Stunning recent video of imam in Canada comparing Prime Minister Trudeau to a famous islamic historical person.

Here is a link to the person with whom the imam compares the Canadian PM. A little research might give us a clearer idea. But its pretty clear that the comparison is great for islamic supremacy and very bad for Canadian liberalism.

Link to the whole sermon is here which was uploaded Dec 19 2015

Youtube channel is YouTube/ shaban sherifmady

Thank you very much for the translation CIJ News

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9 Replies to “Stunning recent video of imam in Canada comparing Prime Minister Trudeau to a famous islamic historical person.”

  1. When the good Imam lumps young Trudeau together with Turkish President Princip Erdogan, he is associating him with one of the most powerful advocates of militant Islamic supremacy there is. And this “Najashi” the Imam compares Trudeau to was so friendly to Islam that he converted himself after falling in love with the beautiful words of the Holy Quran. Does the Imam know something we don’t know?

    Get a load of this arrogant scallywag rubbing his hands together in his little pajama costume as he gloats over how easily they are winning and how oblivious and in his pocket our Prime Minister is. For people who have never achieved anything, they certainly seem confident that they are the only ones with a brain, don’t they? Wasn’t he just jumping up and down with glee at how cleverly they were tricking us and how wonderfully creative he was for calling him “The Najashi of our time”. So clever…

    *Note to angry feminist lesbians at the CBC: If these people who you are so keen to promote ever get into power they will round you and your friends up and hang you, or push you off of a high building. Stop for a moment and really think about that the next time you go to suppress a story that puts Islam in a bad light or proves a Republican right about something. That guy in the video is exactly the same as a Nazi agent addressing a roomful of fifth columnists during World War II. Surely you can see that…

    • They cannot see it, they will never see it but they do see islam as the natural ally of people who use what I have begun to think of as paint and destroy instead of reason. They laser paint the word, ‘conservative’ or ‘far right wing extremist’ with no actual reason to do so on a target and then they send in the missiles.

      The CBC has a war on reason and islam is a natural ally for that. The fact that the left are islam’s useful idiots means nothing till its too late.

      • Yeah… Like maybe it’s simply a desire to be contrary and angry and has nothing whatsoever to do with actual events or any sincere desire to see anything good happen. Some people are just so angry with their fathers for whatever reason that they simply live to thwart and frustrate authority-figure men. It’s never about the issues, it’s always about making Dad turn all red and blow his top. Pure arrested development juvenile bullshit in other words. Doesn’t Bill Ayers just have “Fuck you, old man!”, written all over his face? Isn’t that what Bill is and always has been?

        But just imagine what it would be like to be held upside down with your hands tied behind your back and hung over the edge of a 5-story building by cruel men who hate you absolutely and only laugh louder as you beg for mercy. Imagine them laughing their heads off and pretending to let go and calling you “faggot”, and laughing some more, and describing what it’s going to be like when your head hits the concrete. Then they drop you. For real. This is really what Muslims do to gay guys. This is what they would do to Siegfried and Roy and Anderson Cooper and Svend Robinson. If I was gay I might talk Trudeau to satisfy my social circle, then secretly go and vote for whomever I thought would protect me from the building-droppers and the head-choppers… Yup, that’s what I would do… Same thing if I was Jewish…or Yazidi…or a woman…or an Amadi…or Bahai…or a dog…or a gecco…


          Hadiths – Sahih Muslim

          Volume: The Book on Salutations and Greetings

          5560. – Umm Sharik reported that Allah’s Messenger commanded her to kill geckos. This hadith has been transmitted on the authority of Ibn Abi Shaiba with a slight variation of wording.

          5561. – Umm Sharik reported that she consulted Allah’s Apostle in regard to killing of geckos, and he commanded to kill them and Umm Sharik is one of the women of Bani ‘Amir b. Luwayy. This hadith has been reported through another chain of transmitters with the same meaning.

          5562. – Amir b. Sa’d reported on the authority of his father that Allah’s Apostle commanded the killing of geckos, and he called them little noxious creatures.

          5563. – Aisha reported that Allah’s Messenger said about the gecko as a noxious creature”. Harmala made this addition that she said: I did not hear that he had commanded to kill them.

          5564. – Abu Huraira reported Allah’s Messengeras saying: He who killed a gecko with the first stroke for him is such and such a reward, and he who killed it with a second stroke for him is such and such reward less than the first one, and he who killed it with the third stroke for him is such and such a reward less than the second one.

          the "rewards" are the "bonus points" Muslims accumulate to get a free pass to the paradise

          Thawab = Hassanate = reward

  2. This video shows what the Moslems think of our governments, they are actively aiding the Islamic conquest and the Moslems love them for this reason.

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