Hamburgs Capacity for Refugee Housing is Exhausted

An original translation by Nash Montana

From De Welt

The city can’t take in any more refugees at the time, 500 have to sleep under the open sky. The citizenry decided to confiscate empty properties.

“In Hamburg-Bergedorf, refugees were sleeping on the street to protest conditions, whereas in Hambur-Harburg refugees are sleeping on the street because they have no other choice.”

Hamburg can at this time not take in any more refugees. For the first time since the beginning of the refugee crisis, they have exhausted their capacities, says Bjorn Domroese, the office manager of the Senator of the Interior Michael Neumann (SPD), on Wednesday.

500 people couldn’t be accommodated last tuesday. So they had to spend the night in front of the registration center at Harburger Poststrasse, in open air. And on Wednesday there still was not enough room for new refugees. “At this point in time we do not see an easing on this situation”, Domroese adds. The Hamburger Abendblatt also reported on this:

We are doing everything we can to create new accommodations. Domroese tells the newspaper, “It could be as early as tomorrow everything will be better.” On Tuesday they registered 600 refugees, but only 100 could be housed at the registration center in containers and tents.

Thursday night bore similar concerns to the municipal office of the interior. Employees were asked to bring in sleeping bags and serve hot drinks. At the beginning of the week, there were between 400 and 500 new refugees arriving daily in the city, and at the moment there are about 30,000 registered refugees in Hamburg.

Using Properties Even Against the Will of the Owners?

The Hamburg citizenry made a first step towards the confiscation of empty properties and use them for the refugees. In a first session the parliament decided on Wednesday with a majority on the “Law for the security of refugee accommodations in camps”.

The final send off of the new bill happened on Thursday, because the CDU, AfD and FDP had impeded a second session in the Parliament. The final voting resulted in 81 yay and 37 nay. It is therefore the will of the SPD, the Green Party and the Left, that Hamburg has the green light to confiscate properties even against the will of the owners of said properties. This is to prevent that refugees have to live in tents during winter. The FDP has said they will take legal action against this decision.

The Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann (CSU) states that throughout Germany, there were more than 270,000 refugees coming into the country just alone in the month of September 2015 – widely surpassing the amount of refugees of the entire year of 2014.


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  1. Europe is overwhelmed and these refugees/economic migrants will be a permanent part of the European population. All the problems Europe had with the Muslim population already in Europe for the last few decades will only exacerbate, as they never solved them with the Muslims that grew up there their whole lives, and now they have immigrants from more regressive cultures. Old Europe is gone. New Euro-Arabia is here forever more.

    • You are assuming that the ordinary Europeans will do nothing, we can expect massive fighting in Europe by next summer with the violence spreading to all nations on earth. History says that when threatened by invaders and betrayed by their governments the ordinary people revolt, this is what is going to happen.

  2. I suspect Europe will be Judenrein soon with the influx of millions of anti-Semitic Muslims. France is already see its Jews flee to Israel in increasing numbers. Israel will face even more hostility from European nations as they become more Islamic. It will be alone in a sea of hostile Islamic Middle East and hostile Islamized Europe.

    • Judenrein and Deutschrein. Which is their goal. It’s to create a “New Europe” that is flipped, indigenous people out, brown and black in. The new “europeans” will have no ties to the old Europe, neither emotionally nor physically nor traditionally or culturally or spiritually. They are the new europeans. They will become the ‘New Species’ of ‘New Europe’.

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