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10 Replies to “Significant 30 minute TV special on the effects of islamic immigration in Germany”

  1. I think muslims in europe feel empowered so show their intentions more. In the UK we are seen as tolerant but in the past ‘paki’s’ got a bashing. That has changed now though. Especially with Somalis etc

  2. There is eating pig and then there is acting like one!!


    The problem with Islam – just won’t go away.

    The idea is – it’s everyone else’s fault – all of free western society must do more for Islam/Muslim immigrants – when it should be the other way around.

    To place blame on western society – it is common to say – it is a German problem, it’s a French problem, a UK one, an Australian or US one – to present the Islamic problem as being unique to individual country.

    Logic flies the coop.

    And as this logic follows – to deal with a nation’s “Islamic problem” – then the respective governments should counter elements within its borders that oppose Islam.

    It is an attractive idea – because it is easier to deal with your own.

    As here we are talking about – elements which express opposition to Islamic intolerance. And points to a false security – that accepts that because there is not open terrorism – Muslim intolerance should be accommodated [even mainstreamed] – almost as a reward.

    As the teacher in the video – was told to her face – the one who challenges Islamic intolerance is defined as the ‘racist’ and further ‘the Nazi’ .


    The focus is on Muslim women not being equal to men – but what is overlooked – is that under these Islamic courts – non-Muslims will not be equal to Muslims.

    Even the Islamic marriage practices mentioned are aimed at degrading the pluralist society – in Syria for example – between members of two Christian groups/sects – if there is to be a marriage – they both ‘must’ convert to Islam. In the same way if non-Muslim Syrian [or Egyptian] – wishes to marry a Muslim they must convert to Islam.

    If these Islamic courts are allowed to develop they will have huge implications – on society as we know it.


    As we saw in the UK with the mass rape of non-Muslim girls by Muslim men – Leftwing authorities concealed the fact – because they wanted the Muslim vote – in Pakistan or Egypt – there is no penalty for raping even gang raping / kidnapping non-Muslim girls. The law doesn’t intervene – and sometimes is complicit. There for religion – here for votes.

    Because of the Left’s anti-Israel stance – they need Muslim support – Islamic intolerance is tacitly supported for this reason as well. But while they hope their faustian deals will pay off – their collective action compromises our way of life in free western society.

    Luckily at the moment – the only deterrent to speaking out is being called a ‘racist’ – for being in defiance of Islamic law – there are no Islamic punishments – for now.

  3. The answer to these smug Muslims is simple. Here it is.

    Q: ‘So, you believe that Islam is superior?’
    A: ‘Yes.’
    Q:’And you would like Germany to become a Muslim country?’
    A: ‘Yes.’
    Q: ‘Like the Muslim country you came from?’
    A: ‘Yes.’
    Q: ‘So you want to recreate the Muslim country you came from here in Germany.’
    A: ‘Yes.’
    Q: ‘So why did you come to Germany in the first place? Wouldn’t you have been better off staying in your own country?’
    A: ‘Germany is safe, has good jobs and we are free.’
    Q: But if you turn Germany into a Muslim country, won’t Germany just become another Muslim hell-hole that you would want to leave for another free, prosperous Christian country? Surely, by coming to Germany for safety, wealth and freedom, you are acknowledging that a country created by Christianity is superior to one created by Islam? You SAY Islam is superior but your ACTIONS prove you know that this is not true.’
    (Muslim’s head explodes)

    • The largest problem I have explaining the problem with islam to people, is getting them to understand that islam is antithetical to reason itself. No reasoned argument as the one above can have an effect. Like Marxism, they only accept a reasoned argument that supports their pre existing accepted conclusions. Much like why Communism made Darwinism illegal. Because the theory seemed essentially capitalistic in nature. Survival of the fittest etc. So they invented a bogus ‘science’ to force people to make up chains of reason to make Lysenko work, which it cant, cause its bogus.

      Islam is exactly the same. Everything that goes wrong is allah’s will. Look at what the imams said after the massive tsunami that killed thousands in indonesia. They felt it was because muslims were being punished for not waging jihad enough and killing enough unbelievers. There is no chain of logic that makes mulim’s heads explode except one.

      “Mohamed to Abdullah: “If you want to go to paradise you need to strap this bomb on and go and kill these unbelievers and take down their satanic greenhouse which grows food that allah will provide once the sharia is in place”

      Andullah: [head explodes at target]

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