German government evicts the working-poor Germans to make room for illegals

There is an old joke, or at least it was meant to be, which intended to be illustrative of the problem with a government that perhaps, had been in power for too long and had become corrupt and entitled. It went something like:

“If the government doesn’t like the people, it should dissolve the people and elect themselves a new people”

It certainly seems like Central and Western Europe along with the US has chosen to do precisely that. Most certainly in Germany and England.

Thank you Oz-Rita for doing this translation so quickly.

I would like to add that European Union law says that refugees and other unidentified and uninvited people must stay in the first country they step foot on when they get to Europe and therefore, the ones in Germany, like the ones in England are defacto illegals.
Also the above joke referenced may be a variation on a quote by Bertold Brecht

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  1. Wow! The state is now considering the confiscation of private property. I wonder if this will extend to the rich as well as the middle classes and poor?
    It reminds me of Dr Zhivago when the Bolsheviks force people to share their property.
    It seems to me there are no citizens anymore. You may as well grab what you can for yourself before it is too late, as years of tax’s , sweat and tears count for nothing .Meanwhile men like the Gurkas who fought for this country cannot even get a full pension.
    It is all twisted and ready to break.

    • The left has twisted the entire world into an unrecognizable shape, as they keep twisting more the breaking point is rapidly approaching. Which is probably what they want, they think the police and military will help them hold down the masses. While we seem to be headed into a distopian future I think it will be much closer to Renaissance Italy rather then the socialist future the left expects. The type of future we will have depends not only on which side wins the civil wars but how long the fighting continues. Since the war will be a guerrilla war with both sides engaging in assassination I predict that it will last for several years.

      • Note, Richard, that the Mayor of Tübingen, formerly an exquisite little University town, who wants to CONFISCATE private property from the Germans, belongs to the “Left Alliance” and is from the “Green” party, a colour which among these extremists has more to do with islam than with trees these days.

        • From what I have seen the Green Party in Europe has always had more to do with Marxism then with the environment, they always seem to have protested things that would strengthen the West and Freedom and ignored anything that strengthened the Warsaw Pact, as the left aligns itself with the Islamic Invasion it is logical that their sock puppets do the same thing.

  2. The quip was original to Bertolt Brecht, the East German poet and author. He was responding to an announcement by the East German Soviet puppet regime, after some protests in Germany, that the government had lost confidence in the people. And Brecht answered, that perhaps the government should dissolve the people and elect a new one.

    His point being that with governments that govern by virtue of having earned the trust of the people, when the people’s representatives decide that the officers they have installed by acts of parliament no longer merit that trust, they dissolve the administration, hold elections, and the new parliament sets up a new government. And his point also being that the East German government ruled by virtue of having the backing of Soviet tanks.

  3. I note with interest that the young Syrian couple shown in the video starting at ~4:41 are said to “have been in Berlin a year and expecting their second child” and currently living in accommodation provided by a Protestant church. I know Muslims are really different than the rest of humanity, but they don’t reproduce differently. That means that she got pregnant while they were already in Germany and leaching off the German taxpayers, and they still decided to have another future jihadist, even though they can’t currently support themselves and their existing child and likely will never be able to. And then she has the gall to complain about the apartment. Does the Quran ever talk about entitlement, or is this something they learned from western lefties?

    Every Muslim womb is a weapon of mass destruction.

    Can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em.

    • Exactly what I was thinking! Plus the female of this parasitic pair is a “stuuuuuuuudent” – studying the Koran? The governmental child support in Germany is very very generous. Vlad once posted a video here which analysed the M.O. of muslims living in Germany: males “marry” their 4 wives, (whom they collect from their country of origine). They then inpregnate them as many times as possible. These breeding machines then live as “sigle mothers” and suck the German Tax-payers’ tits dry.


      “Does the Quran ever talk about entitlement, or is this something they learned from western lefties?”

      Just in case this is not a rhetorical question: Yes it is in the Koran and the Hadiths, it’s called Jizzia (although I can’t be bothered to lookup the spelling)

      As to the Western Lefties: they are suspiciously “Sharia-compliant”: being rather ill-thinking of them, I wouldn’t be surprised that perhaps the promise of a little “Ashia” might have something to do with it, (even the Greens LEADER, in Europe openly boasted about his pedophilia – and got away with it thanks to the Left). I strongly suspect that at least part of the “honey” these “European” jihadis who join IS is the promise to get very very very young sex-slaves.

      • It reminds me of the BBC documentary entitled “Don’t Cap my Benefits.”

        This follows London-area(Brent) welfare recipients whose benefits were scaled back when the previous Cameron government decided that unemployed people should not receive benefits in excess of the average UK yearly wage. Among other things, it contains:

        1) A Somali family (with UK citizenship) where both parents only work part-time and
        have seven children.

        2) A palestinian family whose patriarch has been a refugee in the UK for 16 years, currently has only a part-time job and seven children under the age of nine.

        Keep in mind that in none of these cases were the benefits being cut off completely, even though recipients had placed undue strain on the system by having unsustainably large families. They were merely being forced to relocate(which the local council bent over backwards to facilitate), most often to Birmingham. The welfare recipients in the documentary, who had all produced children they couldn’t support, felt entitled to live in the most unaffordable city on the planet on the taxpayer’s dime.

        At one point, a council employee who’s just prepared a Birmingham townhouse(new washer, fridge, stove/oven, new mattresses) for the ungrateful Somalis explains that the the equivalent townhouse in London would cost the taxpayer 1500 pounds per month, while in Birmingham it’s 714.

        Although it’s pretty predictable BBC, I’m surprised how clear it was that the recipients of all this aid were, shall we say, diverse, and heavily Muslim. Maybe there was only one white family left in that part of London.

        The other thing that becomes obvious from watching is that local council hiring, especially for positions that involve face-to-face contact with overwhelmingly non-European welfare recipients, appears to be heavily biased towards non-whites. I wonder if a white Briton with an Oxbridge degree could get an entry-level job working for the Brent Council.

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