Even the BBC has to approach the truth on a tangent even in order to continue to detract from it: Links 1 on Sept. 21 – 2015

1: This article forgot to mention, ‘Muslims hate cartoons’

(I do agree with CAIR on one thing though:

The Chesapeake Public Schools Board’s silence on this issue will inevitably be viewed as acceptance and approval of anti-Muslim bigotry. We therefore formally request that the board take up this important issue at its next meeting. The board must send a message to students and parents of all faiths and backgrounds in the district and the state that they deserve equal respect and support.

I do think that muslims in the West deserve equal respect to what muslims give everyone else wherever in the world, whether it is Rotherham UK or Saudi Arabia, that they control a piece of real estate. I look forward to that day very much)

2. Hungary to Austria. Some perspective

“exact Location > “Deutschkreutz” Austria / they came from Kophaza in Hungary
great mass of migrants on the way, every day / thanks to Reinhard V. a Citizen there”

3. Radical alert at Jihadi John’s university after report finds its Islamic students’ society is dominated by hardline believers

The Islamic students’ society at Jihadi John’s former university is dominated by hardline, ultra-conservative believers who refuse to even speak to female Muslim staff, a report has found.

But, despite this, a series of complaints about the University of Westminster Islamic society – many from Muslims – were ignored or underplayed over fears of appearing Islamophobic.

University officials tacitly tolerated a ‘sometimes hostile or intimidatory’ attitude to women on the campus, a situation the report criticised as ‘totally unacceptable’.

Islamic society committee members would refuse to engage with female Muslim staff, the study concludes, obliging these to seek help from male colleagues to communicate with the group.

4. RT video of the PEGIDA event in Toronto where the police shut down a legal licensed protest because of the fascist actions of ‘Antifa’

(Notice the ‘Anti Fascist Action’ flag at around 21 seconds)

5. Blasts rock Nigerian city of Maiduguri

Three blasts have struck the north-eastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, the army says.

A spokesman blamed the Islamist militant group Boko Haram for the attack. The group was founded in Maiduguri.

Unconfirmed reports say as many as eight people may have died from the blasts.

Boko Haram attacks have spiked in recent months after it was driven from territory it held.

The blasts in Maiduguri reflected the “high level of desperation” in Boko Haram, spokesman Sani Usman said in a statement.

The group wants to establish Islamic rule in the north-east. Two million people have been forced from their homes since the militants launched their insurgency in 2009.

6. BBC Video on the business of rent-a-mob to kill people for blasphemy killings or whatnot. (Really watch this one)

(I can see why BBS did this. It makes the issue a crime and punishment issue and not an Islamic ideological one. This is of course nonsense. While I do not doubt the veracity of this report, even if they spin it a little, it is 100% spawned by islamic ideology and clerics would encourage it if it forces greater compliance to islamic law and kills a few unbelievers)

7. Croatia says wants Greece to stop sending migrants to rest of Europe

(Really?! Cause I would have thought they would all chant in unison: “Send more tards!”)

By Aleksandar Vasovic

OPATOVAC, Croatia (Reuters) – Croatia will demand that Greece stop moving migrants from the Middle East on to the rest of Europe, Interior Minister Ranko Ostojic said on Monday.

EU interior ministers are to meet on Tuesday in an attempt to find a solution to Europe’s biggest migrant crisis since World War Two, with almost half a million asylum seekers reaching its territory this year.

?”The flow of migrants from Greece must be stopped. I will seek that at tomorrow’s meeting of EU interior ministers,” Ostojic told reporters at the Opatovac camp where migrants are being housed near the eastern town of Tovarnik.

“It is absolutely unacceptable to have Greece emptying its refugee camps and sending people towards Croatia via Macedonia and Serbia,” Ostojic added.

Around 29,000 people, mostly from Syria, have arrived in Croatia from Serbia in the past week after trekking northwards through the Balkans from Greece en route to wealthier country in the west and north of the European Union. Croatia is a member of the EU but not part of its Schengen zone of borderless travel.

8. CBN interview with Robert Spencer and Elisabeth Wolf and more

(Here is a compilation video made from original interviews with Robert Spencer and many more giants on this same subject. The question of whether or not the Caliphate is truly islamic, which was made by this site shortly after the Caliphate was formed is well addressed)

9. Saudi Arabia to crucify a kid for criticizing the government

Human rights campaigners are calling on the European Union to step-in to prevent Ali Mohammed al-Nimr being executed by Saudi Arabian authorities.

Mr al-Nimr has been in a Saudi Arabian jail since he was arrested on Valentines’ Day in 2012 when he was just 17-years-old during a crackdown on anti-government protests in the Shi’ite province of Qatif.

Authorities accused him of taking part in illegal protests and firearms offences – despite no evidence being produced for the latter charge.

After numerous breaches of international standards following his and his family’s strong denial of the charges, a final appeal was held in secret and without Mr al-Nimr’s knowledge which was dismissed, giving him few legal options now to oppose the sentence originally handed down on May 27 last year.

Lawyers now fear Mr al-Nimr will be executed within days.

(Where Rome meets Islam I guess)

Thank you Richard, M., ML., Buck, Wrath of Khan,

Media here and there seem to be reporting with various spins on it about how Richard Dawkins tweeted feeling foolish because he changed his mind about the phony bomb clock-in-a-case kid. They refer to the’ legendary’ scientist etc. etc. It should be noted that what actually makes him a scientist is that he changed his views in the face of actual evidence even if. as he felt it did, it makes him appear foolish. This is the difference between the vast majority of people and, I tend to suspect even more so, the people on the left than the people on the center to center right/classical liberals.

Anyone with real intellectual prowess or understanding of the nature of science etc. should feel relatively little when changing a view on evidence. It is what science and reason are at the core. If anything, people should be delighted when a view they held has been falsified based on facts, evidence and testing. It means they are a step closer to the truth even if its just by virtue of knowing that a line of inquiry is not true.

Why he might want to feel foolish would be if he supported the kid and mocked those who arrested him or those who suspected him initially based on evidence because his politics made him want to lend his name to the issue. Then he should indeed have known better on multiple levels. But whatever else people wish to say about Richard Dawkins, they should read his book, ‘The Selfish Gene’, an exceptional piece of reasoning that would serve anyone well whether they believe the hypothesis or not. Like many exceptional people, Mr. Dawkins can be quite average when he steps outside of the field of his expertise. I doubt I would pay to hear Jimi Hendrix play the Saxophone for the first time or to watch Albert Einstein do Sumo. But within his field, Dawkins is a virtuoso.

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