Hungary’s Viktor Orban: Islam Is ‘Rulebook Of Another World’

From Breitbart: 

(Having leaders who understand the problem is rare. Having one willing to discuss it and confront it is unique)

Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban has defended his tough stance against Middle East immigrants by saying that Islam, the religion of the overwhelming number of people now entering Europe, is the “rulebook of another world” that has “never been part of Europe”.

In an interview extract published today in Germany’s Focus news weekly, Mr Orban spoke about the record migrant influx flooding Europe, offering that “the language of the European elite is ideological and dogmatic”.

“Islam has never been part of Europe, it came to us,” Orban told Focus in a story to be published in full Saturday. Mr Orban said that Germany’s Turkish migrants, who arrived in their tens of thousands from the 1960s for work, now “belong to German history and therefore Europe’s too”.

“But spiritually, Islam was never part of Europe. It’s the rulebook of another world,” he said. Mr Orban also attacked France and Germany for refusing to countenance “any doubts” over a multicultural society. “We in Hungary decide what we want or don’t want. We don’t want that,” he said.

(The only thing I feel that needs adding to Mr. Orban’s stunningly factual speech, is that Islam was in fact the riving religious doctrine, and motivating factor for the people who consistently attacked Europe, enslaved its people, took tribute of its children for child soldiers with which to attack their own people later on, and raided entire national treasuries, not to mention women and boys for sex slaves. So in that way, it is a part of Europe’s history)

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2 Replies to “Hungary’s Viktor Orban: Islam Is ‘Rulebook Of Another World’”

  1. Orban reminds me of some really old parent or relative who says the most savagely honest and politically incorrect things that you know only they can get away with because they’re so old they’ll be written off as out of touch or senile. Since Orban cannot be excused by the Euro elite for such reasons he must at very least have his character assassinated. Google Hungarian News and count the stories driven by Narrative propaganda. They try and try and try until they succeed. And they have. The left has won so many victories in recent history. Everyone seems to be a socialist. (I know they aren’t but sometimes it seems this way.) They have already forgotten socialism’s epic failure with the fall of the Iron Curtain. This should have been enough to put it out of its misery once and for all and yet it thrives. I suppose as long as there are Givers (those who produce) there will be takers (economic parasites).

    The Leftist Narrative will simply not quit until it dislodges whatever enters it’s craw. I mean hey, being a parasite may not be cool, but it’s a livin’, right? Read now of “Ghosts of Hungary’s Antisemitic Past”…or “Hungary’s Shift to the Right”…Or how the EU just failed in a vote to suspend some form of funding to Hungary. All this for the meager attempt at self preservation.

    MSM will not utter the words “Hungarian government” without adding the words “Right Wing” before them. Sort of like a Chinese water torture of editorial brainwashing, I guess.

    I just hope that they stop at character assassination.

    • The left considers its self better then the rest of us and is ignoring what we want they are pushing the world into massive civil wars and then invasions to rescue the nations whose civil war doesn’t bring in some rational leaders.

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