More islamic rape charges, media victim blaming, desecration of Christian burial grounds, communism working exactly as predicted: Links 2 on June 4 – 2015

1. Five Asian Men Charged over Oxford Child Sex Exploitation

(I still don”t understand why a coalition of Japanese, Burmese, Chinese, Indian, Laotian and so on men do not get together and sue British media for reporting daily on how a particular racial or geographical origins group are doing all this raping and enslaving of children when really its muslims of all colors and origins, although, yes, Pakistanis are grotesquely over represented)

The men who were charged have been named as:

Assad Hussain, 34, charged with six counts of indecent assault and six counts of rape.

Qasim Hussain, 29, charged with one count of rape.

Naim Khan, 36, charged with two counts of indecent assault, one count of rape, one count of supplying cocaine, one of supplying heroin, one of sexual touching and one of making an indecent film of a child.

Allah Ditta Yousaf, 45, charged with four counts of indecent assault.

Owais Khan, 31, charged with one count of indecent assault and five counts of rape.

All of the men apart from Assad Hussain are due to appear in Oxford Magistrates Court today.

2. Iowa man charged with making online threats against Boston mosque

BOSTON (Reuters) – U.S. officials on Wednesday arrested an Iowa man and charged him with making online threats against a Boston mosque, including threats to shoot and kill Muslims.

Federal court papers unsealed on Wednesday charged that Gerald Wayne Ledford, 57, of Clinton, Iowa, made threatening posts on the Facebook page of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, including the post “we will destroy you” and photos of a person carrying a long gun.

In addition to the posts on the Islamic society’s Facebook page, Ledford’s own profile included threatening statements dating back to October, when two men inspired by radical jihadist beliefs launched separate fatal attacks on Canadian soldiers in Ottawa and outside Montreal.

(This snark intentionally left blank)

3. Rep. McSally on the foiled Boston Terror plot

(I  do not believe that this person actually says anything in 6 minutes of talking)

4. General David Petraeus seems uncertain about Obama’s claim that the Islamic State is losing to allied forces.

Pelosi responds by blaming Petraeus for the situation. A sort of giant-scale clay pot logical fallacy. ‘We are winning against the Islamic State and it’s your fault we are losing!’

5. China suspected in massive breach of federal personnel data

6. Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller on the most recent spate of threats against them.

7. A cemetery in Quebec experienced what police are calling, “unprecedented damage” from vandalism. I am told that a large number of muslims have been moving to QC. and they have recently erected a massive beachhead there. Not saying anything specific about this one, just noting that it is rational to at least walk slowly to the conclusion as cemetery destruction seems to be heavily connected to the RoP these days. Article to follow later tonight. Thank you Sassy for the translation on the video. Article in French here 

8. Communism is going swimmingly in Venezuela about as well as it does everywhere. 

At the same time the deteriorating economic situation has reached levels unknown in the country. Food and medicine are now being meagerly rationed in a country that once was among the most prosperous in Latin America.

An inflation of between 50 and 100% per month is expected to take place this year. There is a parallel black market to purchase dollars. The price of the dollar on the black market is almost 100 times higher than the official rate. Imports have considerably diminished. Food and medicines are scarce. An underground economy exists but it is far from sufficient to satisfy the needs of society. Now it is the populations that the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) claims to represent, the poorest, the humble, and the needy that are also struggling. The assault against the capitalistic economy has destroyed the productive forces that delivered the goods necessary to make life possible. A situation like this was never experienced even in the worst times of pre-Bolivarian Venezuela

(Think any college courses will teach about this here in North America?)

Thank you Buck, M., Sassy, DP111, Wrath of Khan, GoV.,(Lots of geopolitics in the comment post including the newest iteration of a retrial for Mubarak. If they don’t have double jeopardy they could at least have triple) CBC has the Quebec story now. I guess they figure it was white Christian French kids.


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7 Replies to “More islamic rape charges, media victim blaming, desecration of Christian burial grounds, communism working exactly as predicted: Links 2 on June 4 – 2015”

  1. #4

    OK, so Hillary can bring the Muslim-Brotherhood-connected Huma Abedin right into the center of the most secret parts of the White House, then give her unlimited access to the most top-secret documents, but Petraeus just has to be persecuted for two years and then punished to the full extent of the law for giving his trusted, super-patriotic biographer a flipping notebook?

    How can the Americans be ignoring this stuff? Did the men in black show the General what the inside of a super-max looked like? Did they show him perfectly manufactured “evidence” that could put him away for 40 years? If you think about it, there’s no reason they couldn’t pretty much do anything they liked to pretty much anybody they liked, if they felt like it… They’ve already ruined his career and any political aspirations he might have had, I don’t think there is much they wouldn’t do if it served their purposes.

  2. Sure wish tards and idiot-media would give Boston a rest. All this commotion overwhelms a small town.

    “Radicalized online” is tired. Surely all these experts could sharpen it to something approaching useful?

    This particular Islamic Center has been implicated repeatedly in high-profile terrorism. How come?

    • How come, you ask? Maybe because when you take a very liberal community and couple it with insane islamic ideology you end up with a bunch of islamic lunatics…
      Robert Spencer rattled off I think 6 islamics that have actually been convicted that frequented the Boston mosque.
      Hey FBI, get a freakin clue… You would think after the Tsarnaev brothers they might have looked into it AS A PRIORITY. But no, we have to suffer a couple more lunatics coming out of that mosque…
      When will the United States just shut these pest holes down?
      Instead, we have imams coming on national TV to tell us that “the evidence is inconclusive.” Really, you have video of the event and the knife at the scene and yet, the video seems inconclusive to you? Too grainy???
      What is equally troubling is that law enforcement felt a need to bring in the imams, and the black aholes… They represent 3-5% of the American population but the gov’t needed to bring them on board. Why?
      Because riots and violence, that’s why.

      • You got that right, Babs, nailed.
        Every bit of it.
        You won’t find many liberals on terror any more here. At least they know enough to shut up. A lot of very angry people.

        And I don’t mean that evil imam! Or that wicked family trying to score with their vile lies.

      • …when you take a very liberal community and couple it with insane islamic ideology you end up with a bunch of islamic lunatics…

        Islam needs a lid on it. Muslims made weak before the strong, strong before the weak by submission will get out of control without it. First by poking the child, then forcing to memorize and confess hate-filled texts, and then by religion completely filling their dream-scape. Minds disengaged from reality.

        But why in the West are the men becoming sex-submissives to inversion and women alcoholics? The negation of men and the promotion of feminized identity-politics to replace them. Socialism too needs a lid on it if the demons become uncontrollable.

        Hence, Hussein and Hussein, (Saddam and Obama), are the narcissists drawn to pimp and regulate their fix.

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