The entitlement wave continues, locals react, State media deceives: Links 1 on Sept. 12 – 2015

1. Number of migrants entering Germany DOUBLES with 40,000 expected to arrive this weekend alone

(Perhaps someone who is really good at math can look at this video of the German electoral system, frankly an insane one where first past the post is forced into a kind of proportional representation that looks like its by the electorate, and see if there is a percentage in it for Merkel and her party to naturalize all these what, millions of new voters? before the next federal election and hold power for pretty much ever)

Germany is braced for the arrival of some 40,000 migrants over the next two days, more than double the number who entered the country last weekend.

The nation has deployed around 4,000 troops to help cope with another huge influx of people, as it struggles to continue welcoming migrants and refugees.

Most of the predicted new-arrivals are expected in the southern city of Munich, but there are serious concerns as to how the region will cope with the numbers.

Huge numbers: Refugees and migrants are met by police at the central train station in Munich late on Friday, as the country braces for some 40,000 people expected to arrive this weekend
(I suppose with 7 billion people in the world and 350 million in the US with a lot of freedom relatively, you are gonna get 1)

Last Monday the BBC ran a sensationalist report about an apparently dangerous rising tide of Islamophobia in London over the past 12 months. The “balanced” take took all of its cues from far left groups with vested interests in inflating hate crime figures, and was built around a dramatic case from three years ago, which was found by a court not to be motivated by anti-Muslim hate of any form.

(Attn. Canadians. The CBC also is not a news service but a culture manufacturing center where they force the culturally Marxist narrative on the Canadian public. This site alone has busted them for knowingly altering facts by misrepresentation or, most commonly, omission many times to get people to think what they should be thinking by CBC benchmarks)

4. Yahoo news story on muslims in Jerusalem who guard a certain area against any Jews that might wish to go there.

(But Israel is the racist apartheid state. Always remember that and keep the TV tuned to CBC)

Jerusalem (AFP) – Umm Hassan, 60, goes most days to Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound to protect it against “sacrilege” by Jewish visitors but soon she and other protesters will themselves be barred.

The black-robed woman in a headscarf is one of the Murabitat, or sentinels, who say they come on their own initiative to the Islamic holy place in Jerusalem’s walled Old City.

The Murabitat and a men’s group called Murabitun closely monitor Jews who are allowed, under police guard, to visit on five days of the week and shower them with loud abuse and religious oaths.

5. First the bad news:

Poor nations want U.S. to pay reparations for extreme weather

and now the good news:

Natural disaster is ordained by Allah:

(So that covers about 95% of all that the US would have to pay for extreme weather since most of the third world which would demand it is moslim)

6. Totalitarian Germans who call themselves ‘anti-facists’ clash with police, who, like police  everywhere now, seem not to care about defending the law but keeping the peace at all costs.

7. Egyptian government resigns en masse as President clamps down following ‘fallout from bribery scandal’ 

(Showing once again that Sisi’s Egypt is more democratic than Obama’s America)

Egypt’s government resigned today in the face of intense criticism from state-friendly media following a corruption scandal.

The mass resignations included the Prime Minister and his cabinet whilst President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi has asked Petroleum Minister Sherif Ismail to form a new cabinet this week.

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mehleb had submitted a report detailing the performance of the government, which two officials from the president’s office said el-Sissi found ‘unsatisfying.’

The mass resignations included the Prime MInister and his cabinet whilst President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi (pictured) has asked Petroleum Minister Sherif Ismail to form a new cabinet this week

The mass resignations included the Prime MInister and his cabinet whilst President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi (pictured) has asked Petroleum Minister Sherif Ismail to form a new cabinet this week

The country’s private media, while lavishing praise on el-Sissi, have slammed the government in recent weeks, accusing ministers of incompetence and of being out of touch with ordinary citizens.

8.Poland:  A march against the migration wavers in Warsaw

9. Period of tolerance for massive amounts of illegals wearing thin. RT video:

Thank you Buck, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, and all who sent in materials and there are many and more to come shortly.

Here is an interesting story from California. Remember this next time you visit your doctor or if you have to access the services of a surgeon. Affirmative action was bad enough as it tends to make most thinking people shy away from professional services from a group who is advantaged by it since the standards were lowered for them. But now we should consider avoiding services from anyone from California since academic accreditation now mean truly nothing at all.


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10 Replies to “The entitlement wave continues, locals react, State media deceives: Links 1 on Sept. 12 – 2015”

  1. First they came for Benefits, but I did not claim Benefits.
    Then they came for Housing, but I did not claim Housing.
    Then they came for Disability, but I did not claim Disability.
    Then they came for Pensions, and there was none left for me.

    Written by Comrade Chantelle during The Great Economic Suicide 1998 –

  2. 1 – As far as I can tell this would benefit Merkel only if the “refugees” voted for here and her party, the vote for a different party on the second ballot dilutes the victory on the first ballot. By getting people to vote the same way on both ballots this will remove most of the dilution. I really hope you don’t want me to do a spreadsheet on this because it has been a while since I did a cost benefit analysis like this.

  3. about 7 to 10 thousands people joined demonstration in Warsaw against immigrants . There was also contra-demonstration (pro-immigrants) but the second one was quite small, less then a thousand people.
    The anti immigrant demonstration was at first prohibited by the Mayor of Warsaw, and only two days ago she changed her mind.

    There were also smaller anti immigrants demonstrations in other cities. For example
    In Gdansk (about 2 to 3 thousand people)
    or in Elk (this is quite small town, 61,000 people)

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