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  1. Germany: Police block refugees from leaving train in Stuttgart

    Police officers at Stuttgart blocked 150 refugees from leaving a train bound to Frankfurt, Sunday morning. The refugees, who had boarded the train at Munich on Saturday evening after a gruelling journey from Budapest, were told that they were not allowed to leave the train and must continue until it reaches its final destination. Volunteers who had been waiting at the station were briefly allowed to step on and distribute food and water.

    • The Greek election is anyones ball game and Tsipras is trying to say it doesn’t matter who is elected we will all do the same things.

    • Are they serious or not? Someone needs to step in to fill the vacuum Obama has left but so far no one besides Russia is willing to spend the money. Given the way the left has created so many installments in Britain I am not sure they have the money to do much. Most people don’t realize the amount of money a military campaign costs and Britain and Europe has spent so much time under the protective umbrella that the US created to ensure our own survival that all of the nations combined don’t have a lot of military power. This is a big problem for all of us with Obama spending the US into poverty. Also Britain, Europe and to a lesser extent North America have the problem of the massive number of military age males are being taken in as refugees. We can take it as a given taht there are a large number of fighters in all western nations the question is how well armed are they? And what type of resistance will they face?

  2. Pope says Vatican will shelter two migrant families ‘fleeing death’

    The Vatican will shelter two families of migrants who are “fleeing death” from war or hunger, Pope Francis announced Sunday as he called on Catholic parishes, convents and monasteries across Europe to do the same.

    Francis cited Mother Teresa, the European-born nun who cared for the poorest in India, in making his appeal in remarks to pilgrims and tourists in St. Peter’s Square.

    “Faced with the tragedy of tens of thousands of refugees who are fleeing death by war and by hunger, and who are on a path toward a hope for life, the Gospel calls us to be neighbors to the smallest and most abandoned, to give them concrete hope,” Frances said.

    It’s not enough to say “Have courage, hang in there,” he added.

    “May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary in Europe host a family, starting with my diocese of Rome,” Francis said. He also asked bishops throughout Europe to have their dioceses take up his call to “express the Gospel in concrete terms and take in a family of refugees.”

    The Vatican is a tiny city-state and some of its citizens, including families with children, live in apartments inside its ancient walls. It has two parish churches, including St. Peter’s Basilica.

    Francis said two of the Vatican’s parishes will welcome two migrant families, but did not give details. A Vatican spokesman, the Rev. Ciro Benedettini, quoted the pope’s chief alms-giver as saying the Vatican is now deciding which families will be hosted.

    He has chosen mercy as the overarching theme of his papacy. Practicing what he preaches, he has already made free showers at the Vatican available to Rome’s homeless and has barbers available for haircuts for the needy, among other initiatives.

    Thousands of migrants and refugees, many fleeing war and persecution, have streamed into Germany and Austria over the weekend after being stuck in Hungary for days.

  3. UK -ROTHERHAM – Muslim Protesters Clash With Rotherham Police

    A “Rotherham Unites Muslim Lives Matter” rally descended into a riot yesterday afternoon. Two separate demonstrations were organised in the town that day; one by the group Britain First against Islamic rape gangs that proliferate in the town, and the other a so-called counter demonstration.

    Police estimate around 150 Britain First protestors turned up, as well as 300 Unite Against Fascism activists and many more demonstrators from the local Muslim community.

    Britain First made their way from the train station to the town hall to sing songs. The Muslim Lives Matter demonstration marched through the centre of town with signs displaying the UNITE union’s logo and others reading “No To Nazis” and “Never Again.”

              • Correction, anything is a weapon in the hands of someone who knows anyone is a weapon. A rolled up sheet of paper can be used if you kn,w where and how to strike. If you have the proper training you are never unarmed, but as you get older you have to accept the idea that you are losing the speed and strength to do most of the non lethal techniques.

                What I was talking about is when are they going to bring the guns and uniforms from the Mosques and show everyone what they really are and what their goals really are.

                Here is another saying for your home truths, God created all men equal, Judge Colt and Colonel Bowie made them that way.

