Corsicans speak their minds on the islamic attack on emergency services

I am going to try and put together a comprehensive post on the events in Corsica as I feel they are very significant in several ways and at a few levels.

But as data comes in, it may as well get posted for those who are following events and can add it to a timeline. This is a day or so old but I like it as it speaks to the public’s reasons for the attack on the illegal mosque and the attempt to create no-go zones in Corsica

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  1. At what point is the average, “”””””moderate”””””” Muslim going to come to the realization that they, by their own evil actions, are bringing on a wave of pure hatred that will burn white hot and last a hundred years? They can hide behind all the leftist human rights councils they want, but it won’t make any difference when the mobs start coming bearing baseball bats and tire irons and ropes and gasoline. If they don’t stop this bullshit they are going to get themselves eradicated when the hatred reaches critical mass and the violence becomes universal. No one will be able to protect them when the grandmothers and the children and even the pacifists are marching toward them in a murderous rage. (See “Central African Republic”.)

    • This may be what the left wants, the ordinary people use riots to destroy the Islamic invaders and they the left uses their actions to take over in the name of public safety. The big problem with this is that ones the mob actions start I think the leftists politicians and political activists will be on the mobs list.

      • I think that George Soros and Maurice Strong and Barack Obama probably think exactly along those lines, but I know enough leftists and they most definitely are not. The average leftist lives in a world of ignorance and fantasy in which the big white-owned corporations have 100 percent of the power and the brave Democrats are a ragtag band of romantic heroes just crazy enough to want to save the planet and make the world a better place for children and animals. But most importantly, they think that even when they are wrong, they are right, because deep down, underneath everything, they are the good guys and the end always justifies the means.

        As far as what they “think”, it is nothing but a joke. If you ask the average leftist about world events they will stare at you blankly because they don’t know what you’re talking about. They think Karl Rove made it all up. Leftists only learn clever put-downs and the opinions of others, never simple facts…

    • RT – Corsica protests: Two arrested after alleged attacks on police, firemen

      Two men have been arrested in Corsica after allegedly attacking two firemen and a policeman on Christmas Eve. Three days of violent anti-immigrant protests followed the assault, with demonstrators blaming local Arab residents.

  2. just listened to you on IAW with tim & kell.
    your info/ideas on corsica were brilliant. it is absolutely
    a big treat for all of us when you get on the horn & let loose what has been ruminating in your mind.
    you are a pleasure to listen to. so i’m just letting you
    know in case your 250 hr work weeks are dullin’ you
    down. happy new year

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