The Shocking Testimony of a Calais Resident Surrounded by 3,000 Illegal Immigrants

August 15, 2015 – Written by Caroline Alamachère and translated for VladTepesBlog by CB Sashenka with much thanks!

From the excellent website from France,

Riposte Laique

This government is the dregs of our country, the shame of our nation!

Hollande (President of France), Valls (French Prime Minister), Cazeneuve (Minister of Interior), Taubira (Justice Minister), and their associates, and all the others who allow the French to live in fear because of your thoughtlessness and your submission to superior diktats from foreign countries not worth mentioning, you submit the people to hordes of barbarians that come from who knows where, individuals whom the media portray as unfortunate victims of war so that they can be fed on the money of those whom they terrorize

The testimony of two Calais residents, a mother and daughter, frightening in its harshness, in its horror, heart-rending in its sincerity, in the traumatic silence of an unfortunate Calais resident found one day holed up in her basement, terrorized by rioting illegals whom even the police are afraid to approach.

Her daughter tells all, bluntly, frantically, in a hurry, in anguish. And she accuses. She accuses these good-for-nothings, these jackasses, these government pieces of garbage for allowing this evil in, destroying everything in its path.

Bastards that you are, bad guys, despicable turds!

This woman courageously tells, in a few minutes, the inconceivable, the extreme poverty of her mother, the security she had to enforce around her house that’s only missing a watchtower, the games of the illegal immigrants who are having a good time forgetting that they were asked to look sad and haggard, the inaction of police officers and their council to do their job for them with the added lawsuit risk on top of everything. Thank you Taubira! (French Justice Minister)

And those French who suffer the reprisal, the aggression, and who are asked to pay, to pay and pay, over and over again, until they bleed, until there is no longer enough to eat, so that others may live high off the fat of the land at our expense and afford the latest smart-phones, so that they can enjoy the space just around the corner from you to play soccer while you’re closing the fourth lock on your armoured door, and firefighters wait for a moment of calm before entering the forbidden city so they don’t risk their lives, with the help of police officers, the same ones who never come when they are called, when an old lady silenced by fear is in danger to the point of having to run to her cellar like a rat, when it’s her daughter who comes at 3:00 am, alone, to help her.

Hollande, Valls, Cazeneuve, Taubira, you’re monsters, hydras. You are not legitimate to govern my country, you are guilty of the daily deaths due to your complacency, your treachery.

And you, the French people, where are you?! Will you finally wake up from your apathy, yes or no? What are you waiting for, for your kid to be killed? How many attacks will it take for you to do something!

Article translation and tip by CB Sashenka, video translation: Oz-Rita with much thanks to both of you for such great work in such a short time.

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23 Replies to “The Shocking Testimony of a Calais Resident Surrounded by 3,000 Illegal Immigrants”

  1. The time is rapidly approaching when the French citizens will no longer take the invasion quietly, their history is long and has had many revolts in it, mainly because of the arrogance of the groups that have chosen to declare themselves the governing elite of the nation that ignore the common French citizens.. Granted the end result of their revolutions is to place a tyrant in charge of their government but those tyrants support the French people and culture.

  2. Richard, I also hope the time is coming when the ‘English’ will rise up, if not the whole of the indigenous populations of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, and overthrow the government that have turned our island into a rubbish tip full of this third world detritus.

    I live in a small city, and twenty years ago barely an ‘immigrant’ to be seen, now we have half the third world, with the rest surely following. Our schools are full, our doctors and hospitals likewise, and those of us nearing retirement will struggle as services are cut in an attempt to provide for new arrivals.

    Bring on the uprising, bring on the anger and retribution and let us regain our city, our country, our continent.

    • We are YOU and You are WE!
      2Peas in a Pod-
      Our Obama is Your Hollande.
      We Know the Anger You Are Feeling! This is ALL BY DESIGN…MAKE NO MISTAKE!
      You are in our thought and Prayers as we fight the same Fight!

      • Yes it was planned, Obama has been working since he took office to start an insurrection in the US, from what I can see it is planned for next year during the election.

    • I have been predicting an upraising in all European nations, I base my predictions on what has happened in history, if I am right the insurrections will occur in all Nations in and around Western Europe and will spread to other western nations.

      • Richard.

        I am nearing retirement and I hope having worked hard all my life I live to see the uprising and take part. I am disgusted at what the traitorous political classes have done to Europe since the last war, flooding our towns and cities and destroying our homelands with their leeching and over breeding. Give me strength to be on those barricades and I will be there as we force every last one into the sea to regain our freedoms.

        • It is coming, and I am too old and my back and heart are too bad for me to do much in any fighting, fortunately most of the fighting will be in the big cities and not the small towns.

    • What was it that Republican Presidential Candidate and Governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal said…..oh yes, “immigration without assimilation is an INVASION.”

        • Yes, he was right. But as Marina Fang from The Huffington Post (no surprise) insists that his views on immigration assimilation are “antiquated”, Muslim invaders continue to hoodwink her and others alike while forging ahead with great ease in their invasion of Western culture.

          • And another thing, Marina Fang and her leftist politician allies would be only too quick to change their views if they experienced the invasion first-hand by living in areas such as Calais where an uncontrollable invasion is taking place in a
            brutal way.

            • It is easy for the limousine liberals who live in the gated communities to be tolerant, their private security insulates them from the real world.

    • No, its still there and it still works. Ill re do the embed code but it should be fine. Please wait 5 mins. and try again. If it doesn’t work, I’ll Youtube it.

      • Yes I got it to work after a few trys. Sometimes I get that error, may be related to my apps running with chrome. That woman is angry and rightly so. She is so right, those who have not had the direct experience blow her off. I too will applaud when the savages are at their doorstep. Le Pen is the only hope, but will the French actually vote for her, or is she too ‘extreme?’ Save yourself France, stop the invasion.

  3. To Mr. Angry, it’s like what the French author concluded in her article above, “how many attacks will it take for you to do something!”

    Yes, Britain must be a horrid place now — also under a shameful and dishonest leadership that caves to Islam — along with Scotland, Wales….Ireland too….sadly, I could go on until I list just about every country not only in Europe, but in the world over…. we’re all heading in the same direction, and something has to be done.

    I agree with Richard (above): “I have been predicting an uprising in all European nations, I base my predictions on what has happened in history, if I am right the insurrections will occur in all Nations in and around Western Europe and will spread to other western nations.”

  4. Ironic: The journalist’s bio indicates that she comes from a mountainous region of Wales that had many forts throughout history for defending inhabitants.
    The Brecon Beacons range, in its narrower sense comprises six main peaks
    Over twenty hill-forts were established in the area during the Iron Age
    When the Romans came to Wales in 43 AD, they stationed more than 600 soldiers in the area.
    During the Norman Conquest many castles were erected throughout the park.

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