ISNA school in Ontario wins sharia victory on the soccer pitch

Check out this video showing how a coach of a Catholic soccer team in Ontario submitted to sharia norms in the most repugnant way, making the girls on the team who had achieved their position by merit, leave the game at the request of muslims or see their team mates not be able to finish the game. Next it will be Jews. Then every other kind of person offensive to islam.

Article here

Additional thoughts. What if they had been playing against a KKK team from Alabama in the 30s or something and they said they wouldn’t play against black people and the coach had convinced the blacks to sit it out so the rest of the team could enjoy the game. Would people think about it differently then? Because they shouldn’t.

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2 Replies to “ISNA school in Ontario wins sharia victory on the soccer pitch”

  1. “I understand what their culture is…”

    Ah, this Cultural Relativism taught in classrooms everywhere.

    What next? We sex it this way? We eat it that way? “You’re affecting my Pride, man”

  2. “…we do it out of respect…”

    We’re not all dumb muslims so don’t spew tour BS so liberally, tard, as difficut as that might be for you. ‘Respect’?? For what besides your cult’s stupid rules?
    The girls themselves choose to play on a boy’s team and are quite happy with it.

    So – respect for what????

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