Post modernism in America moves from normal to surreal and more: Links 1 on Oct. 16 – 2015

1. Iraqi Ayatollah: ‘Abducting Women’ and ‘Destroying Churches’ Is ‘Real Islam’

Raymond Ibrahim is a Shillman Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

During a recent televised interview with Grand Ayatollah Ahmad al-Baghdadi, the leading Shia cleric of Iraq made clear why Islam and the rest of the world can never peacefully coexist.

First he spent some time discussing “defensive jihad,” saying that all capable Muslims are obligated to fight for the “liberation” of “occupied” territory, for instance, Israel (see here for a list of European countries also deemed “occupied” in the eyes of Islam).

He then explained “offensive jihad,” Islam’s primary bloodline, which forged what we now call the “Muslim world” over the centuries.

2. Kerry blamed latest violence on Israeli ‘settlement’ growth

Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) is calling on Secretary of State John Kerry to resign over recent comments by senior Obama administration officials accusing Israel of committing “terrorism” amid a spate of violent attacks by Palestinians against Jews.

Palestinian terrorists have murdered at least eight Israelis and wounded dozens more over the last few weeks, with Palestinian leaders calling on citizens to commit more violence.

However, the State Department has attempted to blame Israel for fostering these attacks. Kerry blamed so-called Israeli “settlement” growth for the violence, while State Department spokesman John Kirby accused Israel of committing “terrorism.”

3. US spy chiefs hunt the new Snowden: Whistleblower leaks top secret drone assassination program that reveals how 90% of people killed in one 5-month spree WEREN’T targeted

(This gives a pretty decent idea of what Obama really thinks and wants to accomplish)

CIA and Pentagon bosses are investigating after the publication of ‘The Drone Papers’ which includes Top Secret slides on how President Obama authorizes a kill.

The disclosure raises the prospect of a second Snowden-like figure, especially as the leak was published by the same journalists who worked with him before.

But unlike Snowden the single, anonymous source has already spoken out and expresses intense moral outrage over the drone strikes on

Scroll down for video 

High-classified: CIA and Pentagon bosses are investigating after the publication of ‘The Drone Papers’, a cache of classified documents obtained by the same team of journalists who worked with Edward Snowden. Seen above is one of dozens of slides published by The Intercept 

During one five-month stretch of the operation, a staggering 90 per cent of those killed were not the intended target.

Despite this all the deaths were labelled EKIA, or ‘enemy killed in action’.

The source told The Intercept that anyone caught near the strike was ‘guilty by association’ and that there was ‘no guarantee that those persons deserved their fate’.

The papers also reveal that President Obama is given ‘baseball cards’ which have a suspect’s portrait and the key allegations against them on them to help him make up his mind.

The President takes on average 58 days to sign off on a kill and from there the US military has 60 days to carry it out.

(ANSAmed) – GAZA, OCTOBER 15 – Hamas invoked a ‘Day of rage’ in the West Bank and East Jerusalem at the end of Friday prayer, Hamas media in Gaza reported.

In particular, Hamas called on the masses to confront the Israeli army “to punish it for its crimes”.

Hamas also turned to other Palestinian forces to join in the fight.

(If the muslims do their jihad tomorrow as advertised, many of them may end up in holy suits)

Restrictions on gun permits are being eased, especially for former security officials, as a measure meant to help counter the wave of terror attacks, Israeli officials said.

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“In light of the security situation, I have decided to make it easier to obtain a gun permit,” Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said Tuesday.

“In recent weeks, many citizens helped the Israel Police neutralize terrorists carrying out attacks. Citizens trained in the use of firearms are a force multiplier in the struggle against terror,” he added.

6. A few years ago, an Israeli TV station sent a crew to Europe to document the fall of the continent to Islamic forces. An Arab Jew managed to mix in with the islamic community in a number of countries and show how Europe was changing because of it. We titled it in English and posted it bad then, but Green Infidel has now translated the first part into Polish. Anyone knowing people in the Polish community, please send them the ink, especially if they are in Poland as they have elections coming up very soon and really need to see this.

7. Here is the Montreal radio program on the now, all-hallal daycare

(Some kind of tranquilizer is recommended before you listen to that clip)

8. Two Terror Suspects Charged Over Sydney Police Shooting

Two men accused of supplying the revolver used to kill a police accountant outside a Sydney police building two weeks ago were formally charged on Friday with terrorism-related offenses.

High school student Farhad Jabar, 15, was shot dead by police soon after he opened fired on Curtis Cheng as the 58-year-old civilian employee walked from the state police headquarters in Parramatta in western Sydney on Oct. 2.

Talal Alameddine, 22, did not appear in the Parramatta Local Court on Friday when he was charged with providing the .38 Smith & Wesson used to slay Cheng.

Police allege Alameddine passed the gun less than three hours before the shooting to accomplice Raban Alou, 18, who then gave it to Jabar during a meeting at the Parramatta mosque, in the women’s section where there is no CCTV camera.

9. Uganda: Christian defeats Muslims in debates, Muslims murder him

NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – Islamists upset by a Christian-Muslim debate are suspected in the killing of a long-time evangelist in eastern Uganda who led many Muslims to Christ, sources said.

The mutilated body of Samson Nfunyeku was found close to his home in Kalampete village, Kibuku District early on Sept. 23, after the latest in a series of organized debates with Islamic scholars at Tirinyi Trading Center ended prematurely due to flaring tempers the previous night. He was 59.

At a previous debate, also sponsored by Nfunyeku’s Church of Uganda and other churches, Muslim leaders had threatened him and warned him to hold no more debates, a source said.

“Four months ago Samson and others had a very hot debate at Tirinyi Trading Center with the Muslim scholars that ended on a bad note, and they gave warning that such debates were not good for the Muslims,” said one of the participants, a former sheikh (Islamic teacher) who became a Christian.

10. Marvel’s new super hero, Captain Commie, who assist crime and fights patriots with a hammer and sickle

Thank you M., ML., Yucki, Oz-Rita, Richard, Wrath of Khan, Nash Montana and all. More to come.

Here is a link to that amazing clip from E1Se5 of Homeland. This is a must watch.

And here is a Facebook post by muslims who feel the show is wrong to show muslim terrorists exactly as they are.

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  1. #2
    When John Kerry resigns he will have the pleasure of looking back at a lifetime spent shooting goals into his own team’s net. Ah, to be a billionaire socialist…

  2. Homeland episode…

    Wow! They actually know what’s going on and aren’t afraid to say it. I don’t think I’ve seen that coming from Hollywood – since the Adolf Hitler Bugs Bunny cartoons. I stopped watching “Homeland” but I’m going to start watching again now. Bloody amazing!!

  3. 7. The Tommy Meshuggeneh Show

    Making all children eat halal because muslim children don’t want to eat off the vegetarian menu.

    “What now becomes abundantly clear for halal purposes is that:”
    “1. An animal should not be dead prior to slaughter
    2. A Muslim should perform slaughter
    3. Any flowing blood of the carcass should be completely drained
    4. Choice of modern and in vogue method has to be considered with caution and, it should be in line with Islamic principles”

    This means everyone eating under these rules – must pay Islam.

    The whole country eating halal… and you bring a pork sandwich…

    May these liberal be served up as the recipe in the Koran.

    • If the Tard said “allaha-blah-blah” over it, it’s not kosher either.
      I’m so grateful my family went vegetarian early. Makes life sooooo much easier.

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