Swedish artist, Dan Park, gives short speech for PEGIDA in Malmoe Sweden

This is one brave man who gets the issue thoroughly, and has been jailed for his art in Sweden for racism. All who know him say there is not one racist bone in his body.

Islam equals fascism

Liberty Dk. was on the ground and has this to offer about the event:

I was at the Swedish Pegida demonstration this past Saturday and it was quite an experience. I always attend the For Frihed demonstrations in Denmark (every Monday) where we are surrounded by a couple of hundred police officers holding off several hundred antifa thugs throwing stuff at us.

In this case there weren’t as many Swedish police but these ones on the ground had horses and dogs, and I saw several people being led away. We were also well protected by double rows of metal fencing with a building at the back. They were shouting things such as “Fuck PEGIDA you can go” and such. A veritable sea of fuckfingers constantly waving everywhere from the “peaceful “ counter demonstrators.

I did have one funny experience, I was showing the two finger peace signal and there was one young protester at the front who caught my eye as he was showing the peace sign as well, though in a way so as not to be seen by the others. I even got a smile so there was support to a small degree. In any case, we held our speeches with controversial artist Dan Park as the last speaker. Then Dan Park and another of our group went forward with a banner that read Islam = Fascism. This was apparently too much for the police and they immediately confiscated the banner.

After the demonstration they pulled Dan Park aside, I was watching from the sidelines, and were discussing with him about the banner. They were also asking why he was wearing the star of David and he said that he was showing it in support of the jewish people. In any case they did’nt arrest him but he was called in for questioning (interrogation) not once, but twice this coming week.

It is not unlikely that he will, again, end up in jail which he already has been a couple of times because his art does not adhere to the Swedish political correct narrative.

Liberty Dk.


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  1. The Artists are always the first to go, because the creative can see what the mediocre call “fine art,” and straight thru a religion made by an infidel of islamists.

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