Islam ramps up the horror and threats to all non-observant muslims as well as the non-believers in Europe and conquered territories: Links 1 on June 4 – 2015

1. Chris Cuomo on CNN speaks to Pamela Geller

2. This video of .8 million Iranians commemorating the Ayatollah’s death like he was a good thing makes one wonder about the oft repeated notion of the average Iranian being a great liberal and its only a rogue regime that is the problem.

3. It is suspected that this video is of Islamic State IED’s in the Sinai 

4. Yet another influential muslim cleric specifies the conditions for non-muslims who are myopic enough to find themselves living under potential islamic authority. This is a theme repeated over and over and yet no one in the West in either media or leadership is willing to admit any of this out loud with very few exceptions and even then, often only after they have retired from office or any committee which may offer them a paycheck and influence. The fact is that islamic history for 1400 years bears out what this cleric says. It is not new, nor should be be a surprise. What it should be, is a call to arms.

5. Islamic State propaganda video, ‘Honour in Jihad’.

(While not all IS or muslim propaganda is worth seeing, or even psychologically healthy to view, this one, even if they did forget to word wrap the subtitles, is a good example of how islam justifies offensive war of conquest against the unbeliever in Europe. People need to see this especially, who believe the matter is classically geopolitical and that islam has nothing to do with it)

6. America may have let the Patriot act expire, but to a rouge government it doesn’t really matter much what the legal niceties of the 4th amendment are. This Snowden revelation claims that the NSA has expanded its warrantless searches regardless. 

7. Hacking for Jihad

(An article about how jihadis are hacking various sites for islamic manifest destiny)

8. And the lesson for today, kids, is . . . ISIS beheads a Libyan soldier outside a mosque for ‘education purposes’ – and the youngsters don’t even seem shocked

Barbaric jihadis fighting for the Islamic State in Libya have brutally beheaded a government soldier outside a mosque while children no older than eight years old look on.

The savage execution took place in the northern port city of Derna, which was seized by ISIS militants in October last year as the country tore itself apart in civil war.

The chilling photographs show regime soldier Abdulnabi Shurgawi wearing an orange jumpsuit as he is dragged into a public square and executed.

A second shot shows a depraved militant holding the man’s head aloft while young boys are allowed to crowd around his bloodied corpse for what ISIS described as ‘education purposes’.


Actual video. Probably should not be watched.

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3 Replies to “Islam ramps up the horror and threats to all non-observant muslims as well as the non-believers in Europe and conquered territories: Links 1 on June 4 – 2015”

  1. 1. Chris Cuomo: “Sharia is a cultural adaptation” Muslims “believe in justice the same way as we do”.
    Pamella: Ergo, ‘Muslims should be standing shoulder-to-shoulder with me’.

    There’s your Moderate Muslim. Strong before the weak, weak before the strong. A cowards code of honor.

  2. #8

    I think this video should be broadcasted by every TV station in the world, over and over again, until the correct level of rage is achieved, and the sleepwalking populace awakens and decides to eliminate the obscenity of Islamic Jihad, just like they did with the Nazis back in the ’40s.

    This is not the time for restraint. This is not the time to save the military hardware for “when it’s really needed”. These Jihadis are pure evil; they need to be wiped from the face of the earth.

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