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6 Replies to “German establishment figure does the math on immigration figures”

  1. A large majority of Germans think the federal government’s refugee policy isn’t working, polling released on Wednesday showed – with harsh consequences for Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    At 81 percent, the number of survey respondents telling ARD’s Deutschlandtrend poll they didn’t think the government had the situation under control was an overwhelming majority.


  2. The left has been working on the destruction of the west for a long time, after the fall of the USSR they shifted to bringing in Moslems to destroy our nations. It is still unclear how they expect to regain control of the world after we are destroyed but their actions say the destruction is part of a planned program.

    • Richard, you write “Moslems” as I’ve seen on the Strategy Pages. How come you use that term instead of “Muslims”, which is how they describe themselves?

      I prefer Mohammedans or Tards because I'm an Islamophobic racist.

      • 1) Moslems is a legitimate word meaning a follower of Islam, 2) English is my mother tongue, how dare a bunch of foreign immigrants tell me what English word to use for anything!!

        Besides it irritates some of them so that is good also.

  3. The facts stated in the video is why so many people say the demographic growth is against the Europeans and their decedents. The problem is that the conclusions reached depend on either a steady state of the current immigration and lack of resistance in the west. I get suspicious when anyone predicts a steady state of anything, especially political trends.

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