Refugees canot sleep for fear of Islamic State members among them

At the Reception Center in Giessen lives a young Syrian Christian man by the name of Bashar Baroma. He is afraid and he can’t sleep at night anymore. He worries that there are supporters of the Islamic State (IS) amongst the many refugees in camp.

He reports that they repeat loudly certain verses of the Koran, which awaken terrible memories in his mind. They are verses and words that IS fighters chant, before they cut the heads off their victims.

“I can’t remain here, with the IS and everything, I am a Christian and I am afraid.”

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2 Replies to “ Refugees canot sleep for fear of Islamic State members among them”

  1. Putting Christian refugees among the “Moslem refugees” is being accessory to murder, but the idiots in the EU don’t care, they fear Christianity more then they fear Islam.

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