The moral inversion of the left and Islam becomes more open, even triumphalist and strident: Links 2 on Oct 16 – 2015

1. Christians living in Sweden have been told to ‘convert or die’ in chilling messages across Gothenburg – a hotbed of ISIS recruitment

(Anyone see this reported on the CBC? Anyone?)

Christians living in Sweden have been warned to ‘convert to Islam or die’ in a string of threatening messages linked to the Islamic State.

Members of the Assyrian community are understood to have been targeted with sinister graffiti daubed on restaurants and businesses in Gothenburg – a hotbed for jihadist recruitment.

The messages bear all the hallmarks of the chilling psychological warfare employed by ISIS in the Middle East, but as yet Swedish police have been unable to track down those responsible.

Markus Samuelsson, one of 3,000 Assyrian Christians living in Gothenburg, said he found the walls of his restaurant covered with the messages ‘convert or die’ and ‘the caliphate is here’. […] The warnings were also accompanied with the Arabic letter ? – a symbol which has been used ISIS in the Middle East to donate Christians.

2. How to stab people on a bus. An anti-safety video made by the Palestinian Authority.

(I wonder what the percentage of overlap of Western leftists who support this also believe in gun confiscation for the rest of us)

3. Shocking moment ISIS fighters training six-year-old jihadi shoot at him with AK47 while he crawls under barbed wire

(There won’t be enough social workers in the world…)

4. Planned UMI station hit by arson in Germany

(They really ought’a stop selecting buildings that close to gas stations)

5. Someone firing a gun into a crowd in a Shiia mosque in Saudi Arabia.

(You rarely hear about that sort of thing in a Buddhist temple. Unless of course it was muslims attacking. Then you hear about that quite a bit)

6. John Bolton on the next election and national security

7. Animal ‘rights’ activist take a puppy from a homeless guy by force

(Animal ‘rights’ activists seem to have forgotten that we are also animals. Funny given that they are usually scornful and often contemptuous of religious people who they say do not recognize that)

8. Black women in the UK are about to find out what their politically correct poker hand is worth now, as one is filmed flipping out at a muslim on a bus. Of course, we don’t know what happened before the video started being captured, but we do know what happens to white peole that are insufficiently deferential to muslims and their peccadilloes on public transport. It often includes a stay at Club Fed. And sometimes means the removal of your children for incorrect thinking. Germany is stating that now as well. While the hand ranking changes without notice, at last check being a religious muslim who hates the west is still pretty much a Royal Flush. Sometimes even onto the food they serve us.

9. FBI Director: Islamic State Recruiting ’24 Hours a Day’ in All 50 States

(Anyone surprised? Is it even worth a Gomer Pyle?)

10. India BJP leader says Muslims should stop eating beef

(So the muslims will get all pork banned, the Hindus want to ban beef, all we need now is a religion that says Chicken is sacred and fish are unclean and the whole problem will sort itself out in a couple of weeks)

A senior leader of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has said that Muslims living in the country should give up consuming beef.

Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister of Haryana state, said the cow “is an article of faith” in India.

Most states ban the slaughter of cows, which is considered a sacred animal by India’s majority Hindu community.

The beef ban has provoked outrage, with many questioning the government’s right to decide what is on their plate.

(Pretty ironic given that muslims everywhere are working three shifts to get pro banned altogether, not just for their fellow travelers. Suddenly they think other religions shouldn’t get to pick what is on their plates. Sauce, goose, gander? Or are we still allowed to eat geese?)
Thank you Buck, Nash Montana, ML., M., Richard, Gates of Vienna, Wrath of Khan and many more and much much more to come.

It occurs to me that those giant dress up nerd festivals that take place from time to time in various cities across the world should now consider changing their name in honour of the new Marvel comic. They should now be called, ‘Commie Con’

Also listening to last night’s edition of Mark Levin, they mentioned three things about California that might make one suspect the left is a touch misanthropic.

  1. They passed a bill to allow doctors to kill people
  2. the same governor vetoed a bill that would allow terminally ill patients to access experimental treatments and mediations that might extend their lives or improve the quality of the life they have left. So right to die yes, right to try, absolutely no.
  3. The same governor of California passed a law saying you cannot fly drones over the homes of Hollywood stars, meaning that public figured enjoy more right to privacy than regular people not less, when in fact being a public figure is a choice and you are understood to have sacrificed certain privacy rights for being in a career that brings you to the public stage. Why do this? Because as long as Hollywood stars are happy one might imagine, they will continue to carry water for the culturally Marxist narrative, which of course they will not once it applies to them. Which is why it never will. No affirmative action in pro sports, No sirree.

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10 Replies to “The moral inversion of the left and Islam becomes more open, even triumphalist and strident: Links 2 on Oct 16 – 2015”

  1. 8. It is a clash of Cultures.

    The White Females created the Welfare State as a backlash to men heading the home. Any business who paid a father more than single woman because he was dependable and will not get pregnant, is penalized for understanding the free market of labor.

    Affirmative Action shackled innovation and enterprise when forced to create the utopia of Diversity in the workplace.

    Black Women therefore flooded Socialist countries from their own because they don’t have Black Men staying at home. “72% of Black children are now born to single mothers”. Again, it’s not their fault:

    But now Islam has now emigrated and followed this well-trodden path to State Housing and Handouts.

    One man, four wives. Out-breeding the breeders. She knows exactly the game being played – and not one White Person left on the bus she could stab for creating this.

    I understand her reality.

  2. 7.

    “Homeless people have told me on more than one occasion that their animal companion is their best friend and oxygen without whom life wouldn’t be worth living. For many their animal friend is their only family. Last year while I was eating lunch in my hometown of Boulder (Colorado) I started talking with a homeless man named Joe and he told me that when he lost his job and became homeless he sold many of his very few possessions so that he could keep his dog, Clive, without whom Joe wouldn’t be able to or want to live. I’ve heard similar stories in cities around the world.”

    White Feminists get everywhere. They are the bitch to Allah’s bastards.

  3. The Black woman is indeed rude. However, most if not all Blacks, unless they converted to Islam, have a strong allegiance to the UK. They will fight for the UK. The same could not be said for Muslims.

  4. #7. these French collaborators were probably “just following orders” – we know that muslims hate dogs. My heart goes out to the homeless man…:(

    #8. I note that muslim females are always either pregnant or pushing a pram.
    And a question: is this a bus in the UK?

    • Rita, the announcement on the bus was it was the 206 to Brent Park Superstores. North West London, somewhere in the UK.

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