Carson-Trump 2016

I feel I need to add the following:

It is hard to tell sometimes if CNN is being obtuse, belligerent or stupid. The answer of course is none of the above. They are preserving a narrative by being manipulative and using Alinsky rhetorical tactics, whether they know it or not, to do so. Just one example from this interview among a dozen are when the white male cultural-Marxist at CNN says “…just because of the way way they pray to god…”. This is like saying you do not want a Nazi as president just because of the colour of the uniform. It has nothing to with with how they pray, it has to do with their ambitions, desires and efforts as Islam demands. There are are so many rhetorical tricks to this interview that it would take an essay to even partially expose them all. But I think the point is made here for the moment. Essay likely to come.


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  1. There wasn’t anywhere near this kind of outrage when Bush said that atheists cannot be American patriots and should nor even be considered Americans, much less become the President! Many US states still have laws prohibiting atheists from holding public office…

    • No CNN should not be banned. But media should be supported which are not part of the Marxist narrative. Sadly the only non-leftist media is FOX and they are inseparable from the Saudis. So they do not really qualify as a look-out-the-window level of reality either.

      And muslims are people. They are infected with an ideology like Germans were with Nazism and Russians were with communism. But a muslims who realizes the doctrine is problematic and comes around to cooperative values are not a problem and usually an asset. It is really difficult at times not to fall into that kind of thinking. But I would prefer it Poul, if we on this site can hold it together to remember that the problem is islam and the effect it has on the people who buy into it.

  2. Great analysis on the Armstrong Williams interview, about ‘preserving a narrative.” Also the part about comparing “the way they pray to a god” to the color of Nazi uniforms.

    It really helps that you break it down like that.

    We hear these inane phrases thrown around by the media every day. We know they’re are absurd. But they often fly by so quickly, in such numbers, that it is difficult to actually go through them one by one.

    Again, thanks.

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