                Another one: I am not alone, I have a Colt and a Winchester to keep me company.

            • The Equalizer
              Be not afraid of any man,
              No matter what his size.
              When danger threatens, call on me
              And I will equalize.

              From an advertisement for the Equalizer, a Colt Single Action Handgun(1880-1890)

  4. Nauru Camp Refugee Resettled in Cambodia Wants to Go Home (abcnews, Sep 6, 2015)

    “One of four refugees resettled in Cambodia just three months ago in a multimillion-dollar deal that saw them sent from an Australian-run detention camp on the Pacific island nation of Nauru has decided he wants to go home, an official said Sunday.

    The man, an ethnic Rohingya from Myanmar, said he wanted to give up his refugee status and return to his homeland, according to Cambodian Interior Ministry spokesman Khieu Sopheak. The man, who was not named, has contacted Myanmar’s embassy in Cambodia to get permission to return home, but Khieu Sopheak was unaware of the response.

    Two Iranian men, an Iranian woman and the Rohingya man came to Cambodia under a 40 million Australian dollar ($32 million), four-year agreement aimed at resettling hundreds of asylum seekers who have been living for years in Nauru.

    They were the only ones among 677 there who signed up for the package — despite substantial encouragement — and arrived in the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh in early June. Only asylum seekers granted refugee status by the U.N.’s refugee agency were eligible for the move….”

  5. Al Shabaab militants re-take Somali town from African Union (yahoo, Sep 6, 2015)

    “NAIROBI (Reuters) – Al Shabaab took control of a populous town in central Somalia on Sunday after African Union forces left the area – the third town the Islamist insurgents have seized since Friday, militants and local officials said.

    The group, which seeks to overthrow the Western-backed government and impose its strict version of Islamic law, has remained a potent threat in the Horn of Africa country after it was forced from the capital Mogadishu in 2011.

    The African Union peacekeeping force, AMISOM, withdraw from Buqda on Saturday night, less than a month after taking control of the town, an economic centre of the Hiran region, from al Shabaab…”

    • This is a clip the Iranian took of US ships, the original ship isn’t a carrier and may not be a US vessel, the others were taken from the speedboats they send out trying to get us to destroy them.

        If Iran believes that the United States is so committed to its destruction that it would willingly shoot down a plane full of Iranian civilians, then Tehran has every incentive to assume we’re lying in negotiations. It also has strong incentives to try to build a nuclear weapon, or at least get close enough to deter the American invasion that it feared was coming in 1988 and perhaps again in 2002 with President George W. Bush’s “axis of evil” speech.

        • The axis of evil speech told the truth, and given what was happening in Iran during that time period and when we originally wanted to invade Iraq their is a good chance that at that time point there would have been a popular upraising against the current government. We delayed the invasion of Iraq which gave the Iranian government time enough to destroy the growing resistance.

          I doubt if the Iranian government really expected an invasion in 1988, the Soviet Union was still going then and Iran was using them against us and us against them.

          When you are making an analysis look at the whole world not just one small segment.

    • The Socialist in Europe hate Christianity and so does our Moslem President, they are doing all they can to destroy Christianity.

    • Edrogen (sp?) is trying to re-establish the Ottoman Empire and Egypt is trying to become a modern nation. The Moslem Brotherhood is also trying to the a Sharia Egypt the leader of a new Caliphate.

  6. Tunisia warns of car bomb plot in Tunis, imposes traffic bans

    Tunisian authorities warned of possible car bombings in the capital Tunis and banned traffic in parts of the city after receiving intelligence reports about potential attacks, the state news agency TAP said on Sunday.

    The North African country is under a state of emergency after two deadly Islamist militant gun attacks on tourist sites this year. Armed Islamists also often carry out attacks on the armed forces in remote areas in Tunisia but have not previously attempted mass killings with car bombs.

    An Interior Ministry source told TAP that a potential assault involving car bombs and attackers with bomb belts had meant to target strategic points in the capital, without giving further details.

