Rape and forced prostitution common in muslim refugee camps in Germany

This is an open letter translated from German by Nash Montana

A coalition of women from various organizations concerned with women’s rights and matters, has written a letter to the Hessen legislative assembly.
They start the letter by saying that the increasing influx of refugees has been dramatically making things worse for women and young girls in Hessen’s refugee reception camp:
“Women and children are housed in mass tents that are not divided by gender. They have no divided sanitary installations, they have no possibility for privacy by locking doors because there aren’t any, and they have no possibility to retreat into safe spaces. These facts increase the lack of protection for women and children within the refugee camp.
This is a situation that plays into the hands of men who already view women and girls as subordinate and less worth, and they view especially women who travel alone as fair game.
The consequence of this attitude is multiple rapes and sexual attacks, and there are now also increasingly surfacing reports of forced prostitution.

It has to be stated here, loud and clear, that these are not single incidents!
Women tell of multiple incidents where they, and children as well, boys and girls, are sexually harassed, molested, attacked, and raped. Many women refuse to take off their daily street clothes when they go to bed. They are afraid to use bathrooms at night because they have to walk through camp and they get attacked and beaten and raped not just on their way to the bathroom, but men wait in bathroom stalls for women. Even during the day life has become treacherous and dangerous for the women and children.
Many women that have fled their countries didn’t just flee because of war or civil war. They fled because they were facing forced marriage or female genital mutilation. These women are exposed to extreme danger when they flee their home countries, especially when they travel alone or with children. Even the company of male relatives or acquaintances will not keep the women safe from violence. On the contrary, it often leads to extreme dependence and sexual exploitation.
Most of these women already have survived extremely traumatizing experiences in their home lands. They were victims of violence, they were exposed to abductions, torture, monetary blackmail and rape, sometimes for years before they were able to leave their homes.
The feeling to have ‘come home’, to be able to walk freely, without fear, without looking over their shoulder, is for many of these women the biggest gift of all.
But the present situations in these camps cause re-traumatization or new trauma. it just can’t and it shouldn’t be, that those that need our protection the most, women, children, have to be carrying this big burden of fear and pain.
This is why we are asking you, to please consider our demands immediately to provide these women with protective housing, meaning either apartments or houses, for women and children that are traveling alone. With regard to their cultural and religious needs, we ask you to add housing like this for these most needy refugees.
These accommodations need to be equipped in such a way that men cannot and will not have any access to these facilities, with the exception of first aid, ambulance and security personnel. Also it is very important that these facilities all have community rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms that can all be securely reached and locked so that no outsider can get in. Access needs to be restricted to these units so that there is access only via secure entrance and exit.
Women who have been exposed to violence, sexual and physical, need to be given access to a safety net and help physically as well as mentally. Also we want to make sure that there will be translators available that can help these women become more comfortable.
We have to make sure that these women and children will receive an adequate amount of care, and can in the future experience a life without violence.
We are begging you to please consider this as the bipartisan effort that this truly is. Please make a decision in a realistic time frame, because the situation for these women and children is getting worse with every day passing.
[Editor: Ultimately of course, you cannot compensate for the culture of a people with the sorts of measures being requested. With people of good character these issues would be rare or absent under current conditions and with people who view women as Islam teaches, no amount of security will make much difference, certainly in the long run]

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13 Replies to “Rape and forced prostitution common in muslim refugee camps in Germany”

  1. This letter and the actions it describe are ample evidence on why the Islamic invasion must be stopped, the camps are being run by people who refuse to admit that the Arabic culture of the Moslems doesn’t believe that women and rights that that the true victims in a rape are the males of the woman’s family because their property has been damaged. This is the culture the left has invited into our nations to destroy the western culture.

    This report gives us another reason to resist the invasion and with luck the report will reach enough people to change a lot of minds.

  2. This was to be expected. From our point, this is just more demands by Muslims – in this case, females. If demands are met, it will be at the expense of native Germans who will haver to pay for it. The Muslim females will then invite their men to the apartments. Muslim men will then do what is normal for Muslim men, and the women will demand that Germany give them separate apartments.

    If you let Muslims in, that is not the end of the matter, for which the Muslim will feel grateful. Far from it, it opens a up a whole new can of worms, which then pupate, and so on.

  3. On BREITBART – Feb 6 2015 –

    Domestic Violence Surge Leads Uruguay to Reject Male Syrian Refugees

    […]According to Uruguayan newspaper El Observador, the government claims that the incidents of domestic violence in the new Syrian refugee community of Uruguay are simply too high to ignore.

    While President Mujica said in a public statement relayed by the newspaper that the government does not have “concrete charges or anything like that” against individuals engaging in domestic abuse, he described the problem as a cultural issue: “what exists is a global information of cultural forms that they have in other parts of the world– among them, Syria– regarding relations between men and women.”

    […]Pablo Abdala, a Uruguayan attorney, told newspaper El Pais that he had been approached with a number of individual cases, including a woman who was beaten in public and a seven-year-old child whose Syrian refugee father fractured his arm.

    The stunning turnaround will likely mean that only widows and their children will be allowed to enter Uruguay, though the new policy may also include orphans and single women.


    video ( in Spanish )

  4. A year or so ago, a German reporter from Der Spiegel visited one of tjhe refugee camps in Lebanon or Jordan. He was alarmed at the number of bad apples he saw there. Apparently, nobody in Germany reads De Spiegel anymore.

  5. Arrest the rapists, charge them, then execute them (its a heinous crime deserving of death). After a couple weeks most of the male refugees (which is most of them anyway) will be gone. Problem solved.

  6. The attack on German women was a coordinated attack involving 1000 men. That is a war being waged. Its trivialized by the media. The German government wanted to sweep it under the rug, and I also heard Facebook has deleted many postings about it. Nice try Zuck!. The whole world knows now. I heard (or read) that the Prophet Mohammed had sex with pigs. What a strange religion.

  7. Hi,

    It is very sad to hear such stories, however, it is worth noting that it is a very big mistake associating such practices with Islam. In Islam, it is even forbidden to look at women lustfully, let a lone raping or sexually harassing them. In Islam women are greatly appreciated and honored, and it is not true we view them as inferior; both men and women have rights and obligations.

    It is also a big mistake to think Muslims and Arabs are the same; there are more non-Arab Muslims than there is Arab Muslims, and not all Arabs are Muslims. In addition, you’d be amazed to realize how the behaviors of many Muslims contradict with the teachings of Islam, just like the behaviors of many Christians contradict the teachings of Christianity.

    • This should be fun. There has to be 20 people who read this site and comment that can spot your … what might a polite term be for it, ‘selective use of language’ and can bust you on it. I think Ill let one or ten of them sharpen their teeth this time.

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