The cost of pretending grows daily to the West: links post 2 on Jan. 9 2015

The cost of pretending that Islam is not the problem grows, the cost of pretending islam is the religion of peace grows and the cost of pretending anything you want to be true but is not true will always grow in direct proportion to the degree of divergence from what is true, to what you wish was true. This is a general truism. But applied to islam and multiculturalism, the cost becomes unbearable quickly.

I will add updates to THIS POST for the next few hours. Please refresh your browser and scroll below what you have seen before for the newest items.

1. There have already been many Canadian islamic leaders who have come out in the shadow of the attacks in France to use the blood of actual martyrs, real martyrs like the dead at Charlie Hebdo who died defending our rights, to demand that offensive images to muslims be made illegal. They do it while pretending to condemn the attacks yet capitalizing on them in exactly the way the attackers want. Make no mistake. This man is a classical enemy to our civilization in no way less than or different than Nazis, Soviet communists, North Korea etc. This man seeks to destroy our culture, value and freedoms and is doing it from inside and on our tax dollar.

2. There are two distinctly different hostage events in Paris right now. One at a Kosher grocery, and another at a printing business. We don’t know if the printer is Jewish or not.

3. REPORT: Trocadero Square Evacuated Near EIFFEL TOWER – Reports of Armed Incident

(CFRA RADIO reported something vaguely like this an hour ago as well)

The police are waving people away from Trocadero Square.

View image on Twitter

4. This seems to be a great site for regular live updates.

The mayor’s office in Paris announced the closures Friday of shops along the Rosiers street in Paris’ Marais neighborhood, in the heart of the tourist   district and about a kilometer away from the offices of newspaper Charlie Hebdo where 12 people were killed on Wednesday.

According to @CNN, the French policewoman shot dead yesterday was in the vicinity of the intended target of attack: a Jewish primary school.

5. French police have ordered ALL JEWISH BUSINESSES to close in an area of Paris far from the attack areas. CFRA

5. The hostage takers are threatening to kill the captives if police storm the factory where the Charlie Hebdo killers are holed up.

(Hey France. How’s that gun control working for you?)

Hostage takers holding at least six people at a Paris kosher supermarket are demanding freedom for the cornered brothers suspected of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Gunfire and explosions rang out in Dammartin-en-Goele, on the outskirts of Paris, where the two brothers are holed up with a hostage.

(I guess martyrdom doesn’t look quite as good when you see it out the window)

6. This live stream of events in Paris may not require a VPN

7. Meagan Kelly and Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the Paris attacks

8. CFRA is reporting that the AP claims all 3 hostage takers are now dead

Links for that:

Financial Times

USA Today

Thank you Wrath of Khan, WTD, Ox AO., M., more to come

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  1. 1/ Michael Coren was rubbing noses with the Ahmadiyya Muslims, in a mosque no less, only a month ago. (‘Fascinating… fine people…generally peaceful, moderate. Holy.’) It’s a revolting video: ‘Michael Coren – Canadian Ahmadiyya Muslims apologize for recent Islamic terror attacks in Canada.’ Beyond me how Coren can have these blind spots.

  2. via Telegraph:

    16.26 So the reports coming through in French media is that the hostage taken by the Charlie Hebdo gunmen in Dammartin and several hostages at the kosher grocery in eastern Paris have been freed.

    16.24 Charlie Hebdo hostage freed in Dammartin – Kouachi brothers both killed, AFP reports.

    16.22 Several hostages apparently freed at the kosher grocery.

    16.18 The Charlie Hebdo suspects have been killed, AFP reports.

    16.18 People are running away from the kosher grocery.

  3. #1/ Why did this Imam not put the lampshade on his head and denounce the “Artistic” representation of Christ in a tankful of urine named ‘Piss Christ’ if he is genuinely concerned for all religious satire?

  4. DAILY MAIL – CHARLIE HEBDO GUNMEN ‘KILLED’: French commandos storm business unit near Paris airport where two terrorists were holed up as siege comes to a dramatic climax

    -Said and Cherif Kouachi were holed up in building with hostage at industrial estate 25 miles from the French capital
    -Hostage believed to be 26-year-old male salesman at printing works which the gunmen stormed during police chase
    -Police ‘scrambled phone signals after suspects made contact with fellow jihadist from inside siege building’
    -Associate is believed to be behind murder of female PC and another hostage crisis ongoing in Paris today
    -He has been named as Amedy Coulibay, 32, who is believed to be operating with girlfriend Hayat Boumeddiene
    Runways closed at Charles de Gaulle airport amid fears militants have rocket launchers that can down aircraft
    -Salesman at the print works tells how he shook hands with one of the gunmen who told him he was a police officer

    DAILY MAIL – ‘At least four hostages dead’ in Paris siege as French commandos storm kosher grocery store and kill gunman who was holding ‘woman and children’

    – Up to six people were taken hostage at a kosher grocery in eastern Paris by a heavily armed gunman
    – The suspected hostage taker named as Amedy Coulibaly, who is accused of killing a policewoman yesterday
    – Series of explosions rocked the building as armed police launched their raid, in the suburb Porte de Vincennes
    – Four of those taken hostage are reported to have been killed, while others pictured fleeing from the building
    – Authorities say he screamed ‘you know who I am’ when he stormed the kosher bakery with an assault rifle
    – It comes two days after Cherif and Said Kouachi massacred 12 people at the satirical magazine offices in Paris
    – The two brothers’ hostage situation further north today ended in similarly dramatic fashion
    – Coulibaly had threatened to kill his hostages should police attempt to storm the brothers, it was claimed

  5. I noticed from the pictures on a different post that the woman was using a pistol bow, a small cross bow that has a pistol grip, those I have see are advertised to have an 80 pound pull.

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