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5 Replies to “Muslims honour the unbeliever in the usual way in their prayers”

    • That’s the best darn thing you’ve ever said…

      I would suggest a nice concrete internment camp on Baffin Island – no Qurans, no prayer mats, no Halal food, no Immamas, just cold, cold, and more cold… Brrrrr…

    • Let’s examine further what these Muslims are actually asking for.

      They are traumatized by their ‘religion’ and certainly not equiped to live in civilized societies. They are full of pent up anxious energy. They have been force-fed halal and haram absurdities from the 14th century and are programmed to avoid a kicking.

      “All animals have three natural responses to danger: fight, flight, or avoidance. They will either attack, run away, or try to hide from that danger. Fearful, anxious, or insecure dogs will not naturally fight. They will run or hide. However, if either of these things does not remove them from danger, then they can lash out aggressively.”

      When a Church of England softie or Western Socialist approach with their ‘negative energy’ it forces Muslims to become aggressive and take the leadership as the protectors of humanity.

      It is therefore to give back to the Muslim the ability to focus and behave in a civilized manner in public discourse; and likewise to teach those immersed in the distracted intrigues of sex, and those roll-over quislings for communism for a quiet life, in how to become free from the stress of anxiety too. To deal with these pressure-mongers with the deceptions of the stock market of carbon-tax, Allah’s Will and outrages to offences never felt by the lowest beasts of offence to all.

      This is the Gospel of Jesus, and not the Gospel of St Paul.

      Blessed are the Dog Whispers, for they will be called children of God.

  1. All of Islam is a curse up the global society, the left has blocked the teaching of the facts of Islam for decades and thus set us up for a new Islamic conquest, the actions in Europe show that people are learning the facts and are understanding how they have been betrayed. This understanding is showing in their riots, purchases of firearms for self defense and the burning of refugee centers. The leftist controlled governments have refused to address the very real fears of the people and are instead accusing them of various types of phobia, these actions are simply moving the nations of the world towards revolution. This may be what the left wants thinking they can maintain control of the military and police and thus crush the revolution and then destroy the revolutionaries. From what little the LSM in Europe is showing the police seem to be supporting the people which means the military probably supports the people.

    Events are building to a major war that history will says started when Jimmy Carter did nothing about the seizure of the US embassy by the Iranians. This way will probable end with Europe being free from the Moslems but several of the European nations will have split apart but civilization will more then likely be destroyed and the rule of law will be greatly diminished around the world.

    Chris you are right about the hatred lasting a hundred years, if anything your estimate of the time is too short, I think the fighting will last a hundred years and the hatred much longer.

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