    “Orders have been given to intensify patrols and searches by the police and the army in certain parts of the capital and the suburban neighborhoods,” TAP said, citing the Interior Ministry source.

    Authorities closed off access to the main Avenue Habib Bourguiba in the center of the city and several other main streets, the agency reported.

    Four years after its uprising ousted autocrat Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali and inspired the “Arab Spring” protests, Tunisia has a new constitution, free elections and a coalition government with secular and Islamist parties.

    But more than 3,000 Tunisians have left to fight for Islamist militant groups in Syria, Iraq and neighboring Libya. Some of those jihadists have threatened to return home and carry out attacks on Tunisian soil.

    In March, Islamist gunmen killed 21 tourists in an attack at the Bardo Museum in Tunis, and 38 foreigners were killed in an assault on a Sousse beach hotel in June.

      • No they haven’t changed that much, they are using the refugees to destroy the west so they can take over without resistance. Personally I think they are going to come out losers no matter who wins.

  7. TURKEY PKK claims to have killed 15 Turkish soldiers in ambush in southeast Turkey – @Reuters

    Turkish troops killed in major PKK attack: Reports

    A number of Turkish troops has been killed and wounded in an attack by the outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) late Sept 6 in Dagl?ca province of Hakkari, a town bordering Iran and Iraq, the Turkish media reported, informing that a comprehensive military operation has been launched immediately after the incident.

    President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed the attack on the Turkish troops but did not give details about the number of casualties, saying “The information provided by our chief of general staff is saddening.”

    According to daily Hürriyet, the terrorists exploded mines they already planted on a road around Dagl?ca when two armored military vehicles were passing. After the explosion, terrorists opened fire on the troops killing a number of soldiers. There was no official statement by the military late Sept 6 on the incident but reports suggested a number of troops were killed in the attack.

  8. Turkish PM slams refugee policy of ‘Christian fortress Europe’;_ylt=AwrC1CjozexVzhgAjqvQtDMD;_ylu=X3oDMTByZnU4cmNpBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM5BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg–

    The Turks are upset that the Europeans are waking up to the invasion and are fighting back, they much prefer to pass the jihadist fighters on to Europe where they can expand the Caliphate that Turkey wants to control.

    • I’m heart-sick over losing Congress on the Iran vote. Soooo disappointed. Tried soooo hard to find the best ways to explain things, to get people to understand the issues, what’s at stake.

      Somebody said it’s like trying to teach a pig to sing opera. You won’t succeed and you’ll only annoy the pig.

      Lots of company, though. All the veterans and their families who turned out, the soul -brothers & -sisters I met amongst the Christian Evangelicals. I’m grateful to discover people who share so many of the values I hold dear.

      That we at Vlad Tepes share. A tiny precious few, I fear.

      Caroline Glick skyped from Israel, trying to boost our spirits. Like a big sister who puts her arm around you, she feels just as bad but she’s putting things into perspective for you. Or your camp counselor after the team loses the mini-Maccabiah you worked so hard to win.

      Most of what she said is in her latest Jerusalem Post article. You just can’t see her trying not to cry while the tears are pouring down.

      A glorious defeat

      • Out here in fly over country there are a lot of people who share the same values and want the same ending we do. It doesn’t surprise me about the vets or the evangelicals both love freedom and Israel. When the trouble really hits look to the veterans groups to be out helping put down the trouble. One nice thing about Missouri is that they don’t charge income tax on government retirement, this means we get a large number of vets. One vet I occasionally meet at the VA said that when his nephew mustered out the officer in charge told everyone leaving active duty that the places to move to that would give them the best chance of retaining their rights are Texas, Montana and Missouri. All have much higher percentages of vets in the population and most of them are well armed. Remember this in the future if you need to refugee out of Boston.

        • I thought they’d be trying to convert me, you know that “replacement theology” type.

          But no, these people are very sincere. They genuinely appreciate observant Jews, at least the modern orthodox who mix in with everybody else. They love to hear parts of the bible in Hebrew, the psalms chanted.

          And most of the men are veterans. It’s part of the package of American citizenship, which is the way I was brought up too.

