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7 Replies to “Charlie Hebdo suspects: Who are the Kouchi brothers?”

  1. Heads up!

    France: Hostage situation in a jewelery store in Montpellier

    Hostages have reportedly been taken in a jewelry store in Montpellier, Southern France. The new incident is being reported shortly after hostages were freed and Charlie Hebdo suspects killed in Northern France.

    Read More at inserbia.info/today/2015/01/france-hostage-situation-in-a-jewelery-store-in-montpellier/ © InSerbia News

    Hayat Boumeddiene, girlfriend of Amedy (kosher market hostage taker(s)) remains on the loose….

    5 fast facts

    Hayat Boumeddiene, 26, is the French terrorist suspected of killing a policewoman in Montrouge along with co-conspirator Amedy Coulibaly, 32. She is NOT believed to be involved with the current kosher supermarket hostage situation but may be on the run.
    1. Her Name & Photo Was Released by French Police

    2.The Policewoman’s Murder is Related to the Charlie Hebdo Shooting

    3.Boumeddiene is NOT Believed to be Involved With the Kosher Supermarket Hostage Crisis

    4. 6 People Have Been Killed at the Supermarket

    5. he is Believed to be Girlfriend or Wife to Coulibaly

  2. I wonder how many people within the Islamic community knew, or at least had some idea, about the Kouchi brothers. I think the Muslim community could put an end to this thing in about ten minutes if it weren’t for the fact that they’re all in on it – trained from birth to lie in unison whenever the hated Infidel comes around asking questions.

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