders roaming the streets of Europe and only now does he muster the courage to say maybe they should get around to guarding the external borders? What will he say after two million? Three million? Close the gate?

    Why not tell the people instead that in order to help save Europe and it’s values it is time for Finland to save itself.

    The Finnish people would do themselves a great service by turfing this bum.

    • I had to laugh.

      Mr Orban said that domestic manufacturers of fences have more than adequate stock to meet demand wherever and whenever needed. The industry is doing so well, in fact, that neighboring countries have already placed orders for fencing materials of such proven quality.

      This reminds me of Israel’s Iron Dome. After the last Gaza War in 2014 orders from India and Japan and many other countries came pouring in.

      I didn’t see Mr. Orban’s eyes, but I bet they were twinkling.

  2. Sorry Eeyore, this is one of these rare times where I disagree with you. I think you are too generous. You suggest that his lame speech is brave? He reminds me of the “educational video” that was recently offered by some country to its women, advising them HOW to fight off Merkel’s Muslims: first there was the method of of Cologne Mayor’s “hold them at arm’s lenght”, followed by a mild swinging of the handbag, followed by a harder swinging of the hand bag………..come to think of it….wasn’t THAT grotesk video issued in Finland?

    Firstly, those “internationally binding refugee conventions” were issued by the most corrupt and nasty body yet, the UN ! Start from scratch – send the UN to Teheran and build a decent, half-way honest United Nations, a little in the sense it was intended originally.

    Hound all the pigs at the through (apologies to real little porkers) out of Bruxelles, let them fend for themselves.

    Let every European country take control of their own borders again.

    Oh…..and about that “educational video” ….. I dont even have a handbag, I usually carry my stuff in a back pack….so, what do I DO ???

    • The UN has gone the way of all attempts at world government it has been taken over by a group of nations that want to impose their values on everyone. Although a more accurate statement would be that it has been taken over by two groups wanting to impose their values on everyone. Thanks to the nuclear bomb the breathing space between wars has been unsually long and allowed the left to seize more power then is the historical norm in the lead up to a World War. WWII killed off the League of Nations although the World Court it started is still hanging on to what is hopefully a limited life. Hopefully when WWIII destroys the US the world court will follow it into oblivion.

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