          • Me too, I was raised to be a patriotic citizen who always goes to fight for the US, no member of my family has ever been drafted, we always enlist.

            The true evangelical believes that even though you didn’t accept Christ as the savior the Jews are still Gods favorite people and under his protection. That is one reason the KKK has been losing members in the rural areas, they reject that line of reasoning and it is part of our faith. You will find a lot more Jew hatred in the cities then in the country.

        • Dan Greenfield writes as “Sultan Knish” when he’s talking most specifically to his Jewish readers. He takes a slightly different tone from the familiar FPM columns. Less observer than leader. Not only the facts of life but also ways of dealing with them.

          Mostly it’s subtle, the counseling most evident in tough times, like during last summer’s global mini-pogroms. I’ll bet he does what Caroline Glick does – connect personally with small groups of activists. They both must have been stellar leaders of youth groups.

          The mainstream organizations no longer serve the purposes for which they were created. [An understatement by many orders of magnitude.] We certainly need direction.

          Here’s Sultan Knish’s take:
          The Truth About Congressional Pro-Israel Theater

          • The left has worked hard to take control of all groups and organizations that can be used to resist the socialist, there aren’t many groups that are true anti left still existing.

          • Having read the article you can understand why I keep saying that there is going to be a revolution, the politicians can’t keep ignoring the people and expect them to keep quiet. We the people are suppose to hold the final power but the left has spent over a Century working to separate the politicians from the voters. This includes telling everyone that there is no difference in the parties, thus keeping some people from voting. And as the article points out a lot of Republicans are afraid of the proclamations of the left and will do nothing to upset the left. This is why Trump is doing so well and why the Republican leaders and pundits are going crazy trying to find a way to keep him from becoming President. If we can find a way to limit the time people serve in Congress we can remove most of the self proclaimed ruling class and restore a semblance of the Republic that we started with. You can tell who are part of the self proclaimed ruling class by how theyT react to the idea of an Article 5 convention. The convention is a last ditch attempt to restore our rights and freedom without a revolution..

    • Refugee ‘beaten unconscious’ as clashes continue with riot police on Greek island of Lesbos

      Scuffles on Sunday were third in as many days

      Police using riot batons have clashed with refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos, beating one unconscious and leaving several others injured.

      A group of around 300 refugees protested on Sunday morning against what they say is a failure by local authorities to process them quickly enough towards mainland Europe.

      The demonstration largely involved Afghans, Syrians and Iraqis, who told reporters they had received no help from the Greek government and were running out of money.

      One refugee was taken away in an ambulance after the clashes, which were the third such incident in as many days.

      […]In Lesbos, the mayor of the island’s main town demanded the government do more to address the situation.

      “An island of 85,000 people has taken on the burden of a huge humanitarian crisis,” Spyros Galinos said. “We are calling the people of Lesbos not to participate in the upcoming polls and we are clearly stating our intention not to set up ballot boxes, if there is no immediate action.”

  9. Pope calls on Catholics to shelter Europe’s migrants
    Kim Hjelmgaard and Rick Jervis, USA TODAY 3:37 p.m. EDT September 6, 2015

    The Pope is calling on the Catholics to commit suicide by taking some of the so called refugees into their houses. In order to set a good example he is taking two families of refugees into the Vatican. I hope the Swiss Guard are awake and doing their jobs.

  10. CNN – Attorney: Muslim flight attendant wants accommodation ( 4 min 21 )

    Attorney for the Muslim flight attendant who claims she was suspended for her religious beliefs, Lena Masri, speaks to CNN’s Martin Savidge about her client’s request.

  11. Kuwaiti Researcher Fahd Al-Shelaimi: Gulf States Cannot Accept Syrian Refugees

    Kuwaiti researcher Fahd Al-Shelaimi, Chairman of the Gulf Forum for Peace and Security, was recently asked what was preventing the Gulf states from accepting refugees fleeing the war in Syria. “The cost of living in Kuwait is high,” Al-Shelaimi responded. He further said: “At the end of the day, you cannot accept other people, who come from a different atmosphere.”

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