Stephen Coughlin in Ottawa: Part I

This is the first 11 minutes of his brief in Ottawa. It will take a lot of time to get the whole thing done and I think its important to get as much out there as I can, quickly, so I am going to publish it in sections, picking start point where the previous one ends and end points at whatever the logical end point is for the context of what is said. This means a section could be a few minutes or perhaps 25. But I will post as quickly as able. Tonight I may get part II done as well.

The thing is about this one, some things are put out there almost like throw away remarks but are of great importance. Sometimes you don’t get the full impact till the 3rd go around, or at least I didn’t. One example is where Maj. Coughlin mentions how some Somali diplomats are upset that the US has training camps for muslim terrorists who then go do damage in Somalia and which would warrant and receive a US launched drone event if those camps where in the Maghreb or the Middle East.

In any case, here is the first part. Enjoy.

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