A few thoughts on the media’s policy on naming people to advance a political agenda

A couple of times in the past week examples of the media using names to push a political narrative has come up. This has been addressed before on this site and very well on Gates of Vienna at that link.

This week it has to do with an accomplice in the case of the Boston man who wanted to decapitate Pamela Geller or a random police officer or whatever other target. Clearly anyone who is that committed to jihad has taken an islamic name which will come out sooner or later but the media will never use. Instead, they call him by his birth name, David Wright. The same media, CNN, MSNBC and so on, also referred to various people captured and executed by the Islamic State by names they were almost certainly forced to take when the IS forced them to ‘convert’ to islam. Examples are in this document as well as the link to GoV above.

The reason the media chose to refer to these people by their non-chosen islamic names is almost certainly because the Obama admin. and its lackey media is desperate to find ways of painting muslims as victims and non-muslims as aggressors. Its an old trick but it must be working as they clearly have not changed it.

Also I notice the media desperate to refer to a man who is the newest ‘celebrity surgically-assisted-transvestite’ as his taken female name as if somehow by an act of god he had been transformed into an XX female by mere will, a dress and some saline plastic bags placed on his pectoral muscles. No one in the industry we should laughingly call, ‘news’ bothers to mention that it is in fact impossible to change genders. Short of a very few genetic defects where a person is born with a condition that requires some surgery to become one or the other, 99+% of the population is male or female and this is how our species and nearly every other one carries on. Frankly its embarrassing to even write this stuff as its so damn obvious. But cultural marxism has managed to take what is in fact a mental illness and make it into a human right. It is like demanding rights for schizophrenics to live out their hallucinations no matter how they impact others. As it turns out, I am not the only one who thinks this. So does this John Hopkins psychiatrist.  I wonder if he will lose his license for daring to say something medically true but politically heretical.

Doubly irritating is the notion that Obama called this man “brave” for daring to go public with his sexual deviancy. We are in fact talking about a man who has climbed so high on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs that he likely got a nosebleed. That could apply to both of them actually. Its not like Obama had any real struggle. Bruce at least had to train for the Olympics and anyone can see his school records.

Granted I would be guessing, but it seems to me that to someone who’s family has enjoyed receiving millions of dollars for basically just receiving millions of dollars for so long now, the concepts of what is risk, bravery and meaningful contributions to society is pretty damn warped.

Cultural Marxism has in fact warped our entire notion of what is true, right and wrong to the extent that I found myself feeling like somehow I should download and preserve the clip below before the politburo decides it must not be viewed by the unwashed masses, much like a cartoon of mohamed, the pirate rapist founder of islam.

Post script:

At 30 seconds into this video, we see the mailbox presumably belonging to the convert accomplice in Boston referred to as David Wright.

CORRECTION: This is his name Dawud Sharif Abdul Khaliq


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  1. “’Sex change’ is biologically impossible,” said McHugh. “People who undergo sex-reassignment surgery do not change from men to women or vice versa. Rather, they become feminized men or masculinized women. Claiming that this is civil-rights matter and encouraging surgical intervention is in reality to collaborate with and promote a mental disorder.”

    And we’re back in the room.

    Communism/Islam/Alter-ego Sexuality are all traumatized hypnotic states where perversion follows them like it had a Personality of its own.

  2. The media also states, “the prophet” rather then “their prophet”

    “The prophet” indicates it’s a prophet that is believed in by the person speaking.
    The entire media is using this meaning they have all converted intentional or unintentionally.

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