Geopolitics, Islam, college attack, governments now about peaceful hand over of property to muslims: Links 2 on Oct. 1 – 2015

1: Russia attacks and destroys four Islamic State targets overnight.

2. As if by clockwork, the Obama administration sends out its press conductor to gesticulate to them that Russia will have no more success against them than Obama did in Iraq. However he fails to mention that the Russians do not have this policy in effect.

3. Slain Police Dog Honored by Hundreds at Memorial Service

Hundreds of people gathered Tuesday for a public memorial service honoring a Vancouver Police K9 who was stabbed in the line of duty and later died.

4. Here is a video in German that essentially is about the same thing as the article translated by Nash linked here about the confiscation of private property by muslim invaders.

5. Israeli PM Netanyahu gives 45 min speech at UN. CNN posts this 2 minutes

(Will post it all when I can find it)

6. Trump on tards

7. Uyghur Families Colonize Syrian Village

MEMRI TV – Uyghur Families Colonize Syrian Village
Mayadeen TV recently reported on Uyghurs fighting alongside ISIS and Jabhat Al-Nusra</strong> in Syria. A Syrian village was being transformed into “a settlement for hundreds of Uyghur Turkistani families who are fleeing China,” according to the TV report, which aired on September 3, 2015. The report also said that hundreds of Uyghur children were learning how to fight in ISIS schools and training camps.

8. There is currently a mass shooting at a US college. no real information is being released other than estimates of casualties.

From the CFRA 24-Hour News Centre:

There are reports of a mass shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon.

Multiple US news outlets are reporting at least 15 people have been killed.

If anything is said about it, we shall post it.

Thank you M., CB Sashenka, Wrath of Khan, Nash Montana, Kathy, Tundra T., and many more and much more to come.

If I were to ask 10 random people to define an invasion and then ask them what significant difference is there is between their definition and millions of hostile aliens coming to your country and your stuff being taken from you and given to them, I think you might get a couple of decent punch lines and a lot of weird looks but no meaningful answers.

Our governments are becoming viceroys for the enemy. For Islam. Some appear to be there already. Sweden and Germany as just two examples.

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6 Replies to “Geopolitics, Islam, college attack, governments now about peaceful hand over of property to muslims: Links 2 on Oct. 1 – 2015”

  1. 1 Most people don’t remember that President Bush had that region pretty much quiet and then Obama pulled all of our troops out letting the radicals take over, his legacy is the deaths of millions of people and possibly the death of civilization itself.

  2. RE; # 2 , I beg to differ the Russians will be more successful, they will not be hampered by Politically Correct ‘rules of engagement’, they will be most brutal.

    • China is making a move to become a major player on the worlds stage but are hampered by their failing economic system. After the coming crash they may change political and economic systems then they will start moving into areas that are in play. Anyone running from China had better find a real strong nation to protect them.

  3. Obama is like a berserker machine set permanently on “destroy America!”. He has just succeeded in transferring the title of “the world’s policeman” from the USA to the goddamn Russians. How nice! What Putin is doing in Syria is called, “the right thing”, so, of course, Obama is against it. Now Vladimir is going to make Russia look so good and America look so bad – all with great dignity and restraint, you’ll see. Next, he’ll turn his attention to Boko Haram. “Help us Vladimir…” I can just hear it. If this was a baseball game it would be USA: 0 Russia:100. From now on, when people need a helping hand, they’ll always look to Mother Russia. Dandy!!!

    Just ask the Pakistani doctor who gave the Americans Osama bin Laden how he’s enjoying rotting in a Pakistani prison and how he feels about co-operating with the good old USA. Just ask the Kurds, who are the only people in the region with the guts to fight ISIS, how it feels to have the Yanks not send them the supplies they need while ISIS cuts off their bloody heads. Just ask the Yazidis how it is up on that mountain. Barack HUSSSEIN!!!!!!! Obama is intent on destroying the country he hates whether he gets caught and arrested or not. He’s going to do it. He’s doing it now! Hell, it’s a done deal already…

    Oh, and how about that thing where the Ukrainians give up their nuclear arsenal in exchange for a NATO agreement of protection. America’s good name is a thing of the past…

    • It is right in that it is working to stop ISIS, it isn’t right that Russia is creating a proxy nation in the middle east that will allow them a base to interfere in all of the nations in that region and will work to ensure that Russia always comes out the winner and that the people who aren’t allied with Russia always comes out the loser. Historically the Russian Empires (I say Empires because changing from Imperial Russia to Communist Russia simply changed the political leadership are to an estent created a newer and more brutal Russian Empire) have been very brutal to those who opposed them, and historically they have been extremely corrupt. I see no sign that Russia under Putin will change the way the Russian Empire is governed and how dissidents are treated. However we are stuck with the fact that when fight for survival you can;t pick you allies because they are pure, you pick them because they will fight your enemies. We are entering an era where that will become obvious to all and hopefully the facts will be taught in the schools longer then they were after the last war